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LeadPoint, Inc.

June 09, 2009 08:00 ET

LeadPoint Announces Beta Launch of LeadClass in Mortgage

LeadPoint Announces Beta Launch of the LeadClass Quality Scoring System in Its Mortgage Vertical After the Successful Launch of LeadClass in Its Debt Relief Product Line

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - LeadPoint (, the world's first and largest online lead exchange, today announced the beta launch of its proprietary LeadClass Quality Scoring System in its mortgage vertical. The beta version of LeadClass in mortgage products is now available to customers on an invitation only basis as the company fine-tunes the scoring algorithms that provide the foundation of LeadClass.

Launched on March 4, 2009 in the credit card and tax debt data lead products, LeadClass has far exceeded company expectations, driving double-digit month-over-month growth in the daily transactional revenue of leads traded in the LeadPoint marketplace.

LeadClass, a quality filtering component within LeadPoint's state-of-the-art trading platform, improves the lead buying process by enabling lead buyers to filter by the quality level that best suits their operational needs. Each quality band provides a measurable performance difference and is priced accordingly. LeadClass rewards top marketing sources with prices that reflect the true value of their leads.

In addition to the strong customer response, LeadClass has been embraced by industry experts as an innovative solution to connect lead quality with price and offer an integrated solution for lead buyers that also benefits high performing lead sellers.

"It's clear that a mix of solid lead verification, quality scoring and pricing continue to be a focus within our industry," said Dave Wengel, GM of Interactive Markets at TARGUSInfo. "The ability for companies to accurately price and segment verified leads based on quality is a major factor in driving the sustained success of any lead campaign. It is exciting to see the way in which LeadPoint is leveraging our On-Demand data services to enhance their LeadClass Quality System to provide valuable innovation to both lead buyers and sellers."

Two key components make up a LeadClass Score. First, direct marketing campaigns are rated based on historical performance predictors including return rates, buyer feedback and random sampling. Second, leads are scored based on the likelihood that a consumer can be contacted by matching data against both proprietary and third-party databases. These scores are then combined, providing each lead with a LeadClass Score that enables LeadPoint to offer leads for sale in one of three quality bands: Premium, Certified, and Value.

"The ability to score and price at a lead level is a great addition for both buyers and sellers utilizing LeadPoint's exchange technology," says Chris Meerschaert, Vice President, Account Management & Strategy of Sparkroom. "While the lead buyers we represent already benefit from the transparent and unbiased nature of the exchange, we expect that LeadClass will enable us to further leverage our deep performance analytics to help them achieve an even greater ROI."

Since its inception, LeadPoint has seen remarkable growth across the verticals in which it trades leads. With more than six and a half million leads traded to date, LeadPoint's revolutionary platform provides lead buyers with unparalleled ability to profit due to precise control of their lead targeting, while allowing lead sellers to benefit from immediate transparency into the true value of their marketing efforts. In development for over four years, the LeadClass Quality System is a key 2009 initiative for the company as it continues to bring innovation to the lead generation industry. This commitment to innovation has improved the way buyers and sellers exchange leads and has widened LeadPoint's market share, enabling each of its verticals, including mortgage, to experience growth while many in the industry see their businesses decline.

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