Project Plan Ltd.

Project Plan Ltd.

September 30, 2010 00:59 ET

Latest Version of Project Planner Software Promises Powerful Scheduling Features

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 30, 2010) - The latest version of project planner software Project Plan is out with new powerful project scheduling options.

Project Plan Ltd., creators of the popular desktop project planning software, Project Plan, have announced a new release of their product that promises powerful new scheduling features. These new features will make creating your project schedule easier than ever and enable the project manager and team members to revise the schedule easily and fluidly.

"We're here to serve the project management user community," states Jason Westland, CEO and president of Project Plan Ltd. "By doing so, we're trying to bring them a very powerful project management tool in a very cost effective and extremely user friendly package. With this latest release, project managers will have more control over the project schedule than they've ever had before."

Designed for project professionals by project professionals, it has always been Project Plan Ltd's goal to make life easier for the project manager. These field tested project professionals at Project Plan Ltd. know what it's like managing and working on highly visible, mission critical projects and they understand what tools are needed to effectively get the job done. You can't run at a project or issue head first - you must have a plan in place and follow that plan. That's where Project Plan comes in. It's extremely quick to learn, easy to use, and includes a multitude of helpful hints and tips to make even the novice project manager feel like an old pro when using this software.

"We've seen rapid growth in our user adoption for a new desktop software," says Westland. "With more than 10% growth in the past year, we have beaten our projections and we do that by listening to our user base and fully understanding their needs."

Project Plan costs 90% less than project planning software marketplace competitor Microsoft Project, but contains all of the most popular features found in the industry giant. And Project Plan is the only desktop project management product in the world that allows for seamlessly opening, editing, and then saving MS Project files as MS Project files. No other software can make this claim.

"You can try our product for free for two weeks or even buy it and know that you're not isolating yourself from your team or your customer," says Jason. "Our product is completely compatible with MS Project with no required import or export functionality - just open and save ... that's it. No worries about talking others into converting."

Project Plan Ltd is offering their desktop software as a free download for a 14 day trial. To give it a try, go to, signup and download it. You can check out its features to see if it will fit your needs - even load a current MS Project file into it to see how full featured and compatible it truly is.

To try this popular project plan software out, or to purchase a full user license, go to

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