Univins & Spirits

Univins & Spirits

October 28, 2015 07:30 ET

Launch of Univins & Spirits, a New Canada-Wide Agency Built on 25 Years of Know-How and Sales of $170 Million

A new national player in the wine and spirits industry

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Oct. 28, 2015) - Daniel Richard has announced the founding of Univins & Spirits, a new Canada-wide wine and spirits agency whose mission is to deploy a national brands strategy all across the country designed to maximize its clients' sales. Five regional agencies have consolidated their portfolios to create Univins & Spirits. The new agency - operational as of now - generates annual sales of $170 million.

A strategic decision

Univins & Spirits was established by pooling the assets of the five agencies in the Vini-Quatro Group. Daniel Richard's decision to create a new agency is a strategic reply to developments in the wine sector, emerging global trends, and evolving consumer requirements. "In all sectors of activity, the most dynamic players look for ways to optimize their operating structures," states the president, Daniel Richard. "That's what we've done. As a result, we're more agile, quicker to act, and more effective. This is an undeniable benefit for our clients and producers. Our new structure is a strategic response to market realities, domestically and abroad. And it provides producers with carefully orchestrated access to a national market of 25 million consumers."

A greater role for François Ménard

François Ménard, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, will oversee the new entity. "François was pivotal in the development of the agency's activities in Quebec," says Daniel Richard. "Thanks to his knowledge of the market and products and his flair, he will, without a doubt, manage operations across the country with tremendous success."

Enhancing the products portfolio by adding spirits

By creating a new agency, Daniel Richard is also striving to enhance his offer. Consumer preference studies clearly show that spirits are increasingly popular, especially among young adults. "This is a booming market and a great opportunity to diversify and grow," states François Ménard. "There's no better time than now to position ourselves in this market. And, in order to be as successful as we've been with wine, we'll enlist the services of experts in liquor and spirits."

A team that is both driven and highly qualified

No jobs have been lost as a result of the launch of the new agency. Quite the contrary in fact: for many employees, it opens up new opportunities for advancement. "We're already well-positioned all across Canada and we plan to grow our market share," asserts François Ménard. "To that end, all teams will play a major role. Univins & Spirits is blessed with outstanding expertise, which is unquestionably one of our strengths."

The new structure is operational as of now. The agency is online at www.univins.ca.

About Univins & Spirits

Univins & Spirits is a Canada-wide wine and spirits agency firmly established all across the country. The agency leverages its 25 years of know-how and its extensive national and international network to deploy the brands it represents with great success. The company is based in Montreal and has representatives and regional offices in many provinces. It generates annual retail sales of $170 million. www.univins.ca

About Daniel Richard

Daniel Richard is a well-known figure in the world of wine and spirits. This entrepreneur, a passionate wine connoisseur with an MBA, founded his first wine agency 25 years ago.

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