Project Manager Online Ltd

August 31, 2010 09:15 ET

Latest Release of Online Project Management Tool Makes Setting Up a Project Easy

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 31, 2010) - Popular online project management tool is out with new features that make setting up a new project a snap.

Project Manager Online Ltd announced today that new features just released in their cornerstone product will greatly increase the speed with which project managers can get new projects scheduled and ready to go.

"Once the project manager has been handed a new project and a statement of work, the expectation is that they'll hit the ground running," states Jason Westland, president and CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd. "There's no time to waste because the immediate need is to meet with the customer and have a project kickoff. To do that, you need to have at least an effective draft project schedule in hand to use as a reference during the kickoff session meetings."

Starting a project out with an effective and detailed project schedule is important for early progress and productivity. The quicker the project manager can turn statement of work details and other information into project schedule tasks and data, the quicker the project can kickoff efficiently. 

With the online project management software, the project manager and team can:

  • Take key resource information, deliverables, and estimates from the statement of work or similar document and quickly enter data to create an initial project schedule
  • Create task interdependencies to create a critical path for the project
  • Assign resources to tasks along with estimates of effort
  • Begin to track planned work vs. actual work as the project progresses
  • Report daily and weekly on percent completion for all tasks

Effectively tracking your project management online with a tool is of utmost importance and a full featured project tracking tool like will get the job done for the project team.

"With, entry of project data to get the project up and running is easy. And being able to use common project layouts as templates for future projects makes that task even easier," says Westland. "We understand that no two projects are identical. However, most of the projects that a company performs follow similar paths and often have similar tasks and milestones. makes it easy to reuse proven project schedules as draft templates for future projects to get the initial schedule in place and get the project kicked off. The feedback we get is that customers are always impressed at how fast can get an initial schedule created and out in the customer's hands and the team's hands. That means productivity starts immediately."

If sounds like it might be the right tool for your projects, try it out for free for thirty days online. You can even get your entire team to signup and collaborate at no charge on a current project for a month before committing. 

To check out all of's features, to signup for the free thirty day trial, or to take advantage of a low cost full user license, please visit Project Manager Online's website at

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