August 02, 2011 09:00 ET

Leading Finnish Qt Software Company, Digia Plc, Enters Americas With New Office in Santa Clara, California

U.S. Presence for Digia Established to Meet Growing Demand for Qt Commercial Embedded and Desktop Application Development

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 2, 2011) - Digia Plc, the Helsinki-based pioneer in the Qt application and UI development, consulting, testing and UX design market, today announced it has opened its first U.S.-based office in Santa Clara, California. The new office will support existing Qt Commercial customers in the Americas and meet increased demand for the leading cross-platform UI and application framework for creating and deploying applications to desktops and embedded platforms.

Digia's latest expansion is fueled by the rapid adoption of Qt Commercial. North American sales in the second quarter exceeded expectations, driven by high license renewals and new large-scale deals. The new office will have responsibility for Qt Commercial development, licensing, support and services for Qt Commercial customers in North America.

"Our U.S. presence is part of a large organizational shift at Digia to provide more support to the growing number of North American-based Qt Commercial customers -- we want to ensure they feel comfortable adopting Qt Commercial and know they've got the full support of the Digia, Qt Commercial development and services team behind them," said Tuukka Turunen, director of R&D, Digia, Qt Commercial. "We believe there is no ceiling to the amount of success developers can achieve in utilizing Qt Commercial, which allows Qt users from the embedded and desktop space to seamlessly develop across platforms. We are solely focused on Qt development for desktop and embedded applications -- in addition to expanding our work with and support of leading RTOS providers."

Digia, which purchased the Qt Commercial licensing part of the Qt development framework from Nokia in March 2011, is a Nokia Qt Alliance Partner and currently employs more than 200 in-house Qt experts. Digia, Qt Commercial's commitment to Qt embedded and desktop was made apparent with the June 2011 in-house development and release of Qt 4.6.4 . The version 4.6.4 improves the maturity of the 4.6 branch and brings increased stability and several quality improvements for desktop and embedded users, including a total of 122 bug fixes. The release also demonstrates that the company understands the challenges of embedded and desktop business-critical solution development as it is not always possible to upgrade to the latest version of Qt, now in version 4.7.x. With the 4.6.4 release of Qt Commercial, Digia addresses the needs of customers who want to stay with Qt 4.6, but want to have bugs related to their use cases fixed. Digia, Qt Commercial works closely with Nokia and the main Qt branch and has already contributed back the Qt 4.6.4 code and made binary packages available for all users via Gitorious. More information can be found here:

Digia, Qt Commercial is used by industry-leading companies such as Pitney Bowes, Navico and Gibson Guitar Corporation to develop advanced UIs and applications. Several Hollywood movie production houses have also created their advanced 3D applications with Qt Commercial allowing them to offer a highly-advanced and customizable tool to their artists.

Why choose Digia, Qt Commercial?

Qt Commercial allows for individual developers or companies to keep their source code proprietary giving them the freedom to use, modify and license their application with no obligation to share the code, thus keeping their competitive advantage. This is particularly useful for companies in the defense and aerospace and medical industries where there are restrictions in using open source licensed software, and product warranties and indemnities are required. Specific reasons why organizations choose Digia's Qt Commercial include:

  • Developing companies' IP is never compromised. A Qt Commercial license eliminates the need for companies' legal teams to worry about IP licenses; projects can quickly be deployed internationally without having to spend extra time and money sorting out legal issues in different countries.

  • Access to Digia, Qt Commercial professional support and services. Digia has ramped up professional services, with the ability to provide a "one-stop shop" for any Qt related needs, from premium technical support to UX consulting to implementation and maintenance services. Digia support and services teams work closely with developers to provide on-demand solutions to development challenges and ensure that projects are deployed on time, within budget and with a competitive advantage.

  • Commitment to desktop and embedded projects. Digia has proven in-depth Qt expertise, operational excellence and a keen interest in growing and improving the overall Qt community. Digia has invested in the development of Qt as a commercial framework, assembling its own build and release system for Qt in the embedded and desktop environments. It will also provide commercial customers with improvements in support and functionality for older platforms that were not on the Nokia development roadmap.

Digia's new U.S.-based office is located at 2350 Mission College Boulevard, Suite 1020 in Santa Clara, California.

About Digia, Qt Commercial

Digia Plc, the Helsinki-based services and consulting powerhouse listed in the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki exchange (DIG1V), is a worldwide leading Qt application and UI development, consulting, testing and UX design services and consulting company. Digia is a recognized global leader in the Qt ecosystem with over 10 years of Qt competence and investment. Digia's pioneering Qt Commercial product and services offering provides commercial developers and companies the most powerful cross-platform UI and application framework available today. Digia, Qt Commercial is responsible for the development, licensing, support and services of Qt for commercial customers. Digia operates in China, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and USA. Digia's Qt Commercial is used by more than 6,500 active, licensed developers at large and small businesses across more than 70 industries. To learn more about Digia, Qt Commercial, please visit: To learn more about Digia, please visit:

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