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Learn about the Promoting Immune Health and Vitality: Emerging opportunities, ingredients and innovations in food and drinks

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Promoting Immune Health and Vitality: Emerging opportunities, ingredients and innovations in food and drinks

Promoting Immune Health and Vitality - Emerging opportunities, ingredients and innovations in food and drinks

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Key issues examined by this report...

- Immune health and vitality positioning is fast-emerging as a key driver of functional and fortified food sales, with major companies channelling resource and effort into this area. This report assesses the connection between the very high prevalence of immune health-related disease in the Western world, and manufacturers' attempts to formulate food and drink that can help alleviate or prevent the onset of symptoms.

- The status of functional foods remains to be clarified in Europe, with the EU currently formulating guidelines for claims made for supplements and grocery products and treating ingredients on a case-by-case basis. The EU also restricts innovation through novel ingredient policy that entails innovators bear the cost of proving ingredients to be safe before functional considerations are taken into account.

- Development and maturing of the Japanese market has led to widening acceptance of potential nutritional benefits of food and drinks in Europe and the US. Consumers appear more disposed towards benefits-led food marketing in less price-sensitive developed countries.

A growing number of products in the food and drinks sector are being marketed as providing consumers with immune health and vitality benefits. These products are designed to help individuals cope with the stresses and strains of modern life. Products claim to protect and defend the immune system, help maintain vitality and inner balance, and reduce or alleviate stress levels. There is a growing perceived need for food and drink that can meet these requirements, linked to an increasing prevalence of autoimmune diseases in leading economies and more consumers looking to reduce stress experienced on a daily basis.

Promoting Immune Health and Vitality is a new management report published by Business Insights that analyzes the growing importance of immune health and vitality products. Analysis is centered on key brands and how these are meeting the more advanced demands of today's consumers within an increasingly crowded market for food and drink with positive health benefits.

Identify key trends within immune health and vitality product marketing and assess the potential for these trends to develop with this new report...

This new report will enable you to...

- Quantify and target future growth areas with this report's epidemiology data and market data on how immune health and vitality food and drink is helping drive growth in the functional and energy product sectors, and analysis on the growth drivers of products designed to help maintain immune health, minimize autoimmune disease risk and alleviate stress.

- Compare the brand activity of leading manufacturers of immune health and vitality products such as Danone, Coca-Cola and Kraft and learn how other companies are targeting the market for growth.

- Understand how ingredient use is evolving and how branding is becoming more focused on ranges that cater for various specific and growing consumer requirements.

- Improve targeting and the effectiveness of your NPD strategies with this report's analysis of Productscan data of immune health and vitality food and drinks product launches, to determine the key trends, fast growth categories and leading regions.

Your questions answered...

- How are food manufacturers successfully building sales by targeting specific immune health concerns?

- Who are the leading players in the immune health and vitality product market?

- Which key product positioning trends are in line with the needs of customers?

- What are the core growth areas for immune health and vitality marketing and what areas have untapped potential?

- How are companies addressing issues of poor health and bodily discomfort with positive messages?

- Which products are proving successful in different regions and national marketplaces?

Some key findings from this report...

- Added value products that help consumers address immune health issues are developing within core areas such as soft drinks and dairy, with these areas together accounting for 57% of sector launches in 2007.

- Immune health and vitality positioning is helping drive growth in brands in the wider $29bn functional foods market and in the $10bn energy food and drinks market.

- Almost all adults in key European economies and the US are modifying their lifestyles in an attempt to alleviate the day-to-day stress of work and family, and 52% are now taking more steps to reduce stress. This presents food and drink manufacturers with a massive opportunity to help alleviate the pressure of daily life and market products that delay or limit the onset of poor autoimmune health.

- As many as 1 in 10 consumers suffer from an autoimmunerelated health condition and prevalence is set to grow in major economies; as well as alleviating symptoms of current sufferers, there is considerable potential for products with preventative qualities.

Table of Contents
Promoting Immune Health and Vitality Executive Summary 8
Market drivers and growth opportunities 8
Innovation and NPD 9
Key trends in immune health and vitality 10
Conclusions 11
Chapter 1 Introduction 14
Research methodology 14
The immune health and vitality market defined 14
Report structure 15
Chapter 2 Market drivers and growth opportunities 18
Summary 18
Introduction 19
The prevalence of autoimmune diseases 19
The issue of stress 22
Market development 23
Chapter 3 Innovation and NPD 28
Summary 28
Introduction 29
Innovation by positioning 29
Innovation by product category 32
Regional analysis 35
Product tag and flavor analysis 38
Product tags 38
Flavor trends 40
Innovation profiles of key companies 41
Danone 41
Coca-Cola 43
Kraft Foods 46
Chapter 4 Key trends in immune health and vitality 50
Summary 50
Introduction 51
Trends in active ingredient use 51
The wide range of active ingredients 51
Developing ingredient use 52
Probiotics and prebiotics 52
Antioxidants 55
Glucosamine 56
Stress reduction 57
Theanine and other anti-stress ingredients 59
Targeting by age and sex 61
Products for older consumers 61
Cultivating female consumers 64
Targeting children 66
Developing needs-specific ranges 69
Chapter 5 Conclusions 74
Summary 74
Introduction 74
SWOT analysis 75
Demand for immune health and vitality products 76
Product development 77
Ingredient development 78
Outlook 79
Index 80
List of Figures
Figure 2.1: Extent to which consumers have taken active steps to reduce
 stress levels over the past year (%), US & Europe, 2006 23
Figure 3.2: Percentage share of immune health and vitality products
 launched, by positioning, 2004-2008 30
Figure 3.3: Percentage of immune health and vitality products launched
 in each category, 2004- 2008 33
Figure 3.4: Percentage of immune health and vitality products launched,
 by category, 2004-2008 34
Figure 3.5: Percentage share of immune health and vitality products
 launched, by region, 2004- 2008 36
Figure 3.6: La Serenisima Actimel and DanActive Weekly Pack 42
Figure 3.7: Minute Maid Enhanced Juice, Cell Defence and Anti-Ox, Diet Coke
 Plus Vitamins and Dasani Plus 45
Figure 3.8: Kraft Post LiveActive and On The Go drink mixes 47
Figure 4.9: Nestle LC1 Protection, Nurture Milk, Kashi Vive, Parmalat
 WellB 54
Figure 4.10: Minute Maid Active and Hansen's Fizzit with glucosamine 57
Figure 4.11: Japanese GABA-enriched products 59
Figure 4.12: Yakult Lemoria, Aqua Therapy Minaqua, Nestle Club 60
Figure 4.13: Aohata green perilla dressing and Calpis Fine Support Smooth
 Walkin 63
Figure 4.14: Luna and YoMommy 66
Figure 4.15: Dannon Danimals, Capri Sun Juice Drink, Y Water Wellness
 Waters, Crayons Fruit
Juice Drink, Balance Water for Children 68
Figure 4.16: Rachel's Vitality, Fruit2O Immunity, Dole Wildly Nutritious,
 Spava Fortified Coffee, Barilla Alixir 71
Figure 5.17: SWOT analysis of immune health and vitality sector 75
List of Tables
Table 2.1: Estimated prevalence of autoimmune-related diseases in the seven
 major pharmaceutical markets, 2006 20
Table 2.2: Functional food & drink market value ($m), Europe and US,
 2001-2011 24
Table 2.3: Sales of energy food and drinks, ($m), Europe and US,
 2001-2011 26
Table 3.4: Top 15 product tags on immune health and vitality products
 launched, 2005-2008 38
Table 3.5: Top 15 flavors in immune health and vitality products launched,
 2005-2008 40
Table 4.6: Key immune health and vitality ingredients and positioning 52
Table 4.7: New generation of needs-specific functional food and drink
 ranges 70

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