January 18, 2006 07:22 ET

Layton Asks New Brunswick Liberals To Come To NDP

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 18, 2006) -

Cites a growing determination that it's time for the Liberal Party to go

NDP Leader Jack Layton called on past Liberal supporters in New Brunswick to vote NDP to have a stronger voice in Parliament for working families.

Speaking to supporters via a teleconference link after bad weather prevented the NDP tour from reaching Bathurst and Edmundston, Layton said, "I've spent the past seven weeks talking with working people right across this country. I see, all across Canada, a quiet, rising determination that it's time for the Martin Liberal government to go."

Layton said that the Conservatives have the wrong priorities and are not a good alternative for working families, pointing to the Conservative fixation with tax cuts at the expense of services for ordinary people. He noted that the Conservatives' taxation plans would leave no money to deal with the fiscal imbalance faced by provinces such as New Brunswick who are looking for resources to deliver vital social services.

"People want lower taxes, but they want something else first. They want to get the services they've paid their taxes for," Layton said. "Shouldn't we make sure we have good public health care first? Shouldn't we make sure we're looking after our seniors? Our young people? Shouldn't we fix the EI fund first?

"Canadians know the Liberal Party is going to be too busy worrying about itself after this election to be effective on these issues anytime soon in the next Parliament," Layton said. "So this time, in this election, working families can stand up and get results for New Brunswick and for this wonderful country of ours by voting NDP."

Layton is campaigning in Edmunston (by teleconference), Quebec City and Edmonton to underline that the NDP message applies across Canada.

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