January 10, 2006 23:11 ET

Layton Scores in French Language Leaders' Debate

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 10, 2006) -

Shows NDP gets results for Quebec and all Canadians

NDP Leader Jack Layton scored points in tonight's French language Leaders' debate by contrasting the record of the NDP in getting results with the record of other parties.

"In thirteen days, you will have the opportunity to change politics," Layton said.
"It is time to say enough to the Liberal corruption and arrogance, to say 'No' to the Conservatives' political games and easy promises," Layton said. "And we should ask ourselves if the Bloc is able to get real results?"

"The NDP approach is to get real results for people," Layton said. "We must improve our public health system, provide care to our elders and resources to our youth to help them to succeed."

During the exchanges between the Leaders, Layton scored the following points.

- On the record of the Bloc: Layton said, "Does the Bloc attain tangible results?...The NDP amendments to the budget got tangible benefits to Quebec - public transit, building affordable housing, and help for students."

- On working in a minority Parliament: Layton said, "It's not a matter of supporting anyone at any time. It's a question of producing results. Last spring we saw all the political games, and they seem to forget there are people with real needs... we are proud of our achievements."

- On improving health care: Layton said that Paul Martin's Liberals' record on health care consists of "empty promises and more privatization." He outlined the NDP plan to improve health care including a program to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, a system to look after seniors who need long-term care, a system of home care and training more health care providers. "These investments can bring down waiting lists."

- On 1.2 million Canadian children still living in poverty: Layton reminded viewers that the NDP has proposed a $1,000 increase in the child tax credit to low- and middle-income families and changes to Employment Insurance rules so parents can get benefits when they are unemployed.

- On preserving Canada's unity: Layton said "What we need is federalism that works. We've seen what the Liberal Party has done. What we're proposing is an approach to reconciliation. How can you do this? First, we have to stop these political games, cronyism and corruption. Secondly, we have to give people the services they are paying for with their taxes. Third, respect the unique character of Quebec and create positive conditions. Fourth, find tangible, acceptable proposals for all Canadians so that the National Assembly can, in fact, ratify the constitution."

"Unlike the Bloc which has obtained no concrete results, the NDP was able to get investments in Quebec and all of Canada," Layton said.

"With more NDP MPs, we can get more results for people," Layton said. "So to get the Canada you want, vote for the Canada you want."

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