July 11, 2006 08:45 ET

Leading Patient Care Technology Providers Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Patient Experience

CarePages and GetWellNetwork Partner to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Care

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 11, 2006 -- CarePages, the nation's leading patient web site service, and GetWellNetwork®, the leading provider of interactive patient care solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to connect patients, families and loved ones throughout a healthcare event, regardless of whether they are at home, school, work or in the hospital. This new integrated solution empowers, educates and connects patients and families to drive improved patient care and service.

"The combined solution from CarePages and GetWellNetwork will help more patients and their families learn about their conditions, collaborate with caregivers, and communicate with loved ones during every stage of a healthcare event," said Michael O'Neil, Jr., Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GetWellNetwork, Inc. "CarePages was the obvious choice for us to partner with to keep patient families informed and empowered to play a central role throughout the patient's healthcare process. We share the same goal -- improving the patient experience by connecting patients and families more closely with their healthcare providers."

The exclusive partnership leverages the technology of the two leading patient care services. The GetWellNetwork PatientLife:)System™ turns the patient television monitor into a fully interactive resource during a hospital stay, enabling patients to learn about their condition, interact with care team members and enjoy entertainment resources. The system also enables hospitals to automate many patient care processes including patient education, pain management and patient satisfaction survey collection. CarePages delivers a solution that enables patients and families to create private, personal web pages to share information and updates about their condition and hospital services and receive encouraging messages from friends and family. The combined services will be available to patients and families cared for in hospitals that have licensed both the GetWellNetwork solution and CarePages.

"The partnership between these two leading solutions providers is a great fit because both GetWellNetwork and CarePages understand how to improve the patient experience," said Eric Langshur, Chief Executive Officer of TLContact, Inc., the parent company of CarePages. "Making CarePages accessible to patient families through the GetWellNetwork system, along with best market practices of both companies, will help healthcare providers address top patient unmet needs including emotional support, involvement of family and friends, information and education, communication, and responsiveness to concerns. Our partnership is a great example of how technology in healthcare does more than connect people -- it is proven to be an instrumental part of patient care."

Offering CarePages through the GetWellNetwork system enhances communication offerings for the patient and family. CarePages, accessed by patient families via the Internet, will now be more readily available whenever a patient is hospitalized since the GetWellNetwork system is provided at the bedside. Patients, or their primary family caregiver, will have access to their CarePage from the hospital bedside, making it easier for patient families to activate and update their personal CarePage from virtually any location, before, during and after their hospital stay. Expanded access will make it possible for more families to take advantage of CarePages to communicate and get emotional support, while giving them the opportunity to take full advantage of the GetWellNetwork education, feedback and entertainment services.

CarePages offers the same security and encryption used by financial institutions to process web transactions, allowing secure communication that protects both patient and provider information. CarePages helps providers comply with all HIPAA requirements and ensures information is viewed only by invited guests through password and guest book logs.

The CarePages and GetWellNetwork partnership will help drive overall improvements to patient outcomes and wellness and facilitates provider efforts to improve operational performance, enhance regulatory compliance and increase caregiver satisfaction.

About GetWellNetwork, Inc.

GetWellNetwork® is the leading provider of interactive patient care solutions. In partnership with more than 35 thought leading hospitals and healthcare systems, the company is focused on transforming the care process into an interactive patient care environment that drives an optimal quality care experience. This is accomplished through the deployment of the PatientLife:)System™ that turns in-room hospital monitors into an interactive experience that informs, educates and entertains. More importantly, the platform enables hospitals to achieve their vision of delivering true patient-centered care -- putting powerful, integrated services at the fingertips of patients, caregivers and hospital administrators. GetWellNetwork headquarters are in Bethesda, Maryland. For more information, please call 877.MEET.GWN or visit

About CarePages

CarePages is the nation's leading patient web site service. CarePages operates as a fully integrated service of the healthcare provider and is delivered as an extension of the healthcare provider's patient services. CarePages supports communication among patient families, relatives and friends by sharing patient health updates, photos, and encouraging messages via a secure, private web site. Available free to any family needing care and support, CarePages has members from more than 190 countries around the globe with 5,000,000 members projected by end of 2006. More than 500 healthcare facilities across the United States and Canada are offering their own customized versions of CarePages today including many of the nation's leading healthcare providers, such as The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mayo Clinic, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Catholic Healthcare West hospital system.

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