SOURCE: LeadWurx, Inc.

October 10, 2006 14:18 ET, How to Responsibly Market to 200 Million Consumers Through Social Network Marketing!

Financial Services, Leisure, Media, Entertainment, Real Estate, Automotive, Retail, and Hospitality all Have One Thing in Common; They Can All Research Consumer Trends and Reach Their Perfect Client Through "Social Network Marketing"

ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 10, 2006 -- LeadWurx ( announces the successful beta launch of its Social Network Marketing™ platform, which merges its data mining application to target and intelligently serves advertising to social networks based upon consumer behavior. This allows LeadWurx, in partnership with website owners, to additionally monetize on both free and paid social networking sites.

In the world of free social networks, revenues are being generated by pay-per-click and banner advertisements with little specific consumer targeting prior to ad serving. It is estimated that less than 3% of visitors click on such advertising. In the case of paid social sites, such as dating and business networking, less than 5% of all members signing up actually pay the webmaster for their service. Yet, in the case of both free and paid social networking sites, the webmaster obtains a wealth of personal information. In initial beta testing, over 15% of targeted consumers responded to LeadWurx adverts over a six month period.

"Too often I have heard a prospective client state that they know half their advertising is effective; they just don't know which half. With respect to all consumer concentric businesses, understanding the consumer's behavior, channeling their ad spending to target that behavior, and being able to track the direct success of those campaigns is the future of the advertising industry and that's what we offer," says John Cataldi, CEO of LeadWurx.

Over 200 million consumers give their most personal details to social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Linked in, Google's YouTube, TagWorld, Friendster, and Match, among others. The cumulative collection of valuable consumer data points prior to the actual ad serve can ensure timely delivery of the most effective message, in the correct context, to the appropriate demographic. Unlike most other behaviorally targeted advertising that relies upon downloaded spy ware and intrusive data mining, the LeadWurx ad server does not invade the privacy of the consumer. Participating social networks only pass non-identifying information to the LeadWurx Ad Server, while consumers are then given the choice to participate for various consumer rewards.

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