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Learn about the World Wireless Mobile Internet Market

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World Wireless Mobile Internet Market

This report analyzes the US market for Wireless Mobile Internet in Millions of US$. The specific product is analyzed by the following Device Types:Wireless Laptops, SmartPhones, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). The report provides comprehensive market analytics. Annual forecasts are provided for each product segment for the period of 2001 through 2015. The report profiles 96 companies including many key and niche players such as ActiveSky, Inc., AT&T, Inc., iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., NeoMedia Technologies, Inc., Openwave Systems, Inc., SEVEN Networks, Inc., Sprint Nextel Corporation, Symbol Technologies, Inc., T-Mobile USA, Inc., and Visto Corporation. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-2

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

Wireless Laptops I-3

SmartPhones I-3

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) I-3


1. Industry Overview II-1

Wireless Mobile Internet: A Fast Growing Sector II-1

Industry Players and Service Providers: Diversifying Roles II-1

Wireless Application Protocol Forum II-2

US Mobile Internet Access Market - Subscriptions II-2

Table 1: Laptops Market in the US (2001-2007): Number of Subscribers in Millions (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-2

Table 2: Smartphones Market in the US (2001-2007): Number of Subscribers in Millions (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-2

Table 3: Mobile PDAs Market in the US (2001-2007): Number of Subscribers in Millions (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-3

Table 4: Handheld Devices Market in the US (2001-2007): Shipments in Thousand Units (includes corresponding Graph/ Chart) II-3

Current and Future Analysis II-3

2. Market Trends & Issues II-4

Growth in Mobile Internet Subscribers II-4

Table 5: Internet Market in the US (2007): Percentage of Cell Phone Internet Subscribers by Age Group - 18 to 24, 25 to 34, and 35 & More (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-4

Slow Adoption of Mobile Applications II-4

Broadband Internet Influences Telecommunications Industry II-4

Use of Personal Computers Decline II-5

VoIP to Revolutionize Telecom Business Models II-5

WiMax - An Emerging Technology II-5

3. Product Overview II-6

Wireless Mobile Internet II-6

Development of Technology II-6

Wireless Mobile Internet - Support from 3G Systems II-6

Advantages of Handheld Wireless Devices II-6

Applications of Wireless Mobile Internet II-7

Device Types II-7

Wireless Laptops II-7

SmartPhones II-7

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) II-7

Mobile Internet Technology - i-Mode II-8

Prerequisites for Efficient Wireless Mobile Internet Service II-8

Resource Management II-8

Seamless Interconnection II-8 4. Product Innovations/Introductions II-9

Hitachi to Launch Mobile Internet Navigation Device II-9

Qualcomm Launches Gobi(TM) Global Mobile Internet II-9

Intel Offers Solid-State Drive for Mobile Devices II-9

Intel Revises Wi-Fi Software II-10

AT&T Allows Cell Phone Users to Program DVRs II-10

Intel to Launch Menlow Ultra Mobile Platform II-10

Intel to Introduce Novel Processor Platforms II-10

Xomobo Introduces Mobile Smartphone Content Portal II-10

Motorola Releases Novel PDA II-10

Samsung Develops Novel LCD Panel II-11

Novel Speech Coding Technology II-11

Intel Introduces Wireless-N Network for Laptops II-11

Launch of Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 II-11

i-mate Releases PDAL and JAQ3 Devices II-11

Smith Micro Launches QuickLink(R)Media II-12

Boingo Introduces Wi-Fi Internet Service II-12

Siano Introduces Mobile Digital TV Receiver Chip II-12

HTC Releases Novel 3G Products II-12

Nokia Launches New Phone II-13

T-Mobile Introduces MDA Vario II-13

Netgear Releases New Wi-Fi phone II-13

Launch of Mobile Gmail by Google II-13

Avanquest Releases BVRP Mobile Phone Suite II-13

SEVEN Launches Push Email II-14

SEVEN Introduces Novel Software II-14

Rogers Wireless Launches Mobile Podcast Service II-14

Sprint and Sanyo Launches Katana II-14

Aventail Launches Secure Mobile Access Solution II-15

Sprint and Sanyo Launch Next Generation Multimedia Phone II-15

Hop-On Introduces Novel Wi-Fi Handset with VoIP II-15

Philips Offers Complete Reference Design for Uma- Enabled Mobiles II-15

Motorola and Skype Introduces Wireless Internet Calling Kit II-15

Cingular Launches E-Mail Service on Mobile Phones II-16

World Wide Web Consortium Launches New Mobile Web Initiative II-16

5. Recent Industry Activity II-17

NTT DoCoMo to Partner with Google II-17

ZyXEL and Sequans Collaborate to Provide Advance Mobile WiMAX Device to Sprint II-17

Amdocs Signs Deal with Sprint II-17

Freescale and Intel to Collaborate to Deliver Power Management IC Solution II-17

ClearSky Divests Red Planet Media II-18

MobiTV Collaborates with Intel II-18

Openwave Systems Takes Over WiderWeb II-18

Dell Ceases Axim Sales II-18

Yahoo! and Samsung Enters into Agreement for Mobile Devices II-19

Qualcomm Acquires Qualphone II-19

Oracle Acquires Hotsip II-19

NeoMedia Signs Agreement with Gavitec II-19

Time Warner Cable Signs Sprint Nextel II-19

SEVEN Partners with HP II-19

Kyocera Wireless Solutions to Power KVH Industries' Internet System II-20

Association of JP Mobile and BenQ II-20

YDI Wireless Acquires Ricochet Networks II-20

Telia Associates with HP and Microsoft II-20

V-Enable Authorizes MapQuest Services II-20

6. Focus on Select US Players II-21

ActiveSky, Inc. II-21

AT&T, Inc. II-21

iAnywhere Solutions, Inc. II-21

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. II-21

Openwave Systems, Inc. II-21

SEVEN Networks, Inc. II-22

Sprint Nextel Corporation II-22

Symbol Technologies, Inc. II-22

T-Mobile USA, Inc. II-22

Visto Corporation II-23

7. Market Analytics II-24

Table 6: US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Wireless Mobile Internet by Device Type - Laptops, Smartphones, and Mobile PDAs Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2001 through 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-24

Table 7: US Long-term Projections for Wireless Mobile Internet by Device Type - Laptops, Smartphones, and Mobile PDAs Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2011 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-24

Table 8: US 10-Year Perspective for Wireless Mobile Internet by Device Type - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Laptops, Smartphones, and Mobile PDAs for Years 2001, 2007 and 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-25


1. Industry Overview II-26

Wireless Mobile Technology Market II-26

Table 9: Global Mobile Internet Market (2005): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by Application - SMS/MMS, Entertainment, Search/Advertising, Enterprise Services, and Other Data Access (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-26

Table 10: Global Mobile Internet Market (2003): Percentage Breakdown of Population Accessing Internet through Mobile Phones by Select Country - Japan, South Korea, France, Sweden, and Singapore (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-26

Table 11: Global PDA Market (Q1 2007): Shipments in Thousand Units by Operating System - Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian and Linux (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-27

Changing Market Dynamics II-27

Prime Bottlenecks Blocking the Road to Success II-27

PDA Sales Trends in Asia-Pacific Region II-28

2. Overview of Select Markets II-29

Japan II-29

Market Overview II-29

China II-29

The Emerging Wireless Market II-29

Korea II-30

Resurgence of Free Mobile Phones II-30

Taiwan II-30

3. Product Innovations/Introductions II-31

Bahrain Telecom Company Introduces O-Net Mobile Broadband II-31

Vodafone D2 to Offer Qbowl II-31

EQO Communications Launches Mobile Internet Phone Services II-31

Veveo to Launch vTap Web Video Service II-31 Tata Teleservices Offers Mobile Web Browser II-31

Tata Indicom and Novarra Provide Full Mobile Internet Service II-31

NeckarCom Introduces Commercial VoIP Service on WiMAX Network of Motorola II-32

Nawras Introduces 3G Mobile Services II-32

Hutchison Telephone (Macau) and Novarra Launches 3Xplorer II-32

Bouygues Telecom to Introduce 3G Mobile Services II-33

Samsung Networks Introduces Samsung Wyz 070 II-33

BSNL Introduces Mobile Internet II-33

Sharp Develops Widescreen Windows Mobile PDA II-33

Samsung to Launch Mobile PDA phone in Taiwan II-33

Novel Phones from Nokia II-34

Samsung's Novel Mobile WiMAX Products II-34

Samsung Releases Ultra 3.5G Mobile Phones II-34

Dopod Launches D600 PDA Phone II-34

Nokia to Introduce WiMax Phones II-34

Prevalent Devices Updates Soft Keyboard II-35

SRS Labs and LG Offers New PDA II-35

KDDI Introduces Google Search on Mobile Phones II-35

Telstra Introduces NEXT G Network II-35

WIND Utilizes Critical Path's e-mail Solution II-35

Nokia Launches Wireless Internet Device II-36

ZIM Launches Internet TV Platform II-36

StarHub Selects Comverse's i-Mode Platform II-36

NEC Launches two i-mode 2.5 G and 3G Phones II-36

Atrua and Yulong Introduces Intelligent Touch Controls II-36

AmpleFuture Launches Pocket Player for Mobile Phones II-37

O2 Introduces New Internet Service through i-Mode Phones II-37

T-Mobile Unveils Internet 4G to Prague II-37

PointShot Offers Internet Access on North American Trains II-37

4. Recent Industry Activity II-38

Yahoo Signs Mobile Internet AD Deal with T-Mobile II-38

DataWind Enters into an Alliance with Zoho II-38

Korea Telecom Acquires 51% Interest in East Telecom II-38

Korea Telecom Acquires 60% Share in Super-iMax II-38

3 Austria Offers MoreWWW II-38

Devine Entertainment Sets Up Devine Digital Content Group II-38

Nokia Collaborates with Telecom Italia II-39

Nokia's Partnership with Etisalat II-39

Tata Teleservices and Opera Software Signs Browser Agreement II-39

UIQ Technology Extends Browser Agreement with Opera Software II-39

INNOCOM Enters into Joint Venture with ICOLS II-39

High Tech Computers Takes Over Dopod II-39

Buongiorno Signs Agreement with Agrakom II-40

Microsoft Acquires Motion Bridge II-40

Brasil Telecom to Offer WiMax Service II-40

5. Focus on Select Global Players II-41

12snap AG (Germany) II-41

724 Solutions, Inc. (Canada) II-41

Aspiro AB (Sweden) II-41

Buongiorno S.p.A. (Italy) II-41

Cybird Co., Ltd. (Japan) II-42

FLYTXT, Ltd. (The United Kingdom) II-42

ImaHima, Inc. (Japan) II-42

Mobile News Channel SA (Switzerland) II-43

Mtone Wireless Corp. (China) II-43

m-Wise (The United Kingdom) II-43

OZ Communications, Inc. (Canada) II-44

Rogers Wireless, Inc. (Canada) II-44

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj (Finland) II-44


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