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September 04, 2015 18:02 ET

Leaf Media Launches Real-Time Monitoring in 42 Languages

Leaf Media Has Announced the Launch of a New Approach to Media Monitoring; Using Its New Platform, Leaf Media Can Monitor Media in Real Time Across 42 Different Languages and Hundreds of Platforms, Improving the Monitoring Services the Firm Offers to Its Clients

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - September 04, 2015) - Leaf Media, an Arizona-based public relations firm, is pleased to announce the launch of a new media monitoring service. Using an innovative software platform, Leaf Media can now monitor, analyze and report on media in real time across 42 different languages, providing instance access to millions of news sites, forums, social networks and blogs.

"The key to successful reputation management is acting quickly when something is posted, either positive or negative, about an individual or company," said Dan Jackson, Director of Marketing of Leaf Media. "In the digital age, new articles are published with nothing more than a click of the mouse, and they can cause damage to someone's reputation quickly. That's why we offer real-time monitoring, so we can take action immediately to stop negative information or capitalize on positive news."

Leaf Media focuses its efforts on helping companies, including Fortune 100 companies, expand their public relations and reputations. Online reputation management is a portion of the process they follow to provide this service.

The new software platform provides the real-time monitoring along with analytics to help Leaf Media's clients understand the data and information generated from the monitoring. It also provides real-time push notifications to allow the public relations team to react quickly when a response is needed. It also connects the alerts to client media accounts, so Leaf Media's team can respond to alerts without leaving the application.

"With this tool," said Mr. Jackson, "we can instantly re-tweet a positive mention, address a negative mention within seconds or set some mentions aside to use at a later date. We can also quickly and easily share alerts with our clients to decide collaboratively on the best course of action."

Real-time monitoring is now available to all Leaf Media clients, including new and existing clients.

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