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Upper Valley Tiny Homes

July 28, 2015 18:25 ET

Leading Tiny Homes Company Announces Building a House Possible for Under $15,000

Building a House for Under $15,000 Can Be an Achievable Dream in the Tiny House World, With the Right Resources and a Few Basic Skills. Tiny Homes Blueprints May Just Open Home Ownership up to More People Than Ever.

CEDAR CITY, UT--(Marketwired - July 28, 2015) - Many people shake their heads at the idea of how much a house costs, and at the prospect of being in debt to a bank for three decades or longer. The thought of being able to build a home for under $15,000 seems unreal. Leading Tiny Homes company, Upper Valley Tiny Homes, recently revealed it really it really possible to build a home for less than $15,000, if it's a tiny house and the future owner is able to get good blueprints, follow them and do most of the work themselves. The results can be amazing, and a real home had for a fraction of what would otherwise have to be spent.

"The idea of a tiny home is appealing to a huge number of people," commented Mike, the owner of Upper Valley Tiny Homes. "They are already inexpensive, but if a person decides to do the work themselves and are able to purchase quality blueprints, making a home for under $15,000 is an achievable goal. We see it accomplished very frequently."

According to Upper Valley Tiny Homes, tiny homes have rapidly gained a lot of popularity lately due to how affordable, simple, and conservative it is to live in a small house on wheels. Many people from different backgrounds wish to live in a tiny house due to their low income such as college students, newlyweds, retired couples, and others that may be pinching their pennies. Even though a tiny house has a price tag for about $30,000-$80,000, that still does not satisfy many buyers that still cannot afford to hire a contractor to build a tiny house. Fortunately, the solution of buying quality blueprints and doing as much work as possible without a contractor does exist and more people than ever are exploring it successfully. All for under $15,000.

Of course, this solution presents its own challenges. Hiring a contractor is very likely going to get the house done much faster and more professionally, but for those who still see the price tag as an issue, or who want the experience of building their own home, the tiny home blueprint path has a huge appeal.

Experts agree the key is buying a plan and blueprint that can be trusted, from a company with deep experience in the tiny homes space. Upper Valley Tiny Homes recently announced that their company now offers tiny house plans that are not made for contractors, but for average people to know all the basic steps needed to build this style of affordable house. With a spotless reputation in the tiny house world this seems like a very compelling choice, as long as the future tiny home owner knows it does involve work, and having some basic skills in construction to fall back on.

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