SOURCE: LaunchPad

May 08, 2007 07:30 ET

LaunchPad Launches Websites for Vlasic® and Open Pit®

WATERTOWN, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 8, 2007 -- LaunchPad Media has created new websites for Vlasic® pickles and Open Pit® barbecue sauce, famous brands owned by Pinnacle Foods Group Inc. of New Jersey.

In recent months, LaunchPad created new websites for other Pinnacle Foods products -- Duncan Hines® bake goods, Hungry-Man® frozen dinners and entrees, Mrs. Paul's® and Van de Kamp's® frozen seafood.

"The new Vlasic website is contemporary, fun, and appeals to a new generation," says Alex Poulos, president of LaunchPad. "Yet it still stays true to the heritage of the brand."

"Vlasic enjoys a feel-good image," explains Poulos. "We wanted to bring that to life on the site. We wanted to build on the popularity of Vlasic pickles and the Vlasic stork, the iconic spokesbird of a fun brand. He's a happy character, and part of pop culture.

"In the web audio, you hear the crunch of pickle-munching. There are pickle postcards you can forward to friends. Maybe the most interesting feature to adults is the Healthy Snack information. Vlasic advertises that pickles are low-calorie with 0% fat, but a scrolling Q & A actually lists the particular properties of a pickle. And there's a chart comparing pickles to other snacks in sugar, sodium, fiber, as well as calories and fat. It compares pickles not only to typical snacks like potato chips and dry roasted peanuts, but also to whole grain cereal and broccoli florets.

"There are many pickle-related recipes on the site. The variety of the recipes shouldn't be too surprising, given that there are over 100 flavors and sizes of Vlasic pickles, peppers and relish."

"Our aim in working with LaunchPad was to elevate the fun nature of the Vlasic brand in the internet space, while highlighting the relevant benefits and uses of the pickles," said Eric Hintz, Vice President of Marketing for Vlasic and Open Pit. "LaunchPad helped us achieve those goals."

The new website for Open Pit has a very different style. Saucy, one might call it.

When you enter the homepage for, you are greeted with dramatic special effects. The screen shakes as if the computer is vibrating, a bottle of Open Pit crashes down, followed by a pile of cash. The cash is a contest prize of $5,000 -- actually, eight prizes of $5,000 each -- for best original recipes using any of the nine Open Pit barbecue sauces.

"The sauce is popular with home chefs just as it is, right out of the bottle, but many also like to use it as a base sauce they can spice up with other ingredients," said Poulos. "The 'Be the Boss' Barbecue Sauce recipe contest challenges people to be imaginative about creating their own special sauce. A lot of people love to create their own 'secret' brand of barbecue sauce."

"The LaunchPad team was great to work with," said Stefan Aps, Brand Manager for Vlasic and Open Pit. "They were very creative, patient, and flexible during the entire process."

LaunchPad is now creating websites for Armour® canned meats, Aunt Jemima® frozen breakfasts, and Celeste® pizza.

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