January 20, 2006 12:26 ET

Layton Blitzes BC Lower Mainland: 3 days left - all-out effort to put working families first

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 20, 2006) - NDP Leader Jack Layton launched an election blitz on the British Columbia lower mainland with a videoconferencing campaign event linked with campaigns in Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

"We need strong, principled NDP MPs who are on the side of ordinary working families, who will fight to protect public health care, education and care for seniors," Layton said.

- Layton on Paul Martin's Liberals: "Mr. Martin is trying to
perpetrate one more Liberal fraud in this election, hoping you'll
reward him one more time with your vote. So Mr. Martin is back to
his old tricks. He's out there yelling into microphones in the last
days of this campaign. Again. He says you have to hold your nose
and vote Liberal. Again. Well Paul, it's not working this time.
People don't have to choose between corruption and conservatives.
People have a third choice - a better choice - the NDP."

- Layton on Stephen Harper's Conservatives: "On election night, New
Democrats are going to be taking seats away from Conservatives here
in British Columbia and across this country. Because their
priorities are wrong, their numbers are wrong, and their proposals
are wrong."

- Layton on this election: "Who is really going to balance Stephen
Harper's Conservatives in the next Parliament? A broken, defeated
Liberal party? Many of whose MPs agree with Stephen Harper's
agenda? Or a strong, effective NDP?"

"The Liberals don't deserve to be rewarded with your vote. The Conservatives' priorities are wrong for you and your family. This election, there is a better choice - a third option that's about putting working families first.

"You can vote NDP - and elect a strong, effective NDP Member of Parliament who will stand up for you and your family - who will get results for working families," Layton said.

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