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Learn about The UAV Market Report: Forecasts and analysis 2008-2018

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The UAV Market Report: Forecasts and analysis 2008-2018

The UAV market has grown rapidly in the last decade providing considerable value strategically and tactically. The global appetite for UAVs shows no sign of abating. Instead, there is a growing indication that countries are increasingly looking for an even greater variety of systems and capabilities, both military and civilian. How and when the civil UAV market will open up? Will it be a significant area for development of the market? Where is development expected in the military market? Which companies lead these developments?

The latest visiongain report "The UAV Market Report: Forecasts and analysis 2008-2018" analyses the market for UAVs. It looks to the future of this area and identifies the key companies and issues that will affect this market. If your company is involved with the UAV sector then this report is written for you. It will give you the information you need to make sure your company is a step ahead of the competition.

Do you know what factors are attributable to the growth of the UAV market? Admittedly, the Global War On Terror has played a significant role in the rapid growth of the UAV market.

- How is the UAV market likely to expand in the next decade?

- What are the most important issues for the UAV industry at present?

- Will unmanned aircrafts ever fully replace manned aircrafts?

Visiongain's latest report will tell you the answers to these and many other questions.

The world UAV market has seen dynamic growth since the turn of the decade. And it is expected to grow steadily in the next decade. Visiongain expects the global UAV market would reach a valuation of nearly $7.2 billion by 2009, but do you know what value it will have in 2013, or even in 2018? This report will tell you. With key market analysis and forecasts to 2018, this insightful and valuable report is available for you to order today.

Visiongain believes the US and Israel lead the UAV market, but do you know which markets have most potential for growth? Which countries will drive the UAV market further forward? Which companies are involved in this market sector? Find out by reading this report. Order today to ensure you don't miss out.

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Executive summary 
Chapter 1.0 The Development of Eaves 
1.1 The development of UAVs 
1.2 Initial use of unmanned aircrafts 
1.3 UAV production growing world wide 
1.4 U.S to dominate the market 

1.4.1 UAVs assume growing importance 

1.5 UAV definitions and typologies 

1.5.1 Air segment 
1.5.2 Ground segment 
1.5.3 Mission types and design characteristics Figure 1.1: UAV systems: 
Platform, ground station and communication links 
1.5.4 UAV categories Short- to medium-range UAVs Medium Altitude Long Endurance(MALE) UAVs High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAVs Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) U.S. UCAV programmes Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) drones Various Hunter-Killer UCAV-N International UCAV programmes The U.K. The European Union Miniature or Micro UAVs Heavy investment in the U.S Canadian programmes 

1.6 UAV missions 

1.6.1 U.S. mission planning assumptions 
1.6.2 Growth in two mission areas 
1.6.3 Non-aggressive missions 
1.6.4 Aggressive missions 
1.6.5 Future missions 
1.6.6 Security and paramilitary missions 
1.6.7 Airlift and support 

Chapter 2.0 UAV Challenges 
2.1 Costs 

Figure 2.1: Costs of selected U.S. UAV platforms 
2.1.1 U.S. UAV cost baseline 

2.2 Reliability 

2.2.1 Reliability through improved components 

2.3 Survivability 
2.4 Bandwidth requirements 

2.4.1 Urban warfare: a challenge 

2.5 Operational issues 

2.5.1 Field operations reveal problems Interoperability U.S. operations reveal deficiencies Interoperability issues in NATO, European UAV applications 

2.6 Logistical issues 

2.6.1 Fuel and battery requirements 
2.6.2 Integration into controlled airspace and the COA Air regulations affect both military, civil UAVs Air safety concerns increase for civil UAV usage New rules required Access 5' programme UAV manufacturers seek solution to integration issue Single global protocol needed for UAV operation 

Chapter 3.0 Emerging UAV technological requirements 
3.1 Unmanned requirements as general technology driver 
3.2 UAV technology at a watershed 

3.2.1 FILUR 
3.2.2 SHARC 
3.2.3 Barracuda 

3.3 Major technological issues 

3.3.1 Control technologies Autonomy the key development 

3.3.2 Communications 

3.3 Data links 

3.3.4 Optical links 
3.3.5 Network-centric communications 
3.3.6 Airframe 
3.3.7 Propulsion Fuel efficiency a propulsion technology driver 

3.3.8 Payload technologies Sensors Communications relay Weapons 

Chapter 4. 0 Aerospace and defence industrial issues 
4.1 Substitutability: unmanned vs. manned aircraft 

4.1.1 Direct substitution unlikely 
4.1.2 New opportunities in a competitive market 

4.2 UAV national programmes and industrial capabilities 
Chapter 5.0 Top 10 UAV Manufacturers 
5.1 BAE Systems 
5.2 Boeing 
5.3 EADS 
5.4 Elbit Systems 
5.5 General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. 
5.6 Honeywell 
5.7 Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) 
5.8 Lockheed Martin 
5.9 Northrop Grumman 
5.10 Sagem SA 
5.11 Thales 
Chapter 6.0 World UAV Programmes 
6.1 Europe 

6.1.1 France 
Table 6.1: UAV manufactures in France The Neuron programme Other French programmes 

6.1.2 Germany Euro Hawk German UAV missions Germany industry involvement 

6.1.3 United Kingdom 
Table 6.2: UAV manufacturers in the UK UK UCAV Programmes UK/ US collaboration likely 

6.1.4 Italy 
Table 6.3: UAV manufacturers in Italy 
6.1.5 Sweden 
6.1.6 European Union 
6.1.7 Russian Federation Russian programmes 

6.2 The Middle East 

6.2.1 Israel 
6.2.2 Iran 
6.2.3 Turkey 
6.2.4 United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

6.3 Asia-Pacific Rim region 

6.3.1 Indonesia Pesawat Udara Nir Awak (PUNA) SS-5 Smart Eagle 1 and Smart Eagle 2 

6.3.2 North Korea 
6.3.3 Singapore Blue Horizon Fantail Golden Eagle LALEE Mini Tailsitter PhantomEye II Skyblade II Skyblade IV 

6.3.4 South Korea 
6.3.5 Taiwan Chungshiang II Ezycopter Kestrel II Thunder Eye 

6.3.6 Pakistan Uqaab AWC Mk.I AWC Mk.II Hornet HudHud I/II Shaspar Vector Vision I/II Future plans 

6.3.7 India Harpy Heron Nishant 

6.3.8 Japan Fuji 10,660 square metre airship Fuji RPH-2A HALE UAV Mambow 4 Robocopter 300 Yamaha RMAX 

6.3.9 China AW-2 AW-4 Shark AW-12A ASN-15 ASN-104 ASN-105B ASN-206 ASN-207 Chang Hong Harpy M-22 NRIST-IZ Solar Bird W-30/W-50 WZ-2000 Z-2/Z-3 Zhanzhongbao 

6.3.13 Australia 

6.4 Latin America 
6.5 Africa 
6.6 The United States 

Figure 6.1: Recent U.S. UAV programmes 
6.6.1 UCAV development 
6.6.2 Industry involvement 

Chapter 7.0 The civil UAV market 
7.1 Potential civil missions 
7.2 Current civil UAV operations 
7.3 Roadblocks to civil UAV applications 
7.4 The European market 

Figure 7.1: European civil UAV market forecast 2008-2018 

7.5 Achievements in airworthiness certification 
Chapter 8.0 Other unmanned vehicles 
8.1. Background 
8.2 UGVs 

8.2.1 U.S. developments Future Combat Systems Armed Robotic Vehicle (ARV) Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment (MULE) Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) Dragon Runner Mobile Ground Sensor System 

8.2.2 Global programmes France Germany Israel United Kingdom Canada 

8.2.3 Future UGV applications growing 
8.2.3 Potential UGV missions 
8.2.4 U.S spending on UGVs and robotics U.S. UGV programmes 

8.3 Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) 

8.3.1 United States Long Term Mine Reconnaissance System (LMRS) Mission Reconfigurable UUV (MRUUV) 

8.4 Israel 
8.5 United Kingdom 
8.6 France 

8.6.1 Industry engagement 

8.7 Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) 

8.7.1 USV history and development 
8.7.2 Classes of USVs 
8.7.2 Classes of USVs X Class (Small) Small Harbour Class (7M) Snorkeler Class Fleet Class (11M) 

8.7.3 US at the forefront of USV development 

Chapter 9.0 Future prospects and recommendations 
9.1 Current limitations 
9.2 Large gains in UAV capability expected 
9.3 No significant opposition to UAV applications 
9.4 Strong market growth expected 
9.5 Forecast questionable for UCAV market 
9.6 Security threats a key market driver 
9.7 UAVs key to network-centric policies Figure 9.1: UAV manufacturing 
states-Missile Technology Control Regime members and non-members 
9.8 WMD sensitivities may affect market development 
Chapter 10.0 UAV market forecast 
10.1 UAV market estimates 2008-2018 

Figure 10.1: UAV market forecasts 2008-2018 
10.1.1 Growth expected in U.S. UAV market Figure 10.2: US UAV budget 
forecasts 2008-2018 Figure 10.3: US UAV inventory forecast 

10.2 Global UAV activity
More Details

Companies mentioned in this report 

Alenia (Finmeccanica) 
Allen Vanguard Corporation 
Applied Research Associates 
Aeronautic Defence Systems 
BAE Systems 
Cyber Flight 
Dragonfly Air systems 
Dassault Aviation 
Elbit Systems 
Euro MC 
Foster Miller 
Flying Robots 
Galileo Avionica 
General Atomics 
Gates Techno 
Kestral Aerospace 
Israel Aircraft Industries 
Integrated Systems 
Internet Aviation Supply 
Lockheed Martin 
Micro Drones 
Northrop Grumman 
Nim Bus 
Rhinmetall Defence Electronics 
Singapore Technologies 
Sagem SA 
Selex Galilio 
Survey Copter 
United Defense 
Vough Airdraft 
V-TOL Aerospace 

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