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Punch Communications

November 08, 2011 09:41 ET

The Launch of Google+ Brand Pages Marks the Next Evolutionary Step in Social Search, According to Punch Communications

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 8, 2011) - With the Google+ social network now allowing brands to create profile pages, businesses are able to take advantage of the relationship between social networking and SEO to increase their online visibility and return on investment, says integrated PR, search and social media agency, Punch Communications.

Both Google and Bing revealed last year that social authority is an algorithmic factor - that is, who shares and what is shared through social networks help to define the engines' assessment of online content and therefore where it can rank in search results. Google's announcement, at 6pm GMT / 10am PST, marked the most significant advancement in social search to date; each method of reaching a business' target audiences, through prominence in search query results pages and social media conversations, now has the opportunity to underpin each other in an unprecedented way.

The introduction of Google+ and in particular the +1 functionality means Google search is weighting social recommendations as a metric of content quality. As brand pages now start to become a part of thousands, if not millions, of users' circles, they are likely to be considered as highly influential G+ users; the links they create and the content they share, which will in turn receive high numbers of +1s and shares, will be extremely valuable search indicators.

Additionally, when a search user is logged into their Google+ account and uses the Google search engine, Google takes the +1s of both the user and their connections into account when it serves the query's results; and in the future, the new Google+ Direct Connect mechanic will direct a search user to a brands' G+ page if a + symbol is placed in front of the brand name in a query. Brands that are dedicated to engagement through G+ will in theory be able to capitalize on this robust and cyclical connection between social media and SEO.

Pete Goold, managing director of Punch Communications, advised: "This is a very exciting time for professionals that have been working across the social networking, SEO and PR disciplines in an integrated way for a long time, as the launch of G+ brand pages further underpins the connections and therefore, the necessity for a campaign to work holistically. Google+ has already been revolutionary in terms of search, as the links across the site are follow links and therefore they are crawled by Google's search bots, the content is indexed and this influences what a search user is presented with.

"However, this much awaited launch of brand profiles marks an evolution in social search because the brand pages and their content will become highly influential indicators within Google's search algorithms. In fact, as their authority increases over time, we may see additions to search results, such as brand logos, in a similar way to how prominent authors are currently pictured in ranking pages. Any brands that don't already think in an integrated way need to start now if they want to increase their online visibility and ultimately, their bottom line."

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