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Learn about the China Car Navigation Industry Report, 2006-2008

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China Car Navigation Industry Report, 2006-2008

With the number of cars in China exceeding 40 million units and the application prospect of car navigation products becoming clearer and broader, the competition in China car navigation industry becomes fiercer. GPS equipment manufacturers, navigation software and map manufacturers, navigation operators, and chip manufacturers both in China and foreign countries are vigorously developing their own technology advantages and integrating their upstream and downstream industry chain, so as to expand their market shares and seize market opportunities.

During 2006-2007, GPS equipments and navigation system software & map manufacturers started a tide of merger, acquisition and integration. Several new trends are shown in the integration tide:

1. GPS solutions and wireless communication will further integrate

In the future, in-vehicle GPS will be further integrated with communication technology and navigation function will be combined with traffic information broadcast, speed alarm, etc functions. In addition, in-vehicle GPS also will be further combined with weather, shopping, fault diagnosis and fault forecast, etc. Digital Cyclone Inc, acquired by Garmin as shown in the above table, is a local communication service supplier that provides weather forecast of detailed regions.

2. Integrating the upstream and downstream industry chain is the development direction of navigation manufacturers

The value chain of the navigation industry includes navigation e-map manufacturers, GPS chip & module providers, navigation software enterprises, navigation equipment manufacturers, etc many links. The manufacturers of various links all are vigorously integrating their own upstream and downstream production chain. They hope to improve the competitiveness through shortening the industry chain. Tele Atlas acquiring TomTom as shown in the above table is a case of the navigation manufacturer integrating the upstream e-map publisher. Through this acquisition, TomTom perfected its industrial chain and restricted its competitors to some extent.

3. The market share will be further expanded and the industrial concentration will be further enhanced through merger and acquisition

For many companies, it is an important means to acquire other companies in its industry for realizing leap-forward development. Merger and acquisition could enable the company's technology ability to become stronger in short term and make its market share expand rapidly. For example, as shown in the above table, through acquiring Navman, MIO's competitive advantages in wireless communication GPS navigation products accelerated to be strengthened, its global market share ranked the third, and its share in European market also expanded rapidly, rising to the second place. In 2006, the top three companies in respect of market share, TomTom, Garmin and MIO, accumulatively occupied 70% more shares of the global navigation equipment market. The market concentration was further improved.

It seems that many acquisition and merger cases have not directly influenced China in-vehicle navigation market, yet, it is not true. After acquiring Gate5, Nokia launched N95 navigation handsets equipped with Smart2go produced by Gate5. TOMTOM also has wanted to enter Mainland China a long time before. It entered Taiwan market in 2006. After acquiring Tele Atlas, it could enter Mainland China market through the wholly owned subsidiary of Tele Atlas, Shanghai Changyu. The industrial integration of these international giants is more or less influencing China in-vehicle navigation and handheld navigation market with huge potentials. China local navigation manufacturers will face fiercer competition.

1. Overview of domestic car market

1.1 Overview of domestic car industry

1.2 domestic car production and sales, 2006

1.3 China car market expectation, 2007

2. Overview of car navigation industry chain

2.1 Overview of global car navigation industry

2.2 Overview of Chinese car navigation industry

2.3 Classification of car navigation products

2.3.1 Classification by application platform of navigation systems

2.3.2 Classification by installation method

2.3.3 Comprehensive information platform

2.4 Overview of car navigation industry chain

2.4.1 Structure

2.4.2 Overview of main chain links Navigation satellite system Vehicle navigator

3. Development of car navigation market

3.1 Overview of global car navigation market

3.2 Current status of Chinese car navigation market

3.3 Development trend of Chinese car navigation market

4. Chinese car navigation market operations and operators

4.1 Car navigation market operations

4.2 Operators

4.2.1 Shenzhen Electronics Group

4.2.2 China Satcom

4.2.3 Gugao


4.2.9 Huaqiang

4.2.10 Tongyong


4.2.12 Shenzhen JieYuan Network Communication Co., Ltd

5. Overview of in-vehicle GPS market and suppliers

5.1 Overview of global & Chinese in-vehicle GPS markets

5.1.1 Overview of global in-vehicle GPS market

5.1.2 Overview of Chinese in-vehicle GPS market

5.2 Global & Chinese in-vehicle GPS suppliers

5.2.1 Foreign in-vehicle GPS suppliers Clarion Topcon Alpine Denso Kenwood Sony Fujitsu Pioneer Panasonic Aisin AW GARMIN THALES Navgation NovAtel Leica Geosystems Siemens VDO Blaupunkt CSI Trimble DDS

5.2.2 China in-vehicle GPS manufacturers Shenzhen Seg Scientific Navigations Co., Ltd UniStrong GPS Tech

...... Secugis JJTech

6 Overview of GPS chip market and manufacturers

6.1 Overview of global GPS chip market

6.2 Domestic GPS chip manufacturers

6.2.1 oLinkStar Company profile Main products

6.2.2 Xi'an HuaXun Company profile Main products

6.3 Global GPS chip manufacturers

6.3.1 SirF

6.3.2 STMicroelectronics

6.3.3 CEVA

6.3.4 Maxim

6.3.5 ATMEL

6.3.6 SIGE

6.3.7 Xemics

6.3.8 NemeriX

6.3.9 RFMicroDevices, Inc. (RFMD)

6.3.10 Ublox

7. Overview of e-map software market and suppliers

7.1 Overview of global & Chinese e-map market

7.1.1 Overview of global e-map market

7.1.2 Overview of Chinese e-map market

7.1.3 Development trends of Chinese e-map market

7.2 Major e-map suppliers in China

7.2.1 Navinfo

7.2.2 Ritu

7.2.3 Shanghai Changxiang


7.2.14 SuperMap

7.2.15 Orient Power

8. Consumption analysis of car navigation products

8.1 Factors affecting the demand of navigation products

8.2 Car team management application of car navigation system

8.2.1 Scientific management of vehicles by GPS monitoring system

8.2.2 Monitor system platform for police and special industries

8.2.3 GPS navigation marching into taxi industry

8.3 Development of car navigation system

8.3.1 Current technology status

8.3.2 Development trends

9. Conclusions

9.1 Small actual market, but big potential market, showing a bright prospect

9.2 Japanese cars lead China front-mounted navigation market

9.3 PND will be the main force of China car navigation market

9.4 China car navigation industry chain is gradually perfecting

9.5 Evolution of China navigation market

9.6 Car navigation, audio & video and communication tend to be integrated

9.7 E-map is the main factor restricting the development of navigation industry

9.8 Intelligent traffic is the tipping point of the car navigation industry

Comparison of monthly car sales in China, 2003-2006

Monthly sales volume of cars, 2003-2006

Sales of top10 car manufacturers

Mio168: the world's first PDA with integrated GPS

Current in-vehicle long-distance information processing system

Car navigation industry chain

Car monitor system structure

Global shipment of car navigation products, 1998-2008

Global shipment of car navigation products by region, 2005-2010

Growth rate of global car navigation market

Global output value of GNSS application market, 2000-2006

Segmented scale of European GNSS industry

Sales forecast of car navigator in China, 2005-2010

Quantity of car models equipped with front-mounded car navigation system in China in past years

Brand pattern of car models equipped with front-mounded car navigation system in China

Brand quantity of car models equipped with front-mounded car navigation system in China in past years

Brand distribution of car models equipped with front-mounded car navigation system in China

Price distribution of car models equipped with front-mounded car navigation system in China

GPS information service platform frame of China Satcom

Global output value of GPS, 2003-2008

China car sales and its place in the global ranking list, 2001-2006

China car policies issued in 2006

Contrast of new and old consumption tax rate of cars, 2006

China car market forecast, 2007

Development course of global in-vehicle navigator

Car navigation products suppliers of global main complete car manufacturers

GK-110A6 monitoring in-vehicle terminal of China Satcom

Products of Gugao

In-vehicle GPS products of Tianze

In-vehicle GPS products of Huaqiang

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