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October 12, 2009 03:01 ET

Lattice Semiconductor and Epson Toyocom Provide Low-Cost, High Frequency Differential Reference Clock Solution

Ideal Solution for SERDES and Video Applications

HILLSBORO, OR--(Marketwire - October 12, 2009) - Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) and Epson Toyocom Corporation today announced a low-cost reference clock solution for SERDES applications. By utilizing Lattice's ispClock™5400D device and the appropriate SG-710ECK CMOS oscillator from Epson Toyocom, a designer now has a low cost reference clock for SERDES applications such as XAUI or SDI Video. With this solution, SERDES-based designs no longer will require an expensive LVDS or LVPECL high frequency oscillator. XAUI, SDI Video and other SERDES applications can now utilize the ultra low-noise, programmable differential output of the Lattice ispClock device, driven by Epson Toyocom's low-cost CMOS oscillator. This solution is a compelling alternative to traditional, more expensive high frequency differential clock sources. An application note provides detailed information: Download the ispClock/Epson Application Note.

SERDES (SERializer/DESerializer) applications typically use costly differential interface oscillators with frequencies greater than 150MHz to meet stringent jitter specifications. Lattice's ispCLOCK5400D device has a low phase noise on-chip PLL that generates these higher clock frequencies. This high frequency is generated by multiplying an Epson Toyocom low-cost, lower frequency CMOS oscillator. The ispCLOCK5400D device accepts the oscillator's CMOS input. This input is then multiplied up to the appropriate frequency for the SERDES reference clock rate. The solution is available for popular SERDES reference clock frequencies such as 156.25 MHz, 270 MHz and 312.50 MHz. The programmable output interface of the ispClock5400D device can drive multiple differential interface requirements such as LVDS or LVPECL. For example, with this reference clock the LaticeECP3™ FPGA implementing XAUI and SDI Video functions met jitter requirements across the industrial temperature range. ispCLOCK5400D evaluation boards are available for customers to examine this solution.

"Lattice and Epson Toyocom are excited to offer this joint solution," said Chris Fanning, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Low Density and Mixed Signal Solutions. "Customers will reduce their solution cost for reference clocks and have the added value of clock distribution capability. In addition, customers may also use the solution as a standard across a wide variety of applications using the programmable differential clock and programmable skew feature of the ispClock54000D device."

About ispClock5400D Clock Distribution ICs

The ispClock5406D and ispClock5410D devices are in-system-programmable differential clock distribution ICs designed for use in high-performance communications and computing applications such as PCI Express, ATCA, MicroTCA and AMC. The ispClock5400D family features the CleanClock™ ultra-low phase noise, third-generation PLL. The FlexiClock™ output section supports multiple logic standards and dual skew control features. The configuration of each device is held in on-chip non-volatile memory that is reprogrammable through a JTAG interface. Certain aspects of the device can be modified on-the-fly via an I2C interface.

The ispClock5400D architecture is built around a high-performance, ultra-low jitter PLL with programmable input, feedback and output interface standards. Each output's time and phase skew can be individually and precisely controlled to compensate for differences in board trace lengths or the timing requirements of the receiving devices. Additionally, each output can be individually configured for fan-out buffer (FOB) or zero-delay buffer (ZDB) operation. For more information about the ispClock products, visit

Pricing and Availability

The 6-output ispClock5406D device is available now at $2.95 in 10K piece volumes.

The Epson Toyocom SG-710 is available now at $0.95 in quantities of 10K piece volumes.

About Epson Toyocom

Epson Toyocom Corporation is the global leader in crystal devices, which serve as the heart and pulse for a wide range of electronic products for consumers and industry. Utilizing its innovative hybrid quartz microfabrication technology, QMEMS, Epson Toyocom offers technological expertise in timing, sensing, and optical devices, and maintains its leadership position by providing customer-specific combinations and solutions.

About Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice is the source for innovative FPGA, PLD, programmable Power Management and Clock Management solutions. For more information, visit

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