January 17, 2006 08:20 ET

Layton Lays out Some Bottom Lines for Next Parliament: Calls on Former Liberal Voters to Lend Their Vote to NDP

TONRONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 17, 2006) - NDP Leader Jack Layton called on Liberals disappointed in the record of Paul Martin's government and campaign to lend their vote to the NDP, and laid out some bottom lines for the NDP in the next Parliament.

"If you've voted Liberal in the past, lend us your vote to make sure the next federal Parliament's priorities are moderate, reasonable, balanced, and put you and your family first," Layton said, speaking to the Toronto Board of Trade. "The Liberals can't do that and they won't do that. They're going to be busy thinking about themselves for the next few years, not you."

"Let me talk about some of our bottom lines," Layton said. "Canadians know what the NDP stands for. You know what our values are."

Layton said a strong NDP team in the next Parliament:

- Will not permit the dismantling of Canada's public, single-payer
health care system,
- Will not permit the gutting of Canada's environmental
- Will not allow Canada to commit to foreign military adventures in
lockstep with George Bush, and
- Will not permit the eroding of civil and equality rights of

"If you want to see a truly impressive, sustained and effective display of fireworks - of how a strong, experienced, united party can fight successfully in the House to protect what Canadians hold to be important - just watch the NDP if anyone tries to go after those," Layton said.

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