November 02, 2015 16:03 ET

LeadiD Presents at US Federal Trade Commission Lead Generation Workshop

Titled "Follow the Lead: An FTC Workshop About Online Lead Generation," Event Examined Consumer Protection Issues in the Lead Generation Industry

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - Nov 2, 2015) - LeadiD, the company bringing consumer intent data and analytics to online leads, was among the presenters at the inaugural FTC Lead Generation Workshop on October 30, in Washington DC. The company's Chief Revenue Officer, Paul McConville, was invited to participate on the morning's first panel to provide expert analysis and insight on key trends witnessed in the Mortgage and Education industries.

The FTC is increasing its examination of lead generation practices to ensure that consumers, and their sensitive information, are secure as that information exchanges hands between lead generators, lead buyers, and other participants in the industry.

"LeadiD witnesses consumer intent and consent on more than 125 million events each month in the Education, Mortgage, Insurance, Home Services, and Solar industries," said McConville. "We are thrilled to provide insights into the mechanics of lead generation in these industries to the FTC, and are extremely honored to have had the opportunity to participate."

LeadiD data is acknowledged as among the most comprehensive and illustrative data available. Among the insights McConville shared with the FTC were:

1. LeadiD witnesses more than 90% of all leads in Education and Mortgage.
2. Nearly 100% of leads require or prompt consumers for minimal PII, including Name, Address, Email and Phone number. Less than 5% required Date of Birth.
3. Approximately 85% of all leads witnessed by LeadiD have clear, conspicuous and consistent terms related to TCPA compliance. LeadiD continues to see compliance increase in markets where LeadiD is present.
4. The use of offshore call centers is decreasing. Only 16% of leads in the Education industry are still created through the use of outbound telemarketing to consumers and, of those, 83% of calls are made by companies within the US and Canada.
5. Nearly 50% of leads come from mobile devices, up from only 25% in January 2013.
6. More than 90% of leads in Mortgage and Education are delivered to brands within 1 minute of the consumer requesting information, up from just 50% in January 2013. This has led to a better consumer experience and nearly eliminating the possibility of aged leads entering these markets.
7. Over 95% of Mortgage and Education leads are sold a maximum of two times. LeadiD has proven that performance on leads sold more than twice drops by over 70%.
8. There are 17% fewer lead generators in the Education industry compared to January 2013. Lead providers that cannot meet industry expectations are not surviving.

As was noted by other panelists throughout the day, LeadiD technology and analytics provide a significant contribution to the creation of a transparent and compliant lead generation industry. Whether on the buyer or seller side, the LeadiD technology validates the origin and history of every lead, providing real-time analytics that confirm consumer consent and measure consumer intent.

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LeadiD is the data and analytics platform that provides marketers with the trust and transparency to make smarter decisions and take real time action based on verified consumer behavioral data. It is the only independent, neutral, open technology platform that allows marketers to know the certified origin, history, and network intelligence of every 1st or 3rd party lead -- creating a standard data currency for the lead generation ecosystem to communicate and optimize. LeadiD's comprehensive AppMarketplace offers plug-and-play solutions for TCPA compliance, fraud detection, data validation, scoring, and more. For more information, visit

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