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November 08, 2011 08:33 ET

Leading CD, DVD, Video Game Disc Manufacturer Turns to Millivision to Strengthen Security and Further Combat Employee Theft While Ensuring Workplace Safety, Privacy

Non-Radiating Scanning Systems Used to Prevent Loss of Yet-to-Be-Released Discs -- Part of $10 Billion Problem Facing Businesses, Governments Worldwide

SOUTH DEERFIELD, MA--(Marketwire - Nov 8, 2011) - Each year more than $10 billion of company property is stolen by workers at manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses worldwide. One global manufacturer of DVDs, CDs and video games is using Millivision's advanced object detection scanning systems to prevent employee theft while ensuring workplace safety and privacy.

The manufacturer turned to Millivision to prevent the loss of yet-to-be-released DVDs, CDs, video games and other intellectual property, which could be used to create bootleg or black market copies and could potentially result in millions of dollars of lost revenue annually.

To address this problem, the company chose Millivision's high reliability security and theft detection systems. Millivision systems are a major advance from traditional metal detection systems, employing safe, fast and far more effective passive millimeter wave technology.

Unlike x-ray or active scanning systems which subject people and operators to radiation with each scan, Millivision systems use passive millimeter wave technology, enabling customers to achieve the highest level of security and detection without the use of radiation or other harmful emissions.

Millivision systems detect not only metal items hidden under clothing but also non-metallic items such as the DVDs and CDs produced and stored at the manufacturer's manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

Songs, movies and games are the intellectual property of recording artists, movie studios and video game developers. The manufacturer wanted to set a high industry standard, assuring owners of IP that their property would be protected from the time it is mastered and throughout its retail life cycle.

In addition to reliable and safe detection, Millivision's Automatic Object Detection Tool allows the system to address other customer priorities:

  • A system respectful of employee privacy -- displaying no revealing images
  • Easy to operate and use -- low staffing requirements and low operating costs
  • A solution accepted by employees
  • Enables faster and easier exit of facilities at end of shift.

The company is in the process of putting a Millivision system at every entrance/exit of its warehouse and manufacturing/production centers. The company had been scanning employees with metal detectors, but found the Millivision system to be superior.

After investigating and testing many available systems and ruling out those based on x-ray and active millimeter wave technology, the company chose Millivision.

Millivision has delivered and installed over a dozen systems to date with deployments at additional sites planned for 2012.

"As the deployment of Millivision's advanced detection systems demonstrates, there is a new, more powerful -- yet safer -- option for organizations working to address the real and growing problem of employee theft," said Millivision president Paul Nicholas. "Millivision has a solution for businesses and government agencies seeking more effective ways to stop employee theft. Our systems can detect small high-value computing, navigation and communication devices, software, weapons and, as is the case in this deployment, software, DVDs, video games, Blu-Ray discs and CDs. While deterring, detecting and preventing theft is essential, preserving employee safety and dignity is a necessity. Millivision's passive millimeter wave technology is the answer."

About Millivision:
Millivision Technologies offers a family of security and theft detection systems based on passive millimeter wave technology, which delivers the highest level of security and detection without the use of radiation. Millivision also has a patented set of privacy tools to ensure personal privacy and dignity. Millivision solutions, from checkpoint portals to walk-by and stand-off systems, address the needs of many different facets of the security market, including corporate loss prevention, municipal and government facilities, essential infrastructure, commercial aviation and mass transit-markets anticipated to grow rapidly over the coming year. A privately-held company, Millivision is in South Deerfield, MA, an area recognized as a center of millimeter wave research and development.

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