SOURCE: Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

October 24, 2014 05:46 ET

Leah Selakovic Promotes Scholarships for Female Artists on Her New Blog

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Oct 24, 2014) - Art blogger and philanthropist Leah Selakovic has long been a supporter of women in the arts. Most recently, she has been vocal on the topic of scholarships for female artists. With the costs of schooling rising astronomically for all fields, paying for college can be an enormous challenge, but for artists who struggle with money to begin with, it is especially overwhelming. Factoring in the fact that schools in the fields of art, music, and film are typically even more expensive and require pricey materials, many young talents are unable to find a way to finance their education. It often pays off to research grants and scholarships that are offered and in recent years, more and more women-centric scholarships have been emerging that are aiming at encouraging female artists to follow their creative career. 

"For a very long time, seeing women in the arts was a rather rare phenomenon. It was, as so many other areas of life, dominated by men," says Leah Selakovic. "But as society has evolved, we are finding new opportunities arising for female artists seeking financial support with their educational goals. Today, there are numerous scholarship and grant options available, a fact that many young women are not even aware of. And even though the options can be overwhelming at first, female students can often find great opportunities and support programs."

The first essential step in finding a scholarship for art, music, or film is for students to decide on which interest they would like to concentrate on and which school they are planning to attend. The more precise information a student provides, the easier it is to pinpoint and narrow down the search. "Women in the Arts is a great organization that compiles scholarships from all around the country that are dedicated to women artists," remarks Leah. Examples for such scholarships are the Blanche E. Colman Trust, which awards $5,000 in fellowship money, or the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Visual Arts Fellowship. Many arts guilds and unions offer scholarships such as the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc., which provides grants to students studying the textile arts. "Most scholarships range from $500 to $2,500 and are awarded no-strings-attached," explains Leah. "That way the student can spend it in any way that addresses the their creative needs whether it is buying supplies or financing an unpaid internship abroad."

Leah Selakovic often cites Maria Callas as one of her personal inspirations. Born into poverty, Callas herself gained benefit from a "grant" when in 1937 the famed music teacher Maria Trivella at the Greek National Conservatoire agreed to tutor Callas and waived the usual tuition fees. "Maria Callas proved to the world that women can achieve just as much as men, even in a world that is dominated by men," says Leah. "She really is an inspiration to follow through with your dreams." Leah herself was raised in the former republic of Yugoslavia, where she earned a master's degree in Art and Classical History. She eventually settled with her husband, David Selakovic in Singapore where she raises her children. In recent years she made herself a name as up-and-coming children's book author and professional blogger who gains more readers by the day. Still an art lover at heart, Leah blogs interesting and informative pieces on art, fashion and design and uses her blog to help young female talents to gain foothold in that industry.

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