SOURCE: Six Sigma Online

September 21, 2011 16:37 ET

Lean Six Sigma Pledge Gains Michelle Bachmann's Signature

Members of the Six Sigma Community, Including Six Sigma Online's Craig Setter, Express Enthusiasm Regarding the 7th Presidential Candidate Pledging to Utilize Six Sigma Methods to Reduce Waste in Government

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - Sep 21, 2011) - Current member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Michelle Bachmann, became the seventh 2012 presidential candidate to sign the Strong America Now Plan. This plan is a Lean Six Sigma-based pledge "to eliminate spending deficits and start paying down the national debt by 2017 by deploying Lean Six Sigma waste reduction methods to detect and eliminate 25 percent of spending per year across the federal government, and to attend two days of training on the Lean Six Sigma method and complete a waste reduction project prior to my inauguration."

The first to sign was former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. Other pledged presidential candidates include Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, Thaddeus McCotter, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.

Michael George is the founder of Strong America Now, a nonprofit conservative political group aimed at eliminating the national debt with no new taxes through the use of the Lean Six Sigma business strategy. This organization has come up with the Strong America Now Plan and is working hard to get both political figures and the general public to sign it. The general public is asked to sign a pledge that states, "I pledge to support only those candidates who commit to execute the Strong America Now Plan." Lean Six Sigma is aimed at reducing waste and maximizing profits and quality for businesses; but both George and the pledgees are confident it can work for our government too.

The more candidates that sign the pledge, the more the Six Sigma Community is excited and hopeful of its success. "No matter your political affiliation, anyone who knows what Lean Six Sigma can do for businesses should be excited about how it can help our national debt," states Craig Setter, President and CEO of Aveta Business Institute, Six Sigma Online, a leading provider of online Six Sigma Certification aimed at helping businesses. He continues, "I hope everyone can see the benefit of what Michael George and Strong America Now are doing for both our country and our Six Sigma Community."

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