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October 25, 2010 09:34 ET

The Lazer Link Introduces New Golf Tool and Golf Training E-Book: Golf- The 20 Second Game

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - October 25, 2010) -  Improve Putting & Swing Better With The New Lazer Link Golf Training Tool While Introducing Consistency Into Golf With New E-Book- Golf-The Twenty Second Game.

The Lazer Link golf tool provides visualization with immediate feedback improving putting and ball striking. This new product acts more like a complete golf training system, then a single golf gadget providing excellent results by delivering quick feedback and visualization, as you steady your head and keeping your eyes on the ball. 

This effective low technology connects your eyes to the golf ball and provides instant feedback to what your head and eyes are doing during the putting stroke. It also works well for the full swing and promotes correct body posture each time you use it. Once set up correctly to the ball, the lazer's light is on the ball only when you are back in the correct position.

The Lazer Link is for indoor practice only, includes two specialized tips, batteries and comes complete with directions for awareness exercises, putting and full swing drills. This simple product slides on the brim of any hat or visor, is fully adjustable, easy to use. Practice for only minutes a day for best results. 

When it comes to learning and improving, feedback and visualization are the two most effective strategies promoting peak performance and this golf device delivers on both counts- making it easy to use for improve scoring.

The product retails for $17 online and includes free E-Book called: Golf, The 20 Second Game ©- $7 value.

Golf-The twenty second game uses Six Sigma as a blue print to improve the time it takes to actually focus when you play the game, more importantly, what to concentrate on- in the 20 seconds it actually takes play the game. The key is properly sequencing key golf fundamentals, using simple recall strategies with cues and triggers for each component that makes up the 20 seconds it takes to address the ball, set up, and hit a shot. 

The book uses the wisdom of three for an easy recall strategy for their- ready, set, go model. Proper sequencing introduces consistency into the game, making it easy to learn, improve and score better. 

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