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September 21, 2010 08:00 ET

LayerZero Unveils Power Distribution Unit Series 70 ePanel-2

Safe and Reliable Wall-Mounted Power Distribution Units

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH--(Marketwire - September 21, 2010) -  LayerZero Power Systems, a designer of high-reliability power distribution equipment, has announced the release of the Series 70: ePanel-2. The Series 70 ePanel-2 is an 84-circuit wall-mounted panel board with an emphasis on safety and reliability, designed for critical facilities with a need for high-reliability electrical power. The space-saving design of Series 70: ePanel-2 mounts against the wall, appropriate for computer rooms, hospitals, electrical rooms, or raised data center floors.

For maximum reliability, LayerZero ePanel panel boards utilize Selective Trip Coordinated power distribution, guaranteeing that the main breaker will not trip if there is a downstream fault. The breakers consist of a current limiting element that safely diverts the energy from the fault away from the contacts, to protect upstream devices. Series 70 ePanels provide selective tripping coordination up to 25kAIC for branch circuits, with branch breakers that trip open in less than ¼ electrical cycle. High-reliability NEMA 2-hole compression style input connections are available as an option.

The ePanel-2 improves safety by utilizing safe-to-install finger-safe breakers, and is designed for ease-of-installation and operator safety. In addition, the Series 70: ePanel-2 provides InSight™ IR portholes, allowing operators to safely thermal scan and maintain the mission-critical panel board and all bolted connections with minimal safety exposure. The ePanel-2 minimizes open door time with a viewable polycarbonate window to show the status of the mains and breakers.

Connectivity to open protocols is provided with the Series 70: ePanel-2, utilizing Modbus, Bluetooth, http, and SNMP. Bluetooth connectivity permits remote panel setup capabilities, so that users can customize panel directories, set up circuit breaker sizes, and set up poles. A single Category 5 cable provides access to all media, including waveform capture, panel setup, and remote monitoring.

The Series 70: ePanel-2 Panel Board provides power quality monitoring functionality, including event-based waveform capture and manual waveform capture capabilities. Operators can utilize the ePanel-2 to audit the integrity of source-side distribution of main circuit voltage and current, and audit the integrity of load-side distribution with automatic and manual branch circuit waveform capture. In addition, the ePanel-2 provides predictive planning of potentially overloaded circuits with high-watermark and overload alarms.

"Utilizing the LayerZero ePanel-2 helps businesses comply with selective coordination requirements for critical loads with ease, and assures resilience against a cascading electrical event that would otherwise lead to power loss," stated a LayerZero representative. "The finger-safe SafePanel™ design of the ePanel-2 makes the product ideal for data centers, healthcare electrical operations, and industrial applications."

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