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July 11, 2011 07:04 ET

Leads360 Unveils New Research on Increasing Student Satisfaction and Enrollment Yields by Matching Students and Admissions Personnel

Employing Skill-Based Routing to Find the Perfect Match for Each Student Prospect More Than Doubles Enrollment Yield and Improves Student-School Interaction

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2011) - Leads360, the industry leader in enrollment management software, today announced new insights into the best practices for successfully enrolling prospective students. The study, conducted by Leads360 in association with a leading private sector higher education institution, identified Skill-Based Routing as an innovative and highly effective enrollment management best practice for increasing prospective student comfort during the admissions process and improving the efficiency of admissions efforts.

According to Leads360 analysis, select groups of the participating school's admissions counselors were identified as "skilled" and they subsequently increased enrollment rates within seven groups of "skilled" counselors by 75 to 135% after employing Skill-Based Routing. More than 50% of all enrollment counselors were determined to be "skilled" (at a level of statistical significance) with one or more key characteristics of prospective students. This in turn means that more than 50% of students would be able to be matched with an admissions counselor with whom they are likely to have an especially positive experience.

"If you're not managing your enrollment flow efficiently, you could be missing out on students who might otherwise apply to your institution," said Martin Lind, education vertical manager at Leads360. "Skill-Based Routing is an effective, no-cost best practice that our data analysis has uncovered. The best part is that this process can be implemented to increase enrollment yield without having to change or increase inquiry sources, or hire more enrollment counselors."

With the growing intensity of competition among school programs at all levels -- whether campus-based, online or a hybrid -- being able to better align an institution's recruiting resources can translate to a more successful approach to keeping the right students in the enrollment funnel and increasing yield.

A Data-Oriented Process for Improving Admissions and Enrollment

After extensive research, Leads360 created a methodology that allows schools to uncover skilled enrollment counselors who have historically higher enrollment rates with specific types of prospects, and then intelligently route inquiries with those attributes to the optimal enrollment counselor. This advanced distribution model is called Skill-Based Routing.

The basic premise of Skill-Based Routing is that there are intangible skills that are not the result of education, training or background, but are innate and only discoverable through rigorous analysis of enrollment counselor performance against various types of student prospects. These skills create a stronger connection between an enrollment counselor and certain prospects, and are unique to those individuals. This connection not only helps the counselor with their job, but also benefits the students because they enjoy a more engaging, connected experience with their potential new school. "Prospective students and school staff alike are more likely to have positive, productive, and mutually fulfilling conversations," said Mr. Lind. "More than ever, schools need to be concerned about the student experience from the first touch." The Leads360 study showed that these skills can make a dramatic difference for admissions departments as a whole.

Skill-Based Routing, properly implemented, can have a direct and material financial impact on schools that compete for students. The new report titled "Creating Enrollment Magic: Skill-Based Routing in Higher Education," is available for download at

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