January 21, 2006 11:21 ET

Layton Says Liberal Claim Is One More Fraud

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 21, 2006) -

Voters have a better choice than holding nose while voting

NDP Leader Jack Layton is on the move, continuing to campaign hard against Conservative and Liberal incumbents with an event in Vancouver. More events are planned for today in Regina, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, and London.

"People don't have to choose between corruption and Conservatives," Layton said. "There are a few things that need doing first, before Canada plays around with tax cuts for the rich. Making sure our young people get an education and skills training, making sure our seniors get looked after, and improving our health care."

Layton pointed out that while Paul Martin has been shoring up support for right-wing Liberal incumbents, the NDP was aggressively campaigning to defeat Conservative MPs.

"Mr. Martin is trying to perpetrate one more Liberal fraud in this election - telling you that you don't have any choice but to hold your nose and vote for his party again. Reward his group of insiders and lobbyists one more time with your vote," Layton said. "But I say this to Canadians who have voted Liberal in the past. This time you have a better choice. If you want to defeat Conservatives, vote NDP."

"If you want the Conservatives balanced in the next Parliament - if you want an MP who will stand on the side of you and your family - then lend us your vote. Vote for the NDP," Layton said.

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