Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

October 13, 2010 09:48 ET

Leading Observers Agree: Rossi The One To Watch

Top City Columnists Praise Rossi's Outsider Campaign for Real Change

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 13, 2010) - Another leading city columnist, Royson James of the Toronto Star, joined the chorus of voices declaring mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi the "reasonable alternative" for the 60% of voters dissatisfied with the two frontrunners.

"If you're tired of career politicians running your city, Rossi is a reasonable alternative to the other three," wrote James. "Rossi would get in office, do the job, get out, and even subject himself and his council to voter recall, should the public be dissatisfied with their work.

"For those like me who think city hall would benefit enormously from an outsider sitting in the mayor's chair, Rossi fits the bill."

James joins numerous other top journalists in the city who have commented on Rossi's growing momentum over the past two weeks:

"He's smart, well researched, well spoken, has a great resume and a financial plan that's feasible and entirely reasonable." - Toronto Sun, Rob Granatstein, Oct. 10th

"Mr. Rossi is a smart, well-spoken and energetic candidate, impressive both in public and private. The son of Italian immigrants, he has a feel for the city's multicultural makeup and a grasp of the challenges faced by newcomers. Although he has never run for office, he is an experienced political organizer and business executive." – Marcus Gee, Globe & Mail, Oct. 5th

"Rossi — the municipal politics "outsider" in this race for mayor and one of the more classy campaigners — a defiant, measured, more-thought-out, trustworthy "real alternative" to both frontrunner Rob Ford and George Smitherman" - Toronto Sun, Don Peat, Oct. 9th

"Yesterday [Rossi] released his fiscal plan…I think his has the best reviews of those out to date…Mr. Rossi's was detailed, it was rational, it was realistic, and it doesn't have any huge holes in it." – John Tory, Newstalk 1010, Oct. 6th

"The man is not just classy and articulate Рa true Goodfella, to borrow from his recently released campaign ads Рbut he has actually produced a fiscal action plan for next year and beyond that makes good sense." РSue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun, Oct. 5thʉ۬

"Mr. Rossi's remains a far stronger campaign than the polls would indicate – he projects optimism, purpose and…pragmatism." – Chris Selley, National Post, Oct. 6th

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