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June 12, 2006 07:30 ET

Leading Self Publisher Sets Industry Bar High With Record Royalties

Wheatmark, Inc. Redefines Self-Publishing Industry Best Practices by Doubling Its Royalty Rate on Direct Retail Sales; Now Offers Authors an Unprecedented 40%

TUCSON, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 12, 2006 -- Wheatmark, Inc., an industry leading self-publishing service focused on helping authors "break through," today announced that effective July 1, the company will double the royalty rate it pays authors on sales through its online storefront at From that date the company will pay its authors an unsurpassed 40% of receipts on book sales -- the highest among top-tier self-publishing and print-on-demand companies. This royalty increase will apply to all Wheatmark-published books including those prior to July 1, 2006. Book sales through third party channels affiliated with Wheatmark will continue to pay authors a 20% royalty on receipts.

"The popularity of self-publishing has increased exponentially in recent years, having become a viable mainstream option for aspiring authors," said Sam G. Henrie, founder and president of Wheatmark and president of the Arizona Book Publishing Association. "The Internet and print-on-demand book manufacturing have fostered a new generation of 'do-it-yourself authors' who not only want to circumvent the hassle and protracted timeline inherent with traditional publishing houses to bring a title to market, but can also readily market books on their own, or with the help of marketing and PR contractors, online. Indeed, self-publishing is among the fastest growing sectors in the publishing industry today, and our industry-high royalty rate will help foster the burgeoning popularity of this modern-day publishing option."

Self-publishing pioneer Wheatmark is also the only print-on-demand service specifically focused on helping its authors maximize book sales to help boost royalty revenue. The company has designed each of its publishing, distribution, marketing, editorial, and book design services to support each author's sales and marketing efforts. In addition to its own online bookstore, Wheatmark also lists its authors' books on,,, and -- four of the most visited online bookstores -- who have wholeheartedly embraced self-published titles. The company also lists its authors' books with Ingram Book Company, the largest wholesaler of books in the United States, and Bertram, the major book wholesaler in Great Britain, which enables virtually any bookstore or volume book buyer in the world to order its titles for online or brick and mortar distribution.

Beyond paying record royalties, Wheatmark's additional strength is that it offers authors the best value in self-publishing. The company provides its comprehensive print-on-demand publishing service for just $799, which includes custom book layout, custom cover design, ISBN, LCCN, and other bibliographic registrations, among many other distinctive author benefits.

Henrie continues, "Buyer beware the smaller self-publishing or print-on-demand companies that use royalty language offering high rates between 50% and 100%. These artificially inflated percentages are based on the 'net' profits after expenses, including printing, have been deducted, rather than on 'receipts' from sales as we do. With Wheatmark, self-publishing has never been more profitable."

About Wheatmark, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Wheatmark, Inc. is a leading purveyor of self-publishing services. The company provides aspiring and established authors with publishing, distribution, editorial, and book design services that support authors' sales and marketing efforts. Wheatmark is revolutionizing the self-publishing industry by marrying the power of digital and other modern technologies with the virtues of the traditional publishing model. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Wheatmark can be reached through its Web site at Press contact: Merilee Kern, Kern Communications, 858-577-0206,

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