SOURCE: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., an Alcatel-Lucent company

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., an Alcatel-Lucent company

April 21, 2009 09:00 ET

Leading Industry Analysts Select Top Eight Customer Service Innovators in Fourth Annual Genesys Customer Innovations Awards

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - April 21, 2009) - Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, an Alcatel-Lucent company (Euronext Paris: ALU) (NYSE: ALU), today announced the winners of the fourth annual Customer Innovation Awards program, an annual competition that recognizes outstanding companies for their use of technology to deliver innovative customer service in highly dynamic environments.

Out of an entry pool of more than 200 companies, 28 industry analysts, including independent analysts and those who work with international firms such as IDC, Frost, Datamonitor, Yankee Group, McGee-Smith Analytics, CommFusion and Forrester Research, chose eight winners based on presentations held during panel sessions at the Genesys Analyst Conference held in San Francisco in January 2009 and at Alcatel-Lucent's Enterprise Forum held in Paris in March 2009. The eight winners are Presbyterian Health and Personal Nucleo from the Americas; DenizBank, Etisalat, FedEx Express, and MultiChoice from EMEA; and Global Speech Networks and Tokio Marine from the Asia Pacific region.

These winners were selected based in part on a presentation in front of the industry analysts demonstrating how and why its customer engagement strategies make them among the elite customer service organizations in the world. The judging process held the finalists to the highest standards in customer care, evaluating each candidate against 20 individual categories. Three criteria determined their overall scores: innovation, optimization and improving the customer experience. The common element each of the winners shared was their ability to improve the overall customer experience while linking business issues to customer service resulting in a more strategic approach to customer interactions.

This year the winners scored either a "4-Star" or a "3-Star" ranking (on a scale of one- to four-stars), indicating how analysts felt the companies performed when compared to the four stages of the Genesys contact center capability maturity model. Those stages are: establishment, consolidating, performing and optimizing. A 4-Star ranking, the highest honor possible, indicates the company is operating at the optimizing stage of the model. A 3-Star award also is regarded as an exceptional achievement. This year four winners achieved 4-Star status: Presbyterian Health, Etisalat, FedEx Express, and Global Speech Networks; and four achieved 3-Stars: Tokio Marine, DenizBank, Personal Nucleo and MultiChoice.

Details on the 4-Star winners:

--  Etisalat Egypt, the Egyptian 3G service provider was selected because
    it has created one of the world's most advanced multimedia contact centers,
    combining video, voice, and SMS, with voice recognition, avatars, and other
    advanced self service choices. The video call centre and IVR technology
    allows this fast growing telco provider to enable 7 million Egyptian
    customers to interact live with agents via their video enabled mobile
    phones and the 3G network 24 hours a day.
--  Presbyterian Health, New Mexico's largest provider of health care, was
    selected because it integrated a complete range of technologies, including
    the Web, live agents, automated voice, patient options for scheduling
    proactive call-backs from key contacts, and business processes that can
    route requests to the appropriate person virtually anywhere in the system.
    Among the technology advances at Presbyterian, it added the use of "virtual
    hold" software that lets patients opt out of hold and choose their own time
    and contact point for a call back.
--  FedEx Express was selected because it has created one of the world's
    most sophisticated systems to improve the customer experience in a highly
    complex environment -- which spans 16 languages, 17 markets and nearly
    90,000 different types of transactions and inquiries. FedEx Express created
    a single virtual customer service operation that brought together 18
    different contact centers, while enabling cross-channel experiences that
    include chat, SMS, Web, kiosks and other customer entry points into a
    single threaded conversation.
--  Global Speech Networks, a leading Australian provider of customer
    service software on-demand, was selected because it created a flexible
    platform that brings together a variety of next generation technology,
    including voice recognition, IP technology, email and phone, and other
    multichannel interactions. In addition, Global Speech Networks developed a
    core set of business processes that dramatically reduce the time to deploy,
    change or scale customer service technology. A flexible voice platform that
    combines voice and assisted service is one of the key capabilities of the
    Global Speech Networks implementation.

Details on the 3-Star winners:

--  The Paraguayan telecommunications provider, Personal Nucleo, was
    selected for its innovative work in the Paraguayan market where it
    pioneered seamless integration of SMS text to complement live customer
    service and automated voice self service platforms. In doing so, Personal
    Nucleo also leveraged its traditional contact center business processes and
    customer relationship management software to create a single environment
    for all customer interactions. Personal Nucleo uses both inbound and
    outbound SMS to give customers a greater number of choices for interaction,
    but tracks all outstanding requests through its central customer service
    platform to avoid silos and customer disconnects throughout the process.
--  MultiChoice, a leading premium television entertainment provider in
    South Africa, improved the customer experience by creating an intelligent
    customer front door that leverages sophisticated speech recognition to
    improve customer satisfaction with voice platforms and to break down the
    barriers between self service and live service when customers need to talk
    to a live agent. Using speech technology coupled with built-in business
    processes, MultiChoice quickly identifies the customer's needs and intent
    and determines whether to use automated or live service. As a result, it
    improved the overall customer satisfaction by simplifying and enhancing the
    customer experience, reducing the time to deploy new services, and lowering
    the cost of customer care.
--  Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, one of Japan's leading
    insurance firms, created an improved customer experience by using IP
    technology to double the responsiveness and capacity of its contact
    centers, while integrating new technologies such as web and email
    responses. At Tokio Marine, three contact centers at different locations
    were virtually integrated to enable multisite operations. The contact
    centers are integrated with all network devices, agent terminals, SIP
    phones and call status panels to allow scalability that meets growth needs.
--  DenizBank, the fastest growing bank in Turkey and Southeast Europe,
    was selected as a winner for its innovative use of software to extend
    customer service to key employees located virtually anywhere within its
    organization. By leveraging a unique combination of presence and
    availability to unify communications and customer service, DenizBank gives
    customers access to virtually any of 6,000 key employees in a branch or
    back office, improving its responsiveness. To enable the project, DenizBank
    had to move from a highly complex environment, which included seven
    different PBX systems from five different vendors, and add the ability to
    bring together desktop soft phones that were integrated with its email and
    customer relationship management systems, without customers experiencing
    any major disruptions.

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