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Casale Media

March 23, 2011 08:01 ET

Leading Agencies Select Casale Media's Online Video Solution to Deliver Results for Top Tier Brand Advertising Clients

Casale Media Launches Videobox Platform to Transform Standard Display Inventory Into Video-Ready Media to Simplify and Scale Highly-Targeted Video Ad Campaigns

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - Casale Media Inc., a leading premium online media network, today announces Videobox, a fully customizable branded video environment. The platform transforms Casale Media's existing network of high-quality premium display inventory into video-ready media with high branding value. Videobox makes it easy for agencies and their advertising clients to run scalable, targeted and fully customized video campaigns using Casale-hosted serving that eliminates traditional cost barriers associated with running video advertising online.

Videobox removes the guesswork and complexity from interactive video through a highly simplified approach that consolidates all of the technical assembly, hosting, delivery, and media required to deploy video campaigns online. Casale's Videobox operations team works directly with agency creative teams to obtain campaign assets and then assemble them into a Web optimized Videobox. On user interaction, Videobox expands to deliver a fully customizable brand experience with interactive functionality like social media sharing, player frame controls and multiple viewing choices. To make the transition seamless for advertisers, Videobox companion ads are available in all standard IAB ad units offered through Casale Media's premium network, MediaNet. The entire experience from companion ad to full screen overlay is designed for the advertiser, with no player co-branding of any kind.

"The most impressive value we are seeing from Casale Media is the branding options they enable on the unit and the total elimination of ad serving costs to make this an easy and effective solution for our advertisers," said Jim McHugh, President of Gigante Vaz. "Together with Casale Media, we are empowering advertisers to broaden creativity in online display by leveraging video to engage targeted audiences on a wide scale."

At launch, the brand advertisers slated to run video campaigns on Casale Media's network include Febreze Carpet Care Products, US Airways Vacations and St. Martin's Press. To offer agencies and their advertising clients the precision and scale they have come to expect from Casale Media's network, Videobox campaigns can be tailor-made using any combination of Casale Media's existing targeting solutions, including audience, demographic, psychographic, technographic, contextual, and associative filters.

For publishers, the Videobox platform offers improved revenue opportunities by seamlessly enabling video buys on their sites. Videobox creates an ideal balance between revenue and user experience, generating high average CPMs for publishers, while maintaining user control and improving the user experience. Upon engagement, the user stays within the host site, making it easy for them to return to the publisher's content.

"Video advertising evokes a more emotional response from users, which is what online display advertising needs more of. If advertisers can deliver that in creative and easy ways at scale, they will extract far more value from their display ad dollars," said Joseph Casale, CEO of Casale Media. "Video advertising should be a key part in major brands' campaigns. Combining this opportunity with high quality inventory and audience data creates an impressive synergy that makes Casale Media and our agency partners stand out to advertisers."

The potential in online video advertising is well-documented. According to comScore, Americans viewed more than 4.3 billion video ads in January, where time spent watching video ads totaled 1.7 billion minutes during the month. Furthermore, according to eMarketer, advertising dollars are shifting from traditional banner ads, and even from rich media ads, to video. The firm claims that by 2014, the share of video will amount to almost 40% of the entire online display ad market.

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