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LeadPoint, Inc.

March 04, 2009 08:00 ET

LeadPoint Launches LeadClass Quality Scoring System

LeadClass Enables Lead Buyers to Optimize Their Marketing Spend by Selecting the Quality That Best Suit Their Needs

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2009) - LeadPoint (, the world's first and largest online lead exchange, announced today that it has launched the LeadClass Quality Scoring System, the first lead quality filter for the lead generation industry.

LeadClass Quality Scoring improves the company's state-of-the-art lead filtering capabilities, allowing lead buyers to optimize marketing spend by selecting the specific lead type and quality that best suits their operational needs. LeadClass rewards top direct marketers with prices that reflect the true value of their leads.

Two key components make up a LeadClass Score. First, direct marketing campaigns are rated based on historical performance predictors including return rates, buyer feedback and random sampling. Second, leads are scored based on the likelihood that a consumer can be contacted by matching data against both proprietary and third-party databases. These scores are then combined, providing each lead with a LeadClass Score that enables LeadPoint to offer leads for sale in one of three quality bands: Premium, Certified, and Value.

Each quality band provides measurably different performance and is priced accordingly. Leads with the highest scores are offered in the LeadClass Premium band, providing the highest consumer intent and best conversion rates. Leads offered in the LeadClass Value band have the lowest LeadClass Scores, but provide excellent value for buyers who are able to purchase and process leads in large quantities.

"Price and performance are typically lead buyers' two biggest concerns," said LeadPoint CEO Marc Diana. "When buyers overpay for leads that do not perform, they understandably feel cheated. Lead buyers are willing to pay a premium for high quality, but also recognize the benefit of receiving discounted prices for leads with lower performance. LeadClass Quality Scoring provides a significant new level of quality transparency. For the first time, buyers are able to pay an appropriate price for a defined level of quality."

"I have been very pleased with the results we have seen during our participation in the LeadClass beta program," said Brian Blackburn, Director of Operations at Coastal Credit Solutions. "We have recorded measurable differences in the performance between LeadClass Quality bands and are using the system to better optimize our online marketing budget."

LeadClass not only benefits lead buyers, but also rewards top direct marketers. Within direct marketing, the success of campaigns varies widely with some campaigns producing higher converting leads. Segmenting leads by quality and selling them at prices that reflect their respective performance rewards direct marketers and attracts additional quality sources, resulting in improved overall quality in the market.

In development for over four years, the LeadClass Quality System is a key initiative for the company in 2009 as it seeks to bring innovation to the lead generation industry. Initially, LeadClass quality filters will only be available in Credit Card Debt and Tax Debt Relief products with other verticals following later in Q2 2009.

Since its inception, LeadPoint has seen remarkable growth across the verticals in which it trades leads. With more than six and a half million leads traded to date, LeadPoint's revolutionary platform provides lead buyers with unparalleled ability to profit due to precise control of their lead targeting, while allowing lead sellers to benefit from immediate transparency into the true value of their marketing efforts. The strength of this platform, which benefits both buyers and sellers of leads, has widened LeadPoint's market share and enabled each of its verticals, including mortgage leads, to continue rapid growth while many in the industry are seeing their businesses decline.

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