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Learn about the Analysis of China's Soda Ash Industry 2008

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Soda ash is the most important raw material of the basic chemical production, mainly uses in glass, light industry, chemical industry and metallurgical industry and so on. In recent years, China's soda ash industry has been developed significantly in terms of the rapid growth of China's economy; and its international competitiveness has also improved. Meanwhile, in order to meet the growing demand of downstream industries, the output of soda ash has increased gradually in China. Due to the environmental issue, Europe and the United States and other countries have reduced production of soda ash, but, on the other hand, the demand of soda ash in international market continues to grow, the shortage of supply has pushed the price rising, all of these elements have created more opportunity for China's soda ash exports and improved the development of China's soda ash industry.

2007 was the best time for China's soda ash industry, and the principal features are the shortage of supply and the continued rising price. The output of soda ash recorded 17.718 million tons in 2007, an increase of 13.1 per cent year-on-year, increased 2.6 percentage points than last year; exported 1.706 million tons, down 5.7 per cent year-on-year; the prices from 1550 yuan / ton in the beginning of the year up to 1850 yuan / ton in the end of the year, an increase of 20 per cent.

In 2008, the domestic soda ash prices has continued rising, reaching a recording high level to 2,080 yuan / ton in the Mar 2008, an increase of 34.2 per cent. The reason is the rising cost and strong demands caused the price up.

At the global market, soda ash is mainly used for glass production, which accounting for 50 per cent of the world's output; the rest is for chemicals and synthetic detergent. Currently in Chinese market, soda ash is mainly used in: 44% of the glass industry, 25% of chemical industry, 6% of light industry and 7% of metallurgical industry and 18% others.

In terms of the growth of China's construction and automotive industries, the demands for high-quality flat glass will continue to increase, which will lead to the growth of the low-salt soda ash dense, thus, enlarging the proportion of soda ash dense, particularly the low-salt soda ash dense is the direction of China's soda ash industry to adjust its products' structure.

1 The world soda ash industry
1.1 The circumstance of world soda ash production
1.2 The consumption of soda ash
1.3 The trade of soda ash
1.4 The transformation of industrial chain
1.5 The trend of development

2 China's soda ash industry
2.1 Supply
2.2 Demand
2.2.1 Analysis of the chemical industry operation 2007
2.2.2 The Growth of downstream industries The structure of downstream industry The rapid growth of flat glass section Alumina section Synthetic detergent and chemical pesticides
2.2.3 The increasing demand of the international market
2.2.4 The impact of export on soda ash market.

3 The investment of fixed asset and expansion of capacity
3.1 The investment of fixed asset
3.2 Expansion of capacity
3.3 Cost
3.3.1 The Structure of cost.
3.3.2 The limitation of crude salt production
3.3.3 The rising price of crude salt
3.3.4 The rising price of energy

4 Price
4.1 The reasons of rising price of soda ash
4.1.1 Demand
4.1.2 Cost
4.2 Analysis of soda ash prices 2008

5 Key companies
5.1 Shandong Haihua
5.1.1 Operation
5.1.2 Production
5.2 Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd
5.2.1 Operation
5.2.2 Production
5.3 Hubei Shuanghuan scie-tech Co., Ltd
5.3.1 Operation
5.3.2 Capacity expansion
5.3.3 Financial statement

Figure Index
The distribution of global soda ash production capacity 2007
The consumption of soda ash in the world and some regions market
The production, consumption and export of U.S. soda ash
The output and growth ratio of soda ash in China
Comparison of the cumulative total sales of the chemical industry
Comparison of the cumulative total profits of the chemical industry
The structure of soda ash downstream consumption
The growth of residential house construction and flat glass
The ratio of output growth of residential house construction and flat glass
The output of flat glass and the future growth rate
The output of alumina and the future growth rate
The monthly output of chemical pesticides and growth rate
The output of Synthetic detergent and growth rate
The volume of China's import and export of soda ash and the growth rate
The proportion of export of total output of soda ash
The main countries and regions for export
The main export provinces and cities in China
Comparison of the growth ratio of alkali fixed assets investment and the
 price of soda ash
The cost of Ammonia soda process
The capacity and output of China's crude salt
Comparison of the price between Soda ash and crude salt
The price of coal
The price of soda ash
The proportion of each product's revenue of Shandong Haihua 2007
Comparison of the gross profit of major manufacturers
The revenue, profit and growth ratio of Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries
The income and net profit of Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries 2005-2007
The revenue of Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries by products 2006-2007

Table Index

The distribution of the world soda ash production capacity 2006
Comparison of the growth rate between soda ash and its downstream products
The additional extra capacity in the future
The price of soda ash in different region in Mar 2008
The capacity and output of Shandong Haihua
The capacity of Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries' products 2007-2008
The growth index of Hubei Shuanghuan scie-tech
The operating capability index of Hubei Shuanghuan scie-tech
The profitability index of Hubei Shuanghuan scie-tech
The solvency index of Hubei Shuanghuan scie-tech

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