SOURCE: Dewmar International BMC, Inc.

February 28, 2013 08:30 ET

Lean Slow Motion Potion™ Ranked as the 2nd Most Widely Distributed Relaxation Beverage in the U.S.

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2013) -  Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (OTCBB: DEWM) (OTCQB: DEWM) announces that its flagship brand, Lean Slow Motion Potion™, is the second most widely distributed and gross revenue generating relaxation beverage in the U.S. market today. This information is based upon data gathered over the past three years from national market observations and review of multiple financial reports of publicly traded companies who distribute relaxation beverages.

IBISWorld estimates the relaxation beverage industry revenue grew at a 68.7% annualized rate over the past five years with about a 24.8% increase over the next four years to $223.5 million by 2016. There are expected to be nearly 390 different types of relaxation drinks out on the market in 2011, but consumers are narrowing their choices by a vast margin. Dewmar International's Lean beverage annual sales have soared above self-proclaimed leaders and misguided industry reports of companies like Innovative Beverage Group's beverage Drank™ and Bebida Beverage Company's Koma Unwind™ to name a few of many. Dewmar CEO & President, Dr. Marco Moran, attributes much of this past false media reporting due to simple media hype of writers eager to create a story where there is none without first completing thorough due-diligence of a wider pool of brands.

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. CEO & President states, "The fact that our brand has primarily sold millions of dollars of product in thousands of independent C-stores and non-traditional retail shops prevents our scan data from being tracked by IBISWorld or Nielsen reports." He continues, "This many times gives a false sense of reporting whereas Lean Slow Motion Potion™ with past sales in the millions does not appear on the radar while other companies that barely make it into the six figure range get repeat mentions in article after article simply because they are in one retail chain account that reports to Nielsen Ratings."

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. backs the validity of its annual sales revenue by providing fully reported audited financials that follow strict GAAP accounting principles. "I challenge the few data reporting agencies and beverage industry writers to check heavily into the financials of those companies, especially the private ones, whom you deem as 'industry leaders' as well as validate via phone calls their proclaimed distributors to confirm their annual sales volumes," says Dr. Marco Moran.

"We are confident that our brand is the second most widely distributed relaxation beverage in the U.S. market today with the first being Marley's Mellow Mood which is also a lifestyle brand much like ours but it revolves around the cultural trends affiliate with the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley." Dewmar International BMC, Inc. provides a 10 minute video clip on its website that educates both the public and buyers on the history of the 'relaxation beverage' category. "I use the term Relaxation Beverage reluctantly because the market has proven my research to be true in that American consumers do not want a beverage just solely for the purpose of relaxing and/or sleeping for the most part, but they would spend two to three dollars per unit for a Lifestyle Brand that is relevant, fun and just so happens to alter one's mood that leads to a more pleasant and relaxing state of mind," says Dr. Moran.

Lean Slow Motion Potion™ has two niche consumers. First are the over 30 million hip hop music fans, ages 15 to 40, that are influenced by almost every word of the many platinum and gold selling rap artists that mention the Lean brand and one or more of its 3 flavors -- Purp, Yella and Easta Pink in over 100 popular songs that hit the airwaves daily worldwide. The terms Lean, Purp, Yella and Easta Pink have become iconic terms by rap legends such as Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, T.I., and Bun B to name a few; as well as trend setting newcomers like 2 Chainz, ASAP Rocky, Future and Nicki Minaj. Rap music is the #1 consumer C-store purchase influencer in the U.S.

Secondly, Lean Slow Motion is a perfect brand to aid the estimated 70 million Americans who have trouble sleeping. Americans are consuming over $100 billion a year in products that help relax and manage the stresses of life, including wine, beer, pills, and other items. Lean Slow Motion Potion™ is a safer, healthier and nondrug-induced alternative based upon a proper mix of natural herbal ingredients combined with B-vitamins and Acai Berry developed by a registered pharmacist. The prospect of partnerships with or acquisitions by beverage behemoths like Coca-Cola or PepsiCo is a positive driver for companies in the industry that would greatly benefit from such arrangements.

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Dewmar International BMC, Inc. is an American based new product development, manufacturing and marketing company. Dewmar's primary business strategy has been in creating exceptionally high profit-margin functional food and beverage products for niche consumer markets. The Company's flagship product, Lean Slow Motion Potion®, is rated as one of the top 3 national selling relaxation beverages of the purported 50 relaxation brands that are currently available on the market. Lean Slow Motion Potion™ has now gone beyond the boundaries of the United States as the Company is executing its extensive international expansion project for 2013.

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