January 17, 2017 11:05 ET

LeadMD Expands Core Offering, Partners with Engagio to Define Account Based Everything

Companies join forces to ensure account based strategies are implemented and executed successfully

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Jan 17, 2017) - LeadMD, the leading marketing automation services provider, today announced a new partnership with Engagio, a leader in the Account Based Everything (ABE) revolution empowering companies to deploy highly personalized and scalable marketing and sales efforts.

Since its launch in 2010, LeadMD has helped thousands of high growth and enterprise teams implement and execute sales and marketing strategies to achieve uncommon revenue success. Through core partnerships with industry leaders, such as Marketo, and now, Engagio, the company enables best in class organizations through implementation of proven strategy translated to highly actionable tactics, supported by a fully optimized technology stack.

"We believe ABE is the evolution of marketing," said Justin Gray, CEO and founder of LeadMD. "ABE is bigger than marketing or sales, it's bigger than strategy. It's the embodiment of personalization, with the added layer technology enablement. Engagio is defining the category of ABE and providing tools to bring buyer interactions to the forefront. Marketing is becoming decentralized. It's not a department, it's a process that all departments need to get behind. Previously that presented problems of governance and scale, ABE is the answer. We are excited to work with Engagio to help companies adopt these new strategies in the same tangible way we brought to marketing automation -- we believe in 'doing.'"

The concept of ABE debunks the theory of mass messaging, casting wide nets and taking all comers. A properly executed ABE program allows marketing and sales to get laser-focused on the groups of accounts that are made up of the best buyers. Far beyond the typical understanding of target marketing as well, ABE allows teams to deepen relationships with buyers and get to know their customers in a more personal, profitable way.

"We're excited to be partnering with LeadMD to enable more companies to leverage ABE solutions in driving significantly greater marketing and sales results," said Jon Miller, founder and CEO of Engagio. "With Engagio's account-based solutions, marketing and sales teams have the power to orchestrate scalable human connections that engage their best prospects and customers. By bringing this essential human touch back into modern marketing and sales, ABE is enabling the 1:1 future of business."

LeadMD will provide Engagio customers with services that include:

  • Engagio Implementation
  • Target Account Selection and Market Mapping
  • Buying Committee Segmentation and Playbooks
  • ABE Preparedness
  • ABE Tech Stack Curation
  • ABE Business Process and CRM Lifecycle
  • ABE Analytics and Key Optics

"Our customers are asking how ABE works with other solutions in their tech stack," said Gray. "Technology such as marketing automation still has its place in ABE. However, what used to be an email blast-centric strategy transitions into targeted marketing efforts in lock-step with sales and customer success. Buyer expectations continue to evolve and only those who can intimately connect with their target accounts and customers will survive."

To learn more about LeadMD services and ABE services packs, please follow this link. To learn more about Engagio, please visit

About Engagio
Engagio enables companies to orchestrate highly scalable human connections that engage their best prospects and customers, creating more pipeline and closing deals faster. Large enterprises and fast growing mid-sized companies use Engagio's Account Based Marketing and Sales solutions to expand customer relationships, drive account conversion and strengthen alignment between sales and marketing. Backed by leading venture investors and headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Engagio is pioneering the Account Based Everything revolution. To learn more, visit

About LeadMD
LeadMD is a marketing services firm specializing in lead generation and marketing performance management. Founded in 2010, LeadMD is a full service marketing solution that helps SMBs make sense out of marketing automation. With deep expertise in Marketo, Salesforce integration, and in how to shape a strong working funnel, LeadMD can develop, streamline, and maximize any lead generation program. For more information, visit

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