December 01, 2010 07:30 ET

Launch of CV.Ca: Discover the Formula for a Good Resume

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Dec. 1, 2010) - While it is an absolute necessity for a job search, the resumé or CV is difficult to write. How do you sum up your career history in just a few lines? How do you focus a recruiter's attention? What information should you emphasize? Finding the right formula for a winning resumé is not that easy. The new bilingual site, launched by jobWings Careers, answers all these questions and many more to help candidates get it right.

Creating your resumé one step at a time

Thinking about your career history, choosing the layout, selecting which information to include and using the right words are all indispensable steps in drafting a good resumé. Topic by topic, guides candidates in creating and improving their resumés, pointing out what not to do along the way. Recruiters from all over the country specify what constitutes a good resumé, and share their tips for really impressing them, such as adapting the title of the resumé to each job ad, for instance.

Draw from resumé templates in your field also includes a number of resumé templates by sector: accounting, health care, computers, retail, etc.—a wealth of tools to more easily be inspired. "As the leading niche job board in Canada, the mission of the jobWings Careers network is to bring employer needs closer to candidate applications," JobWings Careers President Manuel Francisci explains. "This is where the creation of comes in, by providing candidates with all the tools they need to better understand what recruiters are looking for in resumés."

About jobWings Careers:

jobWings Careers is the Canadian leader in specialized job boards, with 18 boards covering a wide range of sectors. These sites are all part of the service, the only Canadian niche job board network. jobWings Careers is also the founder of, the most popular Canadian job search engine. Created in 2001, jobWings Careers first board,, has become a reference for Canadian finance and accounting professionals.

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