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Learn about the China's Wind Power Equipment Research Report 2008

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Based on the high oil prices and environmental pressures, developing new energy sources have become a direction of every countries' energy policy. Wind power as one of the most mature new energy has entirely supported by Chinese government and the development of wind power industry has been in a booming period.

By the end of 2007, in China, the additional new wind power generating sets were 3155 units; additional installed capacity was 3.304 million KW, an increase of 147.1 per cent year-on-year. An accumulative installed capacity of 5.906 million KW, increasing 127.2 per cent year-on-year. In 2007 the total wind power on grid was 5.2 billion KWH.

Looking back the process of China's wind power development, in the first 20 years, the most equipments of wind power were from overseas, but, the high costs of the equipments and maintenance caused the price of wind power was relatively higher, which has seriously hampered the development of wind power in China, therefore, the localization and large scale are the key aspects for speeding up the pace of wind power development. The positive development of wind power equipment is the key factor for China's wind power industry to be developing more healthy and reasonable.

The rapid development of China's wind power industry has provided a great environment for wind power equipment section, which has been in a rapid development period. The wind power equipment manufacturing section, by structure, consists two sectors main sets and parts; by technology, the pattern of China's wind power development is introduction of technology - digestion and absorption - independent research and development- Upgrading technology - the scale of development- localization; As an emerging industry, the wind power industry chain has not entirely completed and the lack of capability of core technology research and development, which led to a developing pattern as the core technology of wind power complete appliance and parts is hold by foreign companies, the Chinese companies just followers; also the industry concentration is relatively higher and industry profits is squeezed by the imported core parts and cost of development. But, however, China's wind power equipment manufacturing section has faced a great opportunity to develop rapidly.

The domestic suppliers of core parts of wind power equipment is still in the stage of grow up and rising, and can not meet China's rapid development of wind power equipment needs, the supply of core parts such as spindle bearing, gear boxes, electronic control systems and engines, etc, is still maintained bottleneck.

The manufacture of core parts of China's wind power generating set has already grown up gradually, for instance, the localization rate of the 600 kW and 750 kW generating sets reached 90 per cent and 1.5 MW generating sets reached 70 per cent. But, on the other hand, in terms of the strong demands, therefore, the capability of core parts supply is still insufficiency, particularly, spindle bearing and electronic control systems. At present, the process of China wind power bearing (above megawatts) is on trial, so, the major manufacturers import from SKF (Sweden) and Schaeffler (Germany) and the ordering cycle time is year and a half.


1 Overview of China Wind Power
1.1 The Impact of Industrial Policy on the Development of Wind Power in
1.2 The Rapid growth of Wind Power Installed Capacity

2 Overview of Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing
2.1 The Huge Market of Wind Power Equipment Industry
2.2 The Development of China's Wind Power Industry and Characteristics
2.3 The Policy on Domestic Equipment Development

3 China Wind Power Equipment
3.1 The Machines of Wind Power Equipment
3.2 Technology

4 Parts of Wind Power Equipment
4.1 The Increasing of Localization Rate
4.2 Core Parts
4.2.1 Lamina
4.2.2 Gear Box
4.2.3 Generator
4.2.4 Bearing
4.2.5 Electronic Control System
4.2.6 Yaw system
4.2.7 Others

5 Key Companies
5.1 Goldwind
5.2 Zhejiang Tianma Bearing co,Ltd
5.3 Maanshan Fangyuan Slewing Ring Company Limited

Figure Index
The Distribution of China's Wind Energy Resources
The Growth of China's Accumulative Wind Power Installed Capacity
The Decrease of Wind Power Costs
The Global Accumulative Installed Capacity and Rate of Growth of wind power
China's Installed Capacity and Rate of Growth of wind power 1997-2007
The top 10 Geographical Distribution of Global Total Wind Power Installed
 Capacity 2007
The top 10 Distribution of Global Wind Power Additional Installed capacity
The Rising Market Share of Domestic Wind Power Manufacturers
The Power Types of Generating Sets at the end of 2006
The Proportion of Additional Installed Capacity of foreign investment,
 joint ventures and Domestic Manufacturer 2006 and 2007
The Cost of Wind Power Plant Construction
The Cost of Wind Power Generator Set
The Source of Domestic Wind Power Generator Set Technology
The Compound Growth Ratio of Net Profit of Goldwind

Table Index

The Index of Emerging Recourse Development and Utilization at the end
 of "11th Five-Year Plan"
The Additional Installed Capacity and Market Share of Wind Power
 Manufacturers 2006-2007
The Core parts of domestic and Overseas Manufacturers
The Domestic manufacturers of Lamina

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