April 21, 2011 16:23 ET

Latest WTO Report on Agriculture Remains Unacceptable to Dairy, Poultry and Egg Farmers

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 21, 2011) - Canadian dairy, poultry and egg farmers call on the Government to continue to remain strong and oppose any agreement that would jeopardize the future of supply management. This call is in reaction to the report issued today in Geneva by David Walker, Chair of the Agriculture Negotiations Committee at the World Trade Organization (WTO), which still does not reflect the Canadian Government position on agricultural trade.

David Fuller, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada, said, "It is imperative that the Government of Canada and all parties remain unwavering in their support for supply management and their determination that the Government will continue to deliver on Canada's trade position."

"This report released by Ambassador Walker still refers to provisions that are detrimental to supply management in Canada," said Jacques Laforge, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada. "The draft provisions that we and the Canadian Government opposed back in 2008 have still not been addressed. Canada's opposition has not been acknowledged. The cost to Canada's dairy, poultry and egg sectors would be well over one billion dollars and this would negatively impact Canada's economy in both rural and urban areas."

Peter Clarke, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada, observed that the recent report shows that nothing has changed with regards to the damage this would cause supply management. He added, "We are looking forward to the Government ensuring there are no negative economic impacts to our farmers as a result of these negotiations."

Dairy, poultry and egg farmers press the Canadian Government to continue to remain strong in opposing measures that would damage the stability and prosperity of our industries under supply management, compromising the jobs of 265,000 people.

Recent economic contribution studies by Informetrica and EcoRessources show that Canadian dairy, egg and poultry sectors contribute over $3.6 billion in tax revenues to the three levels of government in Canada.

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