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August 09, 2011 00:01 ET

Leading Virtual Currency Monetization and In-Game Brand Advertising Platform SupersonicAds Picks Cotendo as Its Global Ad Acceleration Provider

Cotendo Gains Traction in the Fast-Growing Social Games In-App Advertising Segment by Helping Advertisers and Publishers Maximize User Engagement and Quickly Customize Content for the Best ROI

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 9, 2011) - Cotendo, a fast growing innovator of cloud-based Web and Mobile acceleration services, announced today that SupersonicAds, the global leader in virtual currency monetization and offer-based advertising, has selected Cotendo as its sole provider for accelerating global ad delivery. In this competitive, fast growing segment of advertising that awards virtual currency to social gamers who complete an offer (such as watch a video), response times are critical for maintaining end-user engagement and for the success of SupersonicAds' newest platform, BrandConnect, the world's first cost-per-engagement advertising offering. With Cotendo delivering their advertisements, SupersonicAds can confidently tell the biggest brands in the world that their in-application ads will load and play quickly and not interrupt the user experience. Further, Cotendo provides SupersonicAds with instant scalability, allowing advertising campaigns to continue serving with the highest performance even in the face of extremely rapid increases in demand for content resulting from games or other applications going viral in a matter of minutes or hours. The combination of fast load times, interruptionless playback, and instant scalability powers better completion and conversion rates for publishers and advertisers alike. What's more, Cotendo's capability to instantly flush out older or expired content and replace with new content gives brands maximum control over their advertising campaigns.

The in-app advertising market for social games and networks is one of the most dynamic areas of the online advertising market today and Cotendo is dedicated to creating the most responsive, innovative services to meet the fast-changing needs of the global online publishing community. Further, Cotendo understands that this responsiveness is critical to facilitate newer business models, such as in-app purchasing and in-app advertising that must completely engage users and, therefore, must respond instantly to user activities. SupersonicAds calls this new level of brand engagement "on-the-spot engagement," a new type of interactivity that can engage a user with instantly served content anywhere, anytime and on any device. With its constant focus on serving new and rapidly growing markets with the latest content acceleration technology and innovation, Cotendo eagerly embraced the challenge of delivering this extremely high level of engagement for SupersonicAds' advertising clients worldwide.

"Making sure that social gamers get the fastest response time, either on their PCs or mobile devices, is crucial because they are far less likely to watch the entire video or interact with the content if it's slow-loading," says Rubi Dagan, VP of R&D at Supersonic Ads, which counts among its advertising customers the Walt Disney Corp., Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Intel Corporation and Hasbro. "Cotendo's impressive Web and Mobile acceleration helps us increase user engagement which directly increases our revenues and fulfills the increasingly complex needs of both our publishers and advertisers. Cotendo has helped make our launch of BrandConnect far more successful than we had ever imagined."

This is particularly important for SupersonicAds, which has won a strong reputation for high ROI both for publishers and advertisers and is one of only three virtual currency monetization platforms approved by Facebook for in-application offers.

Aside from appreciating the fast load times generated by Cotendo's sophisticated content acceleration technologies, SupersonicAds also leverages Cotendo's unique real-time reporting transparency to provide its customers with the most granular traffic and engagement metrics in the virtual currency platform sector. For SupersonicAds, the ability to instantly purge cached Javascript content in Cotendo's CDN and update with fresh Javascript code in real-time allows SupersonicAds to better navigate the constantly changing APIs of publisher sites and ensure that its own JS code is always optimized for maximum performance and the fastest load-time. "This capability was a key part of our decision to go with Cotendo because it is a critical part of delivering content fast for our advertisers and not slowing down page loads for our publishers," explains Dagan, who also prizes Cotendo's cutting edge technology development capabilities. "We knew with Cotendo we would be signing on with a team that constantly delivers technology innovations to its customers and SupersonicAds wanted to benefit from this innovation to stay ahead of our competition."

SupersonicAds is the latest large social media and advertising company customer wins for Cotendo. Others include myYearbook, AdBrite, Viadeo, VocalWall and AdCloud. "The virtual currency and online offer space is incredibly competitive and end users have an extremely low tolerance for slow content loads," says Ronni Zehavi, CEO and Co-Founder at Cotendo. "We see this challenge as an opportunity to prove that Cotendo delivers the best user experience to end users and the most demanding advertisers and publishers."

As social media and in-application advertising as well as increasingly complex application delivery demands all continue to grow and become more important components of the content acceleration segment, Cotendo plans to extend its technology innovations for these segments by building on its market-leading technologies such as the Mobile Acceleration Suite (MAS), CDN Load Balancing, Advanced DNS services, Adaptive Image Compression and Cloudlet™ to deliver the highest quality user experiences, higher conversion rates, and unprecedented transparency to advertisers and publishers around the world.

About SupersonicAds
SupersonicAds is a leading provider of virtual currency monetization solutions serving hundreds of advertisers and publishers in dozens of countries around the world. The company's customizable, plug and play payment platform gives consumers the opportunity to earn virtual currency for free by completing targeted offers, watching video branded ads, and engaging with leading brands. The platform provides complete transparency into every user, transaction and offer and visibility into the offer inventory. With the widest offer coverage in over 100 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, the company helps publishers achieve the industry's highest effective CPMs. The company is headquartered in London, UK, with satellite offices in the US and Israel. Visit

About Cotendo
A fast growing innovator of cloud-based acceleration technologies, Cotendo offers an integrated suite of Web and Mobile Acceleration Services from its 30 global distributed point of presence (POPs). Cotendo's single platform software was built from the ground-up and includes acceleration services for dynamic web applications, static and dynamic web content, SSL, Advanced DNS, Adaptive Image Compression, performance monitoring and automatic failover as well as real-time reports and analytics. Cotendo also offers a distributed cloud application environment called Cloudlet that allows decision-making (logic, data) at the edge, closest to the end users. Cotendo's customer base includes Fortune 500 enterprises, Tier 1 telecommunications providers and the world's largest social networks, eCommerce sites, and advertising networks, Cotendo's unique suite of software-based content acceleration offerings provide unprecedented site performance, transparency and application-level management capabilities as well as granular content delivery flexibility, and best-in-class content acceleration capabilities. The company's management team is comprised of acknowledged innovators in intelligent content management, content delivery networks, and mobile performance and has been honored with awards including the Red Herring Top 100, AlwaysOn Global 250 Private Companies, the MIT TR Top 50 Most Innovative companies, and the Businessweek Top 50 tech start-ups. Founded in 2008, Cotendo is funded by Sequoia Capital, Benchmark Capital and Tenaya Capital. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D based in Israel. For more information about Cotendo and its Web and Mobile Acceleration Services Suite, visit

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