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February 09, 2011 06:00 ET

Leading Education Companies Come Together With

Now Educators Can Easily Find, Assign and Use Educationally Relevant Digital Resources From All Their Providers in One Place

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - February 9, 2011) - Every day educators create lesson plans and adjust their teaching to meet their students' diverse needs. They search out the best resources that will have the greatest impact -- and they do it with limited time and dwindling resources. Now leading education companies join's digital learning environment to save educators time finding, assigning and using relevant digital resources.

" has created a radically open platform," explains William J. Kelly, CEO. "We know teachers value digital resources. We know they use the Web to search for them. Now we've simplified how they find resources that are standards-aligned, relevant to what they're teaching, and easy to assign to students for use in a safe environment."

Educators can -- with just one password -- log into to find and use digital resources from Discovery Education and LEGO® Education, in addition to:

  • Adaptive Curriculum
  • Inspiration Software
  • Kendall Hunt
  • EduSmart Science
  • Catchup Math
  • Defined STEM 
  • Big Universe
  • ExploreLearning
  • Conceptua Math
  • Curriki
  • Learn That Word
  • Science Companion
  • Studydog Learning
  • Tech4Learning
  • Typing Pal Online

Teachers also have access to proven lessons that other teachers have created and shared in Teacher-friendly tools take the hassle out of classroom management tasks like creating classes, assigning, tracking, and reporting student progress.

In addition, districts can assemble and distribute to teachers any of their own Web-based resources, including custom curriculum and pacing guides, and meet accountability and reporting requirements that align to state standards and their own district goals.

"Our district customers tell us they struggle to do more with less. Now, we're providing them with tools to do more with more -- more proven educational resources and more proven teaching ideas from teachers who share their own best practices," Kelly says.

Today's announcement is part of a series of enhancements to's digital learning environment that all support making teaching delightful, rather than stressful, says Kelly.

"At the end of their day, teachers are planning trips online, buying books online, downloading music and interacting with friends -- all online. We want to provide them with a wide array of online resources in an environment that brings the same ease of use to their teaching lives," Kelly says.

Founded in 1999, helps K-12 teachers and administrators improve student learning through our curriculum solutions and assessments, delivered in our digital learning environment. We save teachers time -- enabling them to focus on their instructional relationships with their students, rather than getting bogged down in classroom management tasks. And we support districts to make the most of their digital resources. Learn more about our award-winning curriculum solutions in STEM, math, science and technology that fuel students' desire to learn, and our full suite of assessments for 21st century skills and tech literacy. For more information, visit, at and

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