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Learn about the China Membrane Market Report, 2007-2008

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China Membrane Market Report, 2007-2008

Membrane technology is an emerging interdisciplinary technology. New technologies and new processing techniques on membrane production are constantly being discovered and invented, membrane application is being expanded to more and more fields. At present, profit of membrane separation industry is about 100-200%, which has stimulated investment and research in this industry. However, high cost of complete-set equipment and high-level technical difficulty has lifted the market entry threshold.

At present, about 90% membrane separation engineering companies are involved in manufacturing equipment for the production of industrial pure water, high pure water and civilian pure water and the competition in the industry is quite fierce. About 30 membrane separation engineering companies are engaged in the separation and purification of industrial liquid and the treatment of industrial waste water.

According to the statistics, only a few companies use membrane technology to manufacture equipment for the treatment of electroplating wastewater, the recovery of precious metals and reuse of water, which are newly developed fields in the application of membrane technology. And market capacity of the equipment is large and competition in the market is not fierce.

Technology of designing and producing industrial and civilian pure water equipment is more mature and easier to be mastered relatively. However, it is difficulty to produce the equipment for separation, purification and condensation of industrial liquid and treatment of industrial wastewater, due to the high market entry threshold built up by the diversity of products, market uncertainty and high-level technical difficulty.

Application of membrane technology in water treatment market covers the following three aspects:

1. Seawater desalination:

According to "the Special Plan for Seawater Utilization" issued jointly by the National Development and Reform Commission or NDRC, the State Oceanic Administration and the Ministry of Finance, China's total investment in seawater desalination through 2010 is expected to reach CNY13.6 billion to CNY18 billion, of which 30% to 40% will go to the production of membrane and membrane module so as to make China's total volume of seawater desalination reach 800,000~1,000,000 tons per day in 2010 from current 40,000 tons per day.

2. Recycling wastewater:

NDRC, China's top economic planning agency, has clearly set standards for limiting emissions and water consumption in such industries with high water consumption and high emissions as power, petrochemical, dying and printing, steel and papermaking and also lifted the price of industrial water. Therefore, recycling industrial wastewater will play a very important role in enlarging the membrane market during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period (2006-2010).

3 Purifying water:

With the rapid development of urbanization and industrialization in China, water in water plants in the Chinese cities has been polluted to a certain extent, as most of them use traditional water treatment technology, which could do nothing about heavy metals and organic pollutants in water.

However, membrane separation technology, which is used almost in all production of bottled drinking water and instant drinking machines, is able to remove noxious and hazardous substances. Additionally, membrane technology is also widely used in food and wine industry to condense and separate fruit juice and in the fields of medical injection and electronic components.

The prospect of China's membrane market will be optimistic during the11th Five-Year Plan period (2006-2010). China's market demand for membranes was CNY12 billion in 2007 and is expected to exceed CNY20 billion in 2010, amounting to 10-15% of the world total by then, which represents an annual rise of around 15% averagely in the five years.

Many Chinese companies are able not only to produce membrane and membrane modules but also contract water treatment engineering projects, indicating China's membrane and water treatment technology are becoming increasingly mature. Blue Star (Beijing) Cleaning Co. is one of the general contractors with remarkable achievements in such fields as pharmacy, beer & food, metallurgy and municipal engineering, and a leader in membrane and water treatment industry in China.

1. China Membrane Industry Development
1.1 Current status of membrane industry
1.1.1 A global leader in separating carbon dioxide from natural gas by membrane technology
1.1.2 China carbon dioxide technology in nature gas section being advanced in the world
1.2 Industry development
1.2.1 Investment in architecture membrane industry
1.2.2 Technical characteristics
1.2.3 Market characteristics

2. China Variety of Key Industry Membrane in 2008
2.1 Reverse osmosis membrane
2.1.1 Production
2.1.3 Market prospects
2.2 Ultrafiltration membrane
2.2.1 Technology
2.2.2 Development prospect
2.2.3 Existing problems
2.3 Inorganic membrane
2.3.1 Overview and characteristics
2.3.2 Application fields
2.4 Ceramic membrane
2.4.1 Production
2.4.2 Technology
2.4.3 Development trend

3. Application of Membrane Engineering in 2008
3.1Purification of industrial water
3.2 Wastewater treatment
3.3 Seawater desalination technology
3.4 Applications in production of aminophenol products
3.5 New type ceramics membrane fuel cell
3.6 Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane
3.7 Tubular ultrafiltration membrane

4. Main China Membrane Enterprises in 2008
4.1 Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
4.1.1Company profile
4.1.2 Operation status
4.1.3 Leading products
4.1.4 Advantages and disadvantages
4.1.5 Development strategy
4.2 Blue Star Detergent Co., Ltd.
4.2.1 Company profile
4.2.2 Operation status
4.2.3 Development strategy
4.3 Huiyuan Tongquan Environmental Science &Technology Co., Ltd.
4.3.1 Company profile
4.3.2 Operation status
4.3.3 Leading products
4.4 Jiangsu Jiuwu High-tech Co., Ltd.
4.4.1 Company profile
4.4.2 Operation status
4.4.3 Leading products
4.4.4 Development strategy
4.5 Ultrapure Environmental Engineering Ltd.
4.5.1 Company profile
4.5.2 Operation status
4.5.3 Leading products
4.5.4 Development strategy

5. Forecast of Membrane Industry Demand During "11th Five-Year Plan" Period
5.1 Demand in water treatment field
5.2 China membrane industry development during "11th Five-Year Plan" period
5.3 Proposals for China membrane industry development

6. Proposals for Investment in Membrane Industry
6.1 SWTO analysis
6.1.1 Advantages and disadvantages
6.1.2 opportunity and risks
6.2 Competitive edge of China Membrane Industry
6.2.1Competitive edge of foreign-funded enterprises
6.2.2 Competitive edge of domestic enterprises
6.2.2 Concentration degree of membrane industry
6.3 Proposals for China membrane industry development
6.3.1To improve industry concentration degree and enhance resource integration
6.3.2 Good market environment created by regulators
6.4 Proposals for investment in membrane industry
6.4.1 To enlarge enterprise scale and improve competitive edge by M&A
6.4.2 To open up international market by using existing resources
6.4.3 To promote application and development of membrane industry

Table1 Membrane classification
Table 3 Import of primary polypropylene in January 2007 (by customs)
Table 4 Import of primary polypropylene in June 2007 (by trade patterns)
Table 5 Outputs of polypropylene in July 2007
Table 6 Usages of membranes with different pore diameters
Table 7 Membrane separation products of Hydranautics
Table 8 Main hydropower products of Beijing Shihan Technology Co., Ltd.
Table 9 History of Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
Table 10 Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
Table 11 Users of water purifying engineering of Tianijn Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
Table 12 Users of biotechnology engineering of Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
Table 13 Some domestic units using biological products of Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
Table 14 Users of biotechnology engineering of Tianjin Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
Table 15 Business status of Blue Star Detergent Co., Ltd.
Table 16 Basic information of Huiyuan Tongquan Environmental Science &Technology Co., Ltd.
Table 17 Some engineering of Ultrapure Environmental Engineering Ltd.
Figure1 Two methods of durapore membrane filters to treat fluids
Figure 2 Structural diagram of membrane component
Figure 3 Sterilization of membrane component
Figure 4 Reduction of cryptosporidium-tyzzer
Figure 5 Reduction of turbidness

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