November 18, 2010 14:08 ET

Leading Digital Strategy Company, Internetiz@ndo, Presents Study About the State of Search Engine Optimization for the Top 500 Companies in Colombia

Study Includes the 500 Largest Companies in the Country That Were Analyzed in All Three Major Search Engines Such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing; The Study Reveals That the Private Sector Is Not Considering a Priority to Boost Their Brand and Website to the First Positions in Web Search Results

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA--(Marketwire - November 18, 2010) - What has your company done to achieve the top positions on Internet search engines? To give a comprehensive and documented answer of what may actually be happening in terms of presence and use of this online business tool, Internetiz@ndo, an experienced online marketing consultancy firm in Colombia, spent four months during the first half of 2010, analyzing nine hundred thousand (900,000) search results in the most popular search engines in the web: Google, Yahoo! and Bing, concluding that a high number of existing major Colombian companies, when searching for key phrases related to their products or services, did not exceed the 20% of the results on the first page of the 3 search engines listed.

Knowing that the vast majority of the clicks made by users are concentrated on the first page, these results are a very important wake-up call, since over 80% of the analyzed results are not positioned at the top of search engine searches, showing that there is a long way to go for a real use of the network as a marketing online tool.

Internetiz@ndo's CEO, Fernando Basto, explained that this fact detracts domestic companies from competing in the international market and expanding their presence in other latitudes, even if most of the time they are able to deliver what users are demanding, which leads them to lose plenty of business opportunities.

Also, the study points out that many of the Colombian companies do not even have a website, and a large number of them with a registered one, show very basic information that is often outdated.

Regarding this, Fernando Basto also adds that this situation happens mostly because the companies in Colombia have not yet developed an area or designed a position in charge of the Internet Marketing Strategy, which has become the most effective way to advertise products and services worldwide.

In order to quantify and take a very close measurement to what is really happening with the use of SEO in the Colombian companies, a systematic planning and execution was made implementing the following method:

a. First, the 3,000 largest companies in Colombia by asset levels according to the country's official sources were taken as reference.

b. From there, a list of 500 companies was generated. This list included companies with a working website, content in Spanish and geared to the Colombian market, most of them used a local domain with a extension.

c. Working with an experienced and multidisciplinary team, each case was examined and then twenty (20) key phrases or search queries were suggested for each of the entries specially made, having in mind a potential international buyer perspective or end user who would seek products and services in Colombia.

It should be noted that every search phrase had to be written in Spanish with at least two or three words and include references to the country such as Colombia, Bogotá, Cali, Medellin, etc. At this stage of the process, the study reached 10,000 phrases (500 companies - 20 sentences each).

d. Each of the companies was searched using their respective key phrases and the first 30 results were reviewed on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, completing the final analysis universe of 900,000 results (500 companies - 20 sentences each - 30 results - 3 search engines).

e. Information was tabulated for which analytical tools were used, such as spreadsheets, database managers and software for statistical analysis.

f. To generate the rankings and scores, a points distribution formula had to be designed: 1,000 possible points were given to the first 30 possible outcomes, of course giving more score to the first (372.0 points), second (186.0 points) and third (139.5 points) positions.

Scores to positions from 26 to 30 were virtually zero (0.12). The logic of these assignments correspond to the highest concentration of clicks that achieves the first page and even more relevant when it is about the first five places.

g. Information was tabulated according to the positions achieved by each sentence, then the respective scores were given generating the lists of companies with the highest punctuation.

Finally, 4 rankings were made, 3 for each search engine (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) and one consolidating all the data, taking into account weights assigned to the traffic and volume of users in Colombia as follows:

Google 85%
Yahoo! 8%
Bing 7%

Fernando Basto, the company's CEO, concluded that for a good SEO strategy it is essential to have specific phrases and relevant content. These two pillars will make your business appear on the top of the major Internet search engines on the web.

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