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Learn about the World Video Games Market

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 27, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Video games and Leisure software industry is available in its catalogue.

World Video Games Market

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Video Games in Millions of US$. The major product segments analyzed are Console, PC, Handheld, Online, Wireless and Other. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Latin America. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2001 through 2012. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics. The report profiles 175 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Activision, Inc., Capcom Co., Ltd., Eidos Interactive Ltd., Electronic Arts, EA Mobile, Inc., Infogrames Entertainment, S.A., Atari, Inc., Atari Europe S.A.S., Jadestone Group AB, Jaleco Holding Ltd., Konami Corporation, (Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd., Konami Gaming Inc). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., MGM Interactive, Microsoft Corporation, Namco Bandai Games Inc., Namco Bandai Games America Inc., Nintendo Co. Ltd., Oberon Media, Inc., Radica Games Limited, Sega Corp., Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., Take 2 Interactive, Ubi Soft Entertainment, and Vivendi Games. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

Console Platform I-3

PC Platform I-4

Handheld Platform I-4

Online Platform I-4

Other Platforms I-4


1. Video Games - 'Market Dynamics' II-1

Worldwide Video Game Releases in 2007 II-1

Table 1: Video Games Software Sales Split by Platform Type (Home Console, Handheld Console & PC Software) for 2003-2005: Percentage Breakdown for Europe, North America and Japan (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-3

Overview of Entertainment Software Market II-3

Market for Video Games - A Curtain Raiser II-4

Who Rules the Roost? II-4

Market Characteristics II-5

Games for All II-5

Video Game Semiconductors - A Bright Forecast II-6

Table 2: Leading Players in Worldwide Video Game Semiconductor Market (2005): Percentage Share Breakdown by Company - Intel, IBM, LSI Logic, NEC, NVIDIA, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-6

Stalwarts in the Gaming Market II-7

Table 3: Leading Players in the Video Games Consoles Hardware Market in North America for 2003-2005: Percentage Breakdown by Sales for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-7

Competitive Strategies II-7

Technological Advancements Drive Growth II-8

Mobile Games Market Witnesses High Growth II-8

Greater Demand for Used Video-Game Consoles: Affordability a Major Factor II-9

Modern Gaming Consoles & Handhelds Drive the Market II-9

Opportunities Abound in Video Games Market II-9

Rapid Increase in Video-Game Disc Output II-10

Co-Branding with Sports Titles II-10

Video Gaming on Internet Boosts Market II-10

Olympic Recognition Status for Video Games to Boost Sales II-10

The US, Europe and Japan Dominates the Video Games Market II-10

Mobile Gaming Sits Pretty II-11

Challenges Faced II-11

Rising Game Development Costs - Outsourcing the Way Out II-12

Table 4: Global Video Games Development: Percentage Share of Outsourcing Cost of Total Development Cost for Years 2005-2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-12

Gaming - What the Future Beholds II-12

Subscription Games II-12

PS3, Xbox 2 II-13

Convergence II-13

Improved Network Capability Across all Platforms II-13

3G Mobile Communications II-13

Streaming Technology II-13

Emerging Technologies in Graphics II-14

Consoles Vs PC Gaming II-14

Console Platform II-14

Table 5: Worldwide Video Game Consoles Market (2005): Percentage Market Share for Leading Companies - Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15

Portable Consoles Gain Momentum II-15

What Lies Ahead II-15

Table 6: Global Installed Base of Select Hardware Models for 2001-2010: Breakdown by Value Sales for Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube, GameBoy and GameBoy Dual Screen (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15

Global Leading Video Games by Units Sold in 2005 II-16

Players Exemplifying Strength in the Console Market II-16

Table 7: Total Production Shipments and Cumulative Shipments of Console Hardware from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc for 2002 & 2003 (In Million Units) II-16

Table 8: Cumulative Console Hardware Sales of Nintendo in Japan and Overseas for 2002 & 2003 (In Million Units) II-16

Table 9: Cumulative Overseas Console Hardware Sales of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in the Americas and Other Regions for 2002 & 2003 (In Million Units) II-16

Table 10: Total Production Shipments and Cumulative Shipments of Console Software from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc in 2002 & 2003 (In Million Units) II-17

Table 11: Cumulative Console Software Sales of Nintendo Co.,Ltd. in Japan and Overseas in 2002 & 2003 (In Million Units) II-17

Table 12: Cumulative Overseas Console Software Sales of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in the Americas and Other Regions in 2002 & 2003 (In Million Units) II-17

BD Dominates the Video DVD Hardware Market II-17

Top Video Game Consoles II-18

Global Market Positions of Top Video Game Consoles II-18

The Console Market - Looking Back II-18

Launch Pad for Major Consoles at the Global Level: Recording the Past II-19

PC Platform II-19

Handheld Platform II-19

Table 13: Leading Players in Worldwide Video Game Handheld Market (2005): Percentage Market Share for Nintendo, Sony, Nokia, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-19

Table 14: Cumulative Handheld Hardware Sales of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan and Overseas for 2002 and 2003 (In Million Units) II-19

Table 15: Cumulative Overseas Handheld Hardware Sales of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in the Americas and Other Regions (In Million Units) for 2002 and 2003 II-20

Table 16: Cumulative Handheld Software Sales of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan and Overseas (In Million Units) in 2002 & 2003 II-20

Table 17: Cumulative Overseas Handheld Software Sales of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in the Americas and Other Regions (In Million Units) in 2002 & 2003 II-20

Online Platform II-20

Wireless Platform II-20

Other Platforms II-21

2. Market Overview & Outlook II-22

Table 18: Percentage Split of Worldwide Game Developers by Geographic Location for 2002- 2005: Breakdown for US, Canada, Japan, France, UK, Germany and Rest of World (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-22

Table 19: Worldwide Penetration of Next Generation Video Games Platform including Nintendo Wii (Revolution), Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation3 (2006): Percentage Penetration Share by Region for Japan, Ireland, USA, Australia/New Zealand, UK, France, Nordic Countries, Austria/Switzerland, Spain/Portugal, Benelux, Germany, Italy, Other PAL Countries and World (Listed Countries) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-23

Console Sales Dominate the Market II-23

Fastest Growth Rate Forecast for Wireless and Online Platforms II-23

Table 20: Worldwide Video Game Software Revenues (2005 & 2010E): Percentage Market Share by Type for Retail and Digital Download II-24

Table 21: Downloadable Video Game Genres in the Global Market for 2005: Percentage Market Share by Genre - Action/Adventure, Arcade, Adult, Casino, Puzzle/Board, Sport/Racing, Strategy, TV/Movie, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-24

3. Product Overview II-25

Introduction to Gaming II-25

Types of Gaming II-25

PC Video Games II-25

Console Video Games II-26

Handheld Video Games II-26

Online Video Games II-26

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) II-28

Table 22: Popular MMORPG Titles in 2000 & 2001 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-28

'The Sims' Online Computer Game Generates Enormous Enthusiasm for MMORG II-29

LAN Parties II-29

Perpetual State Worlds (PSW) II-29

Arcade Video Games II-29

Other Video Games II-30

Video Gaming - A Historic Review II-31

4. Video Games: Product Analysis II-33

Video Games Hardware II-33

Consoles II-33

Processor Type II-33

What do we Understand by 32-bit, 64-bit, 128-bit Systems? II-34

Processor Types and Console Systems II-34

Handheld II-34

Processor Type II-35

Processor Types and Handheld Consoles II-35

Video Games Software II-35

Software for Consoles II-35

Popular Software Titles for Leading Consoles II-36

Software for Other Platforms II-36

Popular Game Titles for Other Platforms II-37

Software Delivery II-37

Online Downloads II-37

DVDs II-38

CDs II-38


Cartridges II-38

Software Genres II-39

Adventure/Role-Playing II-39

Role-Playing Games II-39

Action II-39

Fighting/Combat Game II-39

First-Person Shooter Games II-39

Shooter Games II-39

Sports II-40

Simulations II-40

Strategy Games II-40

Miscellaneous/Other II-40

Rhythm/Action II-40

Platformer II-40

Puzzle II-40

Racing/Flying II-41

Other Accessories II-41

Controller II-41

Joystick II-41

Light Guns II-41

Steering Wheel Systems II-41

5. Process Overview II-42

Existing Model II-42

Design II-42

Development II-42

Publishing II-42

Distribution II-43

Retail II-43

Existing Value Chain Model II-44

Emerging Models II-44

A Typical Model of Emerging Value Chain II-44

6. Market Trends & Issues II-45

Future of Online Gaming II-45

Bankruptcy Hits Top of the Line Players II-45

User Groups II-45

Traditional Users II-45

Current Trends II-45

Gray Gamers II-45

Women Video Gamers Make an Impact II-46

Family Joins the Video Game Buzz II-47

'M - Rated' Video Games: Market Performance and Prospects II-47

Kids User Base Rising for Video Games II-47

Table 23: Global Video Games Market by Hardware and Software Sales for Kids (2005): Percentage Share Breakdown by Platform Type for Playstation 2, Gameboy Advance (GBA), GameCube and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-48

Rent-a-Game: Video Game Rentals Continue to Rake in Profits II-48

The Internet Fallout II-48

'Casual Casualty': Big Guns Target the Casual Gamers II-48

Interactive Initiative Catches Up II-48

Growth Promoters II-49

Competitive Pricing II-49

Local Area Networks II-49

Expanded User Base II-49

Creative Marketing and Retailing II-49

Synergies with Other Entertainment Industries II-49

In-Game Advertising II-50

In-game Advertisement Revenues - Poised for Rapid Growth II-50

Table 24: Global Market for Video Games: Revenues from In-Game Advertisement for Years 2005-2009 in US$ Million (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-51

'Modding' Video Games II-51

Used Video Games: Whipping Up Lather II-52

Growth Inhibitors II-52

Piracy II-52

Creative Drain II-52

Health Factors II-53

Therapeutic Uses of Video Games II-53

Video Games Distract Pain Perception II-53

Video Games and Therapeutic Effect on Elderly II-53

Violence and Aggression in Video Games II-53

Glorification of Violence II-53

After Effects of Violent Visuals II-54

Gaming Demographics II-54

Players II-54

Purchasers II-54

7. Regulatory Framework II-55

Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC) II-55

Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) II-55

Pan European Games Information (PEGI) II-56

8. Product Launches/Enhancements II-57

THQ Discloses Plans to Release WALL/E II-57

Sony Launches Wireless PSP3 Controller II-57

Hands-On-Mobile(TM) Releases Japanese Puzzles II-57

Electronic Arts Launches Orange Box II-57

Hands-On-Mobile and Verizon Wireless Collaborate on Title Launch II-58

THQ Launches 'Ratatouille' for SP3(R) System II-58

Hands-On-Mobile Launches BEEzzz II-58

LunarStrom Launches Games Portal II-58

Sony Expands Devil May Cry Franchise II-58

Jadestone Signs Deal with TV2 II-58

Koei Corp Launches New Game Title II-59

Konami Digital Releases New Title II-59

LucasArts Releases Star Wars II-59

Majesco Announces New Wii Title II-59

2K Launches New Title II-59

Majesco Launches Wonderful Amusement Park II-60

LucasArts Collaborates with TT Games for New Release II-60

Majesco Launches New Title for Xbox 360(TM) II-60

Majesco Entertainment Launches JAWS II-60

Namco Bandai Lunches Culdcept(TM) II-60

Ubisoft Expands Tom Clancy Series II-61

Namco Bandai Releases New Titles II-61

Majesco Entertainment Partners with Leading Artists for New Wii Title II-61

Oberon Media Enters Partnership with MySpace II-61

Take-Two Interactive Introduces Advanced Game Features II-61

Rockstar Launches Manhunt 2 II-62

Ubisoft Launches Online Game Title II-62

Eidos Launches Kane and Lynch II-62

SCi Entertainment Launches Two New Titles II-62

WildTangent Introduces New Game Channel II-62

Activision Launches New Game Line II-62

Ubisoft Launches Endwar(TM) II-63

Activision Releases Shrek the Third(TM) Video Game II-63

Ubisoft Releases Wii(TM) Title II-63

Activision Launches The History Channel(R): Battle for the Pacific II-63

Activision Launches The Spider-Man 3(TM) II-64

Ubisoft Partners with Cranium Inc for New Release II-64

Atari Launches Test Drive Unlimited for PS2(R), PSP(R) & PC II-64

Ubisoft Partners for Beowulf II-64

Atari Launches Silverfall(R) in North America II-65

Ubisoft Expands Chinese Base II-65

Sega Launches Two New Game Titles II-65

Atari Introduces Latest Game Title II-65

Majesco Entertainment Releases New Game Title II-66

Nintendo Launches New Game Titles II-66

Excalibur Publishing Releases RPG Adventure Title II-66

Gammick Entertainment Launches Gaming Portal II-66

Oxygen Games Releases New Poker Game II-66

Atari Launches Namco's Latest Title II-66

Paradox Interactive Releases New Title, Shock Force II-67

Sega Introduces Online Multiplayer Mode II-67

Tecmo Launches New Title, Ninja Gaiden(R) Sigma II-67

Ubisoft Launches New Game Title for Xbox 360 II-67

Microsoft Launches Xbox Live in India II-67

Sega Launches First Third-Party Title II-68

Midway Games Launches Touchmaster II-68

Ubisoft Expands Casual Games Collection II-68

LucasArts Releases New Games Title II-68

Sony Publishes LittleBigPlanet II-68

Microsoft Launches Online Game Portal II-68

Namco Networks Releases Pool Pro Online II II-69

Microsoft Launches Viva Pinata II-69

Massive Inc. Launches In-game Advertising Service II-69

Nintendo Releases Modern Games Brand II-69

Sony Launches Slimmer Portable Video Game II-70

Disney Online Launches Online Video Game II-70

Sega Launches New Racing Game Software II-70

Eidos Interactive Launches New Titles II-70

Electronic Arts Launches EA Sports Family Play II-71

Namco Bandai and Koei Corp Release New Game Title II-71

Vivendi Games Mobile Releases New Titles II-71

Sony Launches Action-based Online Game II-71

Ubi Soft Launches New Army Based Game II-72

Electronic Arts Introduces New Software II-72

IGG Launches Latest MMORPG II-72

New Game Title for Microsoft Xbox Live II-72

THQ Launches Cell Weaver II-73

Codemaster Inc Launches DiRT II-73

Rapid Reality Studio Introduces Latest Game II-73

Koei Launches New Crossover Game II-73

2K Sports Announces New Title II-74

CCP Games Introduces Revelations II II-74

Namco Networks Launches Super Yum Yum 2 in the US II-74

Lighthouse Interactive Launches New Game II-74

Majesco Entertainment Launches Latest Game II-74

Ubi Soft Releases New Game II-75

Sierra Entertainment Launches Latest Title II-75

Capcom Unleashes MotoGP 07 II-75

Ubi Soft Releases New Games Title II-75

Microsoft Games Studios Releases New Titles II-76

Atari Launches New Mobile Game II-76

Microsoft Launches Halo 3-Bungie II-76

Square Enix Launches New Game Title II-76

Big Screen Entertainment Group Launches Multiplayer Online Game II-77

Fonix Speech Inc Launches VoiceIn(R) Video Games II-77

Microsoft Launches Xbox 360 in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore II-77

Sony to Debut Playstation(R)3 II-77

Sony to Unveil New Controllers for Playstation(R)3 II-78

Nintendo to Unveil Next Generation Video Game Console 'Wii' II-78

Massive Releases Interactive In-Video-Game Ads II-78

Electronic Arts Rolls-Out Mobile Video games II-78

Square Enix Launches Videogame: FINAL FANTASY(R) XIII II-78

Square Enix Debuts New Videogame: DRAGON QUEST(TM) II-79

Sony to Offer Content Development Tools of Playstation(R)3 II-79

THQ Adds WWE(R) Day of Reckoning(TM) 2 to the "Player's Choice" II-79

THQ Releases Titan Quest(TM) for Windows PC II-79

THQ Announces Launch of "Cars" Video Game II-79

THQ Brings Out Paws & Claws Pet Vet(TM) II-79

THQ Releases First Multiplayer Map-Pack "Collateral Damage" II-80

THQ Releases MotoGP '06 Demo on Xbox Live II-80

THQ and Gas Powered Games Together Plan to Launch Supreme Commander II-80

WildTangent Releases New Virtual Gaming Console for Toshiba Notebook Computers II-80

THQ Plans to Release 'BRATZ(TM): Forever Diamondz(TM) II-80

THQ Reveals Nickelodeon Video Game Lineup II-80

THQ Plans to Release WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 II-80

TECMO Launches Monster Rancher (R) EVO II-81

THQ Announces Availability of Let's Ride(TM): Silver Buckle Stables II-81

THQ Brings Out Let's Ride(TM): Dreamer Inspired by a True Story II-81

THQ Announces The Release Of Nicktoons(TM) Winners Cup Racing(TM) II-81

TECMO Releases Gallop Racer(R) 2006 for Play Station(R)2 II-81

THQ Inc Ships Nicktoons Unite to Retail Outlets II-81

THQ to Release New Video Game Based on The Sopranos II-81

Capcom Co. to Release Monster Hunter 3 II-82

Capcom and Takara Team Up to Offer a New Chip II-82

Atari Inc Develops New Dragon Ball Z(R) Games II-82

2K Releases Prey II-82

2K Announces Availability of Da Vinci Code at Retail Stores II-82

Ubisoft Debuts New Video Game Franchise II-83

2K Games to Launch Ghost Rider Video Game II-83

Tecmo to Launch Next Version of Dead or Alive(R) Video Game II-83

Tecmo to Launch Online Golf Video Game II-83

Tecmo to Launch New Version of Tokobot Video Game II-83

THQ Presents Teen Titans(TM) Videogame II-83

THQ to Introduce Titan Quest(TM) II-83

Majesco Debuts JAWS Unleashed Videogame II-83

Majesco to Launch First Videogame Title for Nintendo Wii Console II-84

Midway Adds Best Consumer Brands Into NBA Ballers: Phenom II-84

Sony to Launch Online Gaming II-84


Square Enix Unleashes New Titles II-84

Majesco Entertainment Company Launches Boy(R) Advance adventure Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Dreams II-84

Nintendo Introduces New 'Touch Generations' Brand for Non-Traditional DS Games II-85

Nintendo to Launch Digital TV Receiver Card and Web Browser II-85

Activision, Inc Introduces 'Over the Hedge' Video Game II-85

GamArena Introduces the Next Generation of Skill Games II-85

Konami Plans to Launch "Winning Eleven" Series II-86

HANDS-ON MOBILE Unveils Call of Duty(R) 2 Mobile Game II-86

Radica Games and to Enhance 20Q Video Game II-86

Activision to Launch Next-Generation Titles II-86

Activision to Introduce New Version of Poker Title II-87

Radica Launches New 20Q Games and New Products for Children II-87

Philips Enters Games Industry, Launches Entertaible II-87

Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox 360 Gaming Console in North America, Japan, and Europe II-88

Mad Catz Introduces Xbox 360 Peripherals II-88

THQ Unveils Pokemon(R): Team Turbo II-89

THQ Announces Hello Kitty(R): Happy Party Pals II-89

THQ Announces Availability of Zoo Tycoon(R) DS on Hand Held Video Game System II-89

Visa International launches Torino 2006 Online Video Games II-89

THQ Releases Care Bears(TM): Catch A Star(TM) From Valusoft II-89

Tecmo Announces Classic Arcade for the Xbox II-89

TECMO Releases Ninja Gaiden BLACK II-89

THQ Makes Available 'Bratz: Rock Angelz' for Video Game Systems II-90

Atari to Release Bandai's Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Game II-90

PUMA and Activision Announces the Release of True Crime Game II-90

Ubisoft Unveils CSI Video Game II-90

THQ Augments Video Game Series II-90

Konami Introduces 3D Viewing Accessory II-90

Atari Announces Timeshift Introduction II-91

Cyan Worlds Concludes Myst(R) Series by Myst(R) V: End of Ages II-91

Disney Interactive Unveils the Chronicles of Narnia Video Games II-91

Microsoft Presents Xbox Live Arcade Disc II-91

Rockstar Games To Release Midnight Club 3 and New Grand Theft Auto for PSP II-91

Sony Expands Possibilities II-91

Vivendi Circulates Nexus(TM) - The Jupiter Incident At Stores II-92

Vivendi - Demsytifying Robots(TM) II-92

WarioWare Brings WarioWare Touched! II-92

Sierra Entertainment Presents Empire Earth(R) II II-92

Activision Blazes Spider-Man 2 in Stores Worldwide II-92

Atari Introduces Atari(R) Flashback(TM) Classic Game Console II-92

Atari Launches a Classic Compilation with Atari Anthology II-93

Atari Introduces Three New Children Games II-93

Atari's Backyard Sports Launches Skateboarding II-93

Atari Introduces Deer Hunter(R) 2005 II-93

On Demand Service from Atari II-94

Activision Releases Shrek 2(TM) and Puss In Boots(TM) II-94

Activision Announces the Development of New Game II-94

Capcom Announces Release of New Titles FOMA901i II-95

Capcom Releases Resident Evil 4 II-95

Capcom Releases Megaman Animation Movie II-95

Eidos Plans to Release Hitman Blood Money Game II-95

Eidos Introduces Championship Manager Online II-95

Eidos Launches ShellShock: Nam '67 II-95

Electronic Arts Launch Burnout3: Takedown II-96

Electronic Arts Launches Everything or Nothing(TM) II-96

Electronic Arts Relaunch NASCAR II-96

Konami Rolls Out Yu-Gi-Ho II-96

Konami Develops "Get Ride! AMDRIVER" for TV II-96


The Launch of Lego(R) Star Wars(TM) Video Game II-97

Microsoft In Race With Sony II-97

Microsoft Game Studios to Launch "Halo(R) 2" II-97

The Nintendo DS(TM) Launch II-97

Sony Computer Entertainment Expands PS(R) 2 Product Line II-98

Sony Computer Launches EyeToy(TM): Groove II-98

SCEJ Launches PlayStation(R)2 Waku Waku EyeToy(TM) Pack II-98

Ubisoft Turn Gamers to Detectives II-98

Ubisoft Announces Plans to Release New Episode of Rainbow Six(R) II-99

Ubisoft Plans to Introduce New Titles For Nintendo DS(TM) Launch in Europe II-99

ValuSoft Releases PC Game: Battle for Troy II-99

ValuSoft Circulates NHRA Drag Racing: Top Fuel Thunder At Stores II-99

Vivendi Lands The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut at US Stores II-99

Vivendi Presents Fight Club(TM) for Action Buffs II-100

Vivendi Springs With Spyro A Hero's Tail(TM) for The Holiday Season II-100

Vivendi Universal Games Blazes Half-Life(R)2 II-100

Vivendi Toss Tribes(R): Vengeance At US Stores II-100

Vivendi to Chuckle PC Gamers With Crash Twinsanity(TM) II-100

Vivendi Seize PC Gamers To Evil Genius(TM) II-100

Vivendi Portray Barbie(TM) In a Twin Role II-101

THQ Releases Lego Knights' Kingdom At Stores II-101

Sony Launches the Much-Awaited PSP System in Japan II-101

Sony Online Entertainment Inc Launches EverQuest II II-101

Ubisoft Launches Three New Games II-101

ValuSoft Releases 18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America Worldwide II-102

ValuSoft And Big Idea Productions Releases Minnesota Cuke And The Coconut Apes II-102

ValuSoft Enrolls With Sanrio Over Hello Kitty Dream Carnival II-102

ValuSoft Showcases Construction/Destruction(TM) At Stores Nationwide II-102

ValuSoft Releases Navy Seals(TM)-Weapons of Mass Destruction II-102

ValuSoft Stages Release of Let's Ride: Champions Collection For Females fans II-102

ValuSoft Introduces Midnight Outlaw Illegal Street Drag Nitro -Edition for PCs II-102

ValuSoft Hits Codename Nina: Global Terrorism Strike Force At Stores II-103

ValuSoft Offers Round The World Challenge(TM) for PC Gamers II-103

ValuSoft Issues I Was An Atomic Mutant At Stores II-103

Nintendo Unveils Game Boy Advance SP II-103

Sony Rolls Out EverQuest for PS2 II-103

Microsoft Unveils Xbox Live II-103

Radical Studios Unveils First Game II-104

Acclaim Launches New Baseball Video Game II-104

Activision Launches 'Tenchu 2' II-104

Electronic Arts Launches NBA Street Vol.2 II-104

Majesco Introduces 'Black & Bruised' II-104

THQ Introduces 'Pride FC' II-104

Tecmo Launches "Dead or Alive 3" II-104

Electronic Arts Launches 'The Sims' II-104

Konami Launches 'Warzaid' II-105

Sony Launches 'The Getaway' II-105

Sony Launches 'War of the Monsters' II-105

Capcom Rolls Out 'Devil May Cry 2' II-105

Sega Amusements Europe Launches the Sequel of Crazy Taxi II-105

Namco Launches 'TIME Crisis 3' II-105

Gaelco Launches 'Tokyocop' II-105

Sony Corp Showcases Crossover Video-Game System II-106

Microsoft Unveils Xbox in Europe, UK, Australia II-106

Sony Rolls Out EverQuest for Macintosh II-106

Electronic Arts Rolls Out James Bond Inspired Adventure Video Game II-106

NewKidCo International Develops Video Game Based on 'Dora the Explorer' II-106

Nokia Enters into Handheld Video Game Business Through N-Gage II-106

Blizzard Entertainment Launches 'Warcraft III' II-107

Codemasters Unveils a Racing Game II-107

Ubi Soft Introduces 'Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell' II-107

Sega Releases Virtua Fighter 4 EVOLUTION II-107

Sega Launches 'Derby Owners Club' II-107

Capcom Unveils 'Steel Battalion Bundle' II-107

Sony Develops New PlayStation 2 Processor II-108

Nintendo Rolls Out e-Reader Games Cards for GBA II-108

Sony Develops a Video Game with Jet Li II-108

Majesco Launches 'BloodRayne' II-108

SEGA Introduces 'SEGA Sports NFL 2K3,' for Xbox(TM) and PlayStation(R)2 II-108

Mad Catz Introduces MC2 MicroCON II-109

Infogrames Introduces 'Dragon Ball Z Budokai II-109

THQ Introduces ' Sponge Bob Squarepants' II-109

THQ Introduces 'BattleBots' II-109

Agetec Launches 'Fighter Maker 2' II-109

NewKidCo Launches 'E.T.: Return to the Green Planet' II-110

LucasArts Introduces 'Star Wars Bounty Hunter' II-110

TDK Mediactive Introduces 'Shrek: Extra Large' II-110

The 3DO Co. Introduces Cubix Robots for Everyone: Clash 'n Bash II-110

THQ and JAKKS Pacific Roll Out 'WWF Raw' Video Game II-110

Activision Releases 'Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions' II-110

THQ Ships 'Dark Summit' for Nintendo's GameCube II-110

Capcom Rolls Out 'Maximo: Ghosts to Glory' for PS2 II-110

THQ's Volition Ships 'Red Faction 2' for Sony's PlayStation 2 II-110

Microsoft Announces Partnership to Incorporate Fonix Corp's Voice Recognition Software in Microsoft's Video Game Offerings II-111

Microsoft Debuts Xbox Console in the US II-111

Nintendo Releases GameCube II-111

Nintendo Showcases the New GameBoy Advance in Japan II-111

Chasma Rolls Out Video Games for Internet Connected Cell Phones II-111

Electronic Arts Introduces the Harry Potter Series of Video Games II-111

Nintendo Releases Conker's Bad Fur Day Video Game for Mature Audiences II-111

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Unveils PSOne; PlayStation Console Goes Mobile II-112

Sony Rolls Out PlayStation2 in the Japanese Market II-112

9. Recent Industry Activity II-113

Jadestone Acquires GamArena Ab II-113

Oberon Media Acquires PixelPlay II-113

Ubisoft Acquires Digital Kids II-113

Oberon Media Acquires I-play II-113

Eidos Acquires Rockpool Games II-113

Ubisoft Acquires Sunflowers II-114

Eidos Acquires Bluefish Media II-114

Eidos Acquires Morpheme Wireless II-114

Macrovision Acquires All Media II-114

FXLabs Acquires II-114

Big Fish Acquires Thinglefin II-114

Mad Catz Acquires Saitek II-114

Warner Bros. Acquires TT Games II-115

WBIE On an Acquisition Spree II-115

Macrovision Acquires All Media Guide Holdings II-115

Shanda Acquires Onwind II-115

Oberon Media Acquires Friends Games Developer II-115

Dynasty Gaming Acquires Junnet and Beijing Baihui II-115

Electronic Arts Acquires BioWare and Pandemic Studios II-116

Electronic Arts Acquires Super Computer II-116

Activision Acquires Bizarre Creations II-116

Intel Acquires Havok II-116

Mad Catz Acquires Joytech II-116

Red Mile Entertainment Acquires IR Gurus II-116

Epic Games Acquires PCF II-117

LM STS Acquires 3Dsolve II-117

Activision Partners with Vivendi, Creates Activision Blizzard II-117

Disney Interactive Studio Acquires Junction Point Studio II-117

Games Group Acquires Gamestation II-117

CDC Games Acquires Optisp II-118

Finet Group Acquires Hangzhou Tianchang II-118

GameStop Acquires Rhino Video Games II-118

Eworld Interactive Acquires Publishing Rights II-118

MNC Acquires Shares in Nexgen II-118

Electronic Arts Inc Acquires Headgate Studios Inc II-118

Gottaplay Interactive Acquires Gamershare LLC II-118

CNET Inc Acquires II-118

THQ Inc Acquires Mass Media Inc II-119

Global Netoptex Inc Acquires Online Games Services Inc II-119

MumboJumbo LLC Acquires Ritual Entertainment Inc II-119

Sony Online Entertainment LLC Acquires Sigil Games Online Inc II-119

Electronic Arts Acquires Stake in The9 Ltd II-119

THQ Acquires Universomo Oy II-119

D3 Publisher Acquires Vicious Cycle II-119

Balderton Capital Takes Over Codemasters II-120

10TACLE STUDIOS AG Acquires Stormregion II-120

Linden Lab Acquires Windward Mark Interactive II-120

Nintendo Acquires Major Stake in Monolith Soft II-120

Eidos Acquires Morpheme II-120

Rebellion Acquires Clickwheel Ltd II-120

Traveller's Tales Acquires Embryonic Studios II-121

Extra Mile Studios Acquires Vicious Engine Middleware Solution II-121

I-play Acquires License for Jenga II-121

PopCap Games Acquires SpinTop Games II-121

Shanda Interactive Acquires Aurora Technology II-121

Paradox Interactive Merges with Majesty IP II-122

Mojo Mediaworks Merges with eWorld Interactive II-122

Pro Games Collaborates with Convera(R), Introduces Online Games Search Tool II-122

Exent Technologies Enters into Partnership with Indiagames II-122

New Motion Sign Partnership Deals II-122

Signature Devices Acquires Distribution Rights II-122

NanoSensors Enters Merger with Cuchulainn Holdings II-123

Mad Catz Signs Multi-Year Licensing Agreement with MTV II-123

THQ Signs Contract with Big Huge Games II-123

SECI Improves PS3 Market II-123

Square Enix Enters Partnership with Epic Games II-124

Ubisoft Expands Casual Games Operations II-124

Reverb Communications Enters Partnership with Flashman Studios II-124

Game Group Merges with Gamestation II-124

Climax Group and 10Tacle Studios Forge Alliance II-124

APBA Games Enters into Deal with Miller Associates II-124

Piranha Bytes Collaborates with Deep Silver II-125

Red Mile Entertainment Enters into Partnership with MTV Games II-125

Pollux Gamelab Enters into an Agreement with Paradox Interactive II-125

Capcom Signs a Deal with Valve II-125

Hudson Entertainment Collaborates with Digital Entertainment II-126

Sega Enters into Partnership Deal to Launch New Title II-126

Crave Entertainment Partners with Professional Bull Riders II-126

Chair Entertainment Group Collaborates with Epic Games II-126

GameTap Enters into an Agreement with Macrovision Corporation II-127

Techland Collaborates with Breakpoint to Develop New Game Software II-127

Ubi Soft Expands Operations in Morocco II-127

Lighthouse Extends Agreement with DTP Entertainment II-127

MumboJumbo and Universal Digital Platform Group Enter Partnership II-128

NCsoft Europe Enters into Partnership with Razer II-128

TimeGate Studios Forms Partnership with Gamecock Media Group II-128

Enne Entertainment Studios Collaborates with Multiverse Network II-128

Double Fusion Partners with II-129

Rising Star Games and Hudson Strike a Deal II-129

Sony Partners with Nintendo to Block Release of US Manhunt 2 II-129

Namco Bandai Collaborates with FremantleMedia II-129

Exit Games Partners with Vivendi Games Mobile II-129

Commodore International Joins Forces with The Content Factory II-130

SEGA Subsidiaries Enter into Joint Venture with BioWare II-130

CDV Software Enters into Publishing Deal with Slitherine II-130

ESPN and Electronic Arts Enter Partnership Deal II-130

Namco Networks Enters Partnership with KDDI II-131

Square Enix Enters Licensing Agreement with Epic Games II-131

Disney Co Relaunches Climax Racing II-131

SCE Receives Rights for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja II-131

Ubisoft Divests Gameloft Stakes II-131

Sony Divests Chip Manufacturing to Toshiba II-132

Bungie Studios Terminates Operations from Microsoft II-132

Oberon Media Acquires Blaze Mobile Entertainment II-132

JoWooD Acquires DreamCatcher Games II-132

Activision Acquires RedOctane II-132

Strategy First Acquires Assets of Malfador II-133

Bonanza Gold Acquires Left Behind Games II-133

DONOBI Completes Gotaplay Acquisition II-133

Electronic Arts Acquires JAMDAT Mobile II-133

THQ Inc Acquires Stuntman(R) Franchise II-133

THQ Inc. Acquires Vigil Games II-133

Take-Two Interactive Software Purchases Irrational Games II-134

Vivendi Purchases High Moon Studios II-134

SilverBirch to Acquire Electron Jump II-134

Viacom to Acquire Xfire II-134

Microsoft Acquires Massive, Inc. II-134

DVM Acquires Perception II-134

Microsoft Acquires Lionhead II-134

Sega Acquires Secret Level II-135

SCE Acquires Zipper Interactive II-135

Fun Technologies Acquires Octopi II-135

CDC Corp. Acquires Stake in Beijing 17 II-135

Kayak Merges with Synergenix to Form Blaze II-135

Namco Merges with Bandai Games II-136

SilverBirch Acquires Electron Jump II-136

UTV Software Acquires Shares in Ignition Entertainment and Indiagames II-136

GAME Group Acquires Games Wizard II-136

CCP Acquires White Wolf II-136

Electronic Arts Acquires Digital Illusions CE II-136

AOL LLC Acquires GameDaily II-136

Ubi Soft Acquires Reflections Interactive II-137

Konami Acquires Blue Label Interactive II-137

Capcom Acquires Cosmic Infinity II-137

Taito Merges with Square-Enix II-137

Walt Disney Takes Over Climax Group II-137

SilverBirch Acquires ZIM Corp II-137

Vivendi SA Acquires Flyover Entertainment LLC II-138

Edgetech International Acquires EGTH Inc II-138

Big Fish Games Acquires FunPause EURL II-138

Boonty to Acquire Major Stake in Gamehub II-138

Foundation 9 Takes Over Amaze Entertainment II-138

Krome Studios Acquires Atari Melbourne II-138

AOL Time Warner Acquires II-138

Irrational Games Merges with Take-Two Interactive Software Inc II-139

THQ Acquires Juice Games Ltd II-139

Bonanza Gold Acquires Left Behind Games II-139

Microsoft Games Studio Acquires Lionhead Studios Ltd II-139

Strategy First Inc. Acquires Malfador Machinations II-139

Microsoft Corp Acquires Massive Inc II-139

Power Play Development Corp Acquires NLOP Inc II-139

SkillJam Technologies Corp Acquires Octopi LLC II-139

Paradigm Entertainment Inc Merges with THQ Inc II-140

Electronic Arts Inc Acquires Phenomic Game Development II-140

Time Warner Inc Acquires SCi Entertainment Group plc II-140

Vivendi Acquires Secret Lair Studios II-140

SEGA Holdings Acquires Secrete Level Inc and Sports Interactive II-140

Foundation 9 Entertainment Acquires Shiny Entertainment II-140

CISCO Systems Acquires Minor Stake in Shanda Interactive II-140

GottaPlay Interactive Acquires Skyworks Technologies II-141

Catalyst Media Group Acquires Ltd II-141

Vivendi Takes Over Studio Ch'in and Secret Lair Studios II-141

Zenops Signs Major Acquisition Deals II-141

Electronic Arts Acquires Mythic Entertainment II-141

Diamond I, Inc Acquires Touchdev Ltd II-142

Vivendi SA Acquires Wanako Studios II-142

Sony Online Entertainment Acquires Worlds Apart Production II-142

RealNetworks Inc Acquires Zylom Media Group BV II-142

Vivendi SA Takes Over High Moon Studios II-142

JoWooD Signs Distribution Agreement with Eidos II-142

Activision Acquires License to James Bond II-142

Paleo Entertainment Collaborates with Crytek II-142

Square Enix Enters into Partnership with Ideaworks3D II-143

Nokia Enters into Agreement with Electronic Arts II-143

803 Production Collaborates with Humongous II-143

Microsoft Enters Deal with 4sight Licensing Solutions II-143

Namco Enters Agreement with Aruze II-143

Nintendo Enters Russian Market II-143

Konami and IIJ to Set-Up a Joint-Venture Company II-144

Jadestone inks Joint Venture Agreement with PAF II-144

Shanda Interactive and Intel in Strategic Tie-up II-144

Flashman Studios and WizKids Announces Partnership II-144

Namco Bandai and Universal Sign Agreement II-144

Mobile Scope and Capcom Enters into a Distribution Agreement II-144

Ubisoft Inks Distribution Agreement with Square Enix Ltd II-145

Ubisoft Inks Agreement with Touchstone II-145

Ubisoft Inks Distribution Agreement with Capcom II-145

Ubisoft Inks Licensing Agreement for New Videogame II-145

Midway Games Unveils European Publishing Agreement for Myst(TM) II-145

Atari Inc Signs a Deal with Playlogic Entertainment II-145

Atari Signs a Deal to Bring Arthur and the Minimoys in Europe II-146

Activision Publishing Signs an Agreement with Mattel II-146

EON and MGM Grants James Bond Video Game License to Activision II-146

GamArena Signs an Agreement with Aftonbladet II-146

GamArena Signs a Letter of Intent with Betandwin II-146

Sierra Entertainment Obtains Permission to Publish 'TIMESHIFT (TM)' Videogame II-147

Vivendi Obtains License for Asia's Most Popular Videogame II-147

Electronic Arts Collaborates with Steven Spielberg for Video games II-147

Electronic Arts Inks Long-Term Pact for FOX hit series Video games II-147

Nintendo to Recreate Classics for New Console II-147

Nintendo to Establish a Subsidiary in South Korea II-147

Nival Interactive Establishes Global Headquarters in the US II-147

Vivendi Launches Mobile Games Division II-148

RealNetworks and Eyeblaster Introduces In-Game Advertising II-148

SPH and Pnetwide Games Shelve Merger Plans II-148

THQ Announces Worldwide Video Game Rights to Stormbreaker Movie II-148

MumboJumbo Expands into Europe II-148

GAME Group Enters France Market II-148

Buena Vista Games Establishes New Studio II-148

Namco Networks Renames as Namco Networks America Inc II-149

Konami Digital Restructures Business Operations II-149

IEMA Merges with Video Software Dealers Association II-149

Midway Acquires Ratbag Studio II-149

Take-Two Interactive Purchases Firaxis Games II-149

Kayak Acquires Chasma Interactive II-149

Sony Acquires Guerilla Games II-150

Activision Acquires Vicarious Visions II-150

Vivendi Universal Acquires Radical Entertainment II-150

AEGF Partners with NBC Sports II-150

Empire Interactive Licenses New Games from Microsoft II-150

AFL Signs an Exclusive Agreement with EA II-151

Vivendi Extends Agreement with HD Publishing II-151

Vivendi Inks Exclusive Agreement on the Robert Ludlum Titles II-151

THQ Signs an Agreement with Paradox Entertainment and CPI II-151

Jadestone Group Signs a Joint Venture with PAF II-151

Infogrames Entertainment Signs an Agreement with EuropaCorp Group II-151

Ubisoft Extends Publishing Agreement with SOE II-152

Activision Signs an Agreement with Spider-Man Merchandising L.P. II-152

Activision Signs an Agreement with DreamWorks Animation SKG II-152

Sony Pictures Digital Signs an Agreement with Kayak Interactive II-152

THQ Signs an Agreement with Sony Pictures Consumer Products II-152

Tecmo And Bungie Studios Team Up II-153

Vivendi Collaborates With 50 Cent, Interscope Over 50 Cent(TM): Bulletproof II-153

EA and ESPN Signs a Long-Term Agreement II-153

Vivendi, Turbo, Street Image Join Hands for Red Ninja: End Of Honor(TM) II-153

Microsoft Enrolls Final Fantasy Creator II-153

New Consoles to Have Parental Controls II-153

Yahoo Enhances Mobile Games Business II-154

News Corp Threshold Over Video Game Market II-154

Blockbuster Expands by Rhino Video Games Takeover II-154

Electronic Arts Acquires UbiSoft Entertainment II-154

Electronic Arts Acquires CSG II-154

Eidos Completes IO Interactive A/S Acquisition II-154

Majesco Holdings Acquires Global Publishing Rights of Psychonauts II-155

ValuSoft Inks Agreement With Tokyopop Over Initial D: Mountain Vengeance

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