October 13, 2010 10:10 ET

Lawn Winterization: Nourish & Renew for Next Spring

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE--(Marketwire - Oct. 13, 2010) - In autumn, the leaves change color, a new school year begins and your lawn winterization program should also start.

Ever wonder about the secret to a lush, green, spring lawn? The answer is simple: fall lawn winterization and a little planning ahead. Fall is the optimal time to get your lawn healthy. Proper lawn winterization and tree and shrub care during the fall months can nourish your lawn, trees and shrubs and protect them during winter. 

Prepare for Vigorous Growth with Fall Lawn Winterization

Our lawns and landscapes are subject to a lot of wear and tear from turf-eating insects to crabgrass and more. When you start the lawn winterization process today, the promise of a lush, healthy, green lawn can be yours, next spring. Your lawn can greatly benefit from proper care this fall when you follow some essential lawn winterization guidelines.

The fall lawn winterization process should begin with an assessment. Walk your property and inspect your lawns. Identify problem areas in need of treatment. Watch for thinned-out grass patches that appear light green. Also, look for weed and pest infestations, as well as, overgrown shrubs and trees. Aerate and prune to help your lawn breathe and strengthen roots. The moist, warm soil temperatures create an ideal environment to seed bare lawn areas and re-seed healthy grass to improve thickness and density. Replace dead or withering plants. As part of lawn winterization, continue to mow & mulch your lawn well into the fall. For added lawn nutrients, nourish your soil with the fresh grass clippings. With lawn winterization, a good fall feeding provides your lawns, trees and shrubs the energy needed to grow into a healthy, green lawn come spring.

TruGreen Custom Lawn Care 

As the seasons change and you want the very best in lawn winterization care, your local TruGreen lawn care specialist can provide customized lawn care including pest control, tree and shrub care and lawn winterization. TruGreen is the nation's largest and most comprehensive provider of custom lawn care and land care services. At TruGreen, we're here to help create customizable lawn care based on what's right for your yard. Lawn winterization, a 100% natural product, free service calls, and an unrivaled Healthy Lawn Guarantee make TruGreen the number one choice for effective, innovative and responsible yard care. TruGreen's custom lawn care approach provides more options for your yard and your budget. This fall, TruGreen can carefully review your lawn, recommend a solution and provide service, then follow-up to ensure your complete satisfaction. This means, we'll work until you're satisfied with the lawn care provided or we will refund the amount of your last application.

TruGreen customizes lawn winterization to meet your needs. The type of grass you have and whether you live in snowy, cold-weather regions or experience mild winters will impact lawn winterization. As the nation's largest lawn care service provider, we'll help make lawn winterization easier for you. Get your lawn ready for the harsh elements ahead; ask about lawn winterization today.

For a healthier, greener lawn that is in optimal condition, root to tip, complete lawn winterization early in the fall and enjoy the brilliance of your beautiful, plush, green, healthy lawn next spring, find a TruGreen™ Lawn Care Specialist™ near you today!

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