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November 04, 2014 14:00 ET

Lazarus Vintage and CIGR8 Partner Up to Offer the Exclusive 888 Sir James Limited Edition E-Cigar & Elixir Box Collection

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - November 04, 2014) - Greetings cigar aficionados from Lazarus Vintage and CIGR8, we're bringing two great new products with exclusivity as a limited edition release to the vaping lifestyle. We are proud to introduce the Sir James E-Cigar and VSOP special reserve elixir. These truly special treats will offer one a legendary vaping experience, enveloping them in the luxury of a fine cigar experience coupled with a touch of rarity and class only a refined cognac can provide. The Sir James E-Cigar will be presented to you in an elegantly hand crafted, authentic wooden cigar box. Each set is hand serial numbered and inspected to preserve the exclusivity of the treasure within. There will only be a few of these gift sets produced ensuring owners they are one of the few to have been lucky enough to stumble upon such a coveted find.

Lazarus Vintage, Master Chef Bruce, Sir James, and CIGR8 have partnered up to search out and bring to you these most incredible elixir and realistic e-cigar produced in the world. Lazarus Vintage priding itself on creating a new level of gourmet vaping the world had yet to experience and CIGR8 inspiring to present the highest quality electronic cigar available with the most realistic sensation possible have done just that with this limited edition gift set.

The Sir James is a limited edition gift set that was designed to set the standard for what should be expected from a legendary vape and vaping experience. The VSOP elixir was inspired by centuries of vintage tradition, is an elusively rare and exclusive blend of exotic flavors aged in fine oak. The deep richness of roasted nuts and imported chocolates, all layered in exquisite cognac, creates an experience that has been called a revolutionary "legend." Each bottle is carefully hand crafted, signed, and serialized.

The Sir James e-cigar is based on the Cuban Standard of a real "Robusto." With a ring size of 5.5 x 56, it has the look and feel of a genuine hand rolled Cuban cigar. Cigar aficionados worldwide agree that the Sir James is better than the real thing offering the hassle free cigar experience every cigar enthusiast has been seeking. 

Together the VSOP elixir and the Sir James complement each other and will deliver one with the satisfaction they deserve when they set down for a good cigar.

CIGR8 and Lazarus Vintage are launching this special assembly in mid-November in time for connoisseurs to enjoy a warm moment by a cozy fire. There will only be a limited number of the Sir James E-Cigar Gift sets produced, so availability will be competitive.

The Sir James E-Cigar Gift Set will be available online at and, or in person at Lazarus Vintage's and CIGR's company locations in Dallas and Longview, Texas USA.

Lazarus Vintage and CIGR8 are combining their reputations as global leaders and industry innovators, and their superior products with unsurpassed recipes to offer our clients two exclusive new products to the vaping lifestyle. Although each company can stand alone on their quality products, the partnership to produce the Sir James Gift Set ensures that each component included in this limited edition is truly a unique treasure that is sure to satisfy everyone who enjoys a moment alone with their vaping experience.

CIGR8 and Lazarus Vintage are partnering to broaden the vaping market horizon with the introduction of a new vaping experience that will raise the standard for the vaping lifestyle. We want to raise the bar for vaping products with this limited edition Sir James by adding exclusivity, creating an elixir worthy of being truly gourmet, and offering those a rich experience of a realistic smoking tradition with an e-cigar that surpasses anything on the market.

Make this holiday season one to remember with the two great products that Lazarus Vintage and CIGR8 are exclusively bringing to the vaping lifestyle. The release of this limited edition gift set is a game changer for the vaping world. It is truly our best innovation yet and we're sure one will enjoy their vaping experience on a new level of satisfaction and lifestyle.

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