League Assets Corp.

League Assets Corp.

July 23, 2009 12:16 ET

League Extends Protection for Member-Partners

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 23, 2009) - League Assets Corporation - the world's Intergenerational Wealth(TM) Institution - announced today that it has taken another step in safeguarding the capital of its investors and protecting them against acts of internal malfeasance with the purchase of Executive Liability and Employee Fidelity insurance coverage.

League manages more than $300 million worth of private real estate investments on behalf of its 1,700-plus Member-Partners - its term for private investors. "We acquired this coverage," said Emanuel Arruda, Founding Partner, "not because we had to do it, but because it was the right thing to do."

"We're all aware of recent cases where certain investment managers have carried out fraud on a massive scale, and have hurt a lot of people in the process," said Mr. Arruda. "Our insurance will protect our Member-Partners against the possibility of fraud carried out by employees or by parties associated with League. While we have the greatest faith in our employees, these plans will provide our investors with an additional layer of comfort."

"What this also means," added Adam Gant, League's other Founding Partner, "is that the insurance underwriters, both neutral third-parties, have taken a hard look at our business policies, practices and standards and decided that they have enough confidence in us to insure us."

Both insurance policies were obtained from Aon Reed Stenhouse, a global provider of insurance coverage. It has some 37,000 professionals worldwide and provides insurance and human resources consulting services.

This action, said Mr. Arruda, is fully in accordance with the Credo that guides all League's endeavors. "We believe our word is our bond. It should always be worthy of trust."

"Acquiring this coverage is part of our commitment to our Member-Partners: to do for them, what we would have others do for us," said Mr. Gant. "If we can further their peace of mind, then we'll have done our job."

Victoria-based League Assets Corp. manages the IGW REIT, one of North America's fastest growing private Real Estate Investment Trusts, comprising a portfolio of Canadian commercial, industrial, multi-family residential properties with combined assets approaching $300 million. The Trust exists to find, acquire, improve, and manage real estate properties on behalf of its Member-Partners. Combined with its other investment pools, League is currently managing and developing assets with approximate build-out values totaling $2-billion.

For more information, download The Blue Book of Real Estate Syndication and Company Backgrounder from www.league.ca.

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