February 13, 2009 09:53 ET

Learn How the Freemium/Trial Business Model Can Increase Your Revenue

ST. CLOUD, MN--(Marketwire - February 13, 2009) - The freemium business model can increase your bottom line. In 1865 when King Gillette started giving his safety razor away for free, creating demand for his high-margin, disposable blades, the freemium business model was born. Without using the freemium business model, Gillette would not have built his empire, and it is now a commonly used business model especially in the marketing of digital content.

The freemium business model has many names -- try-before-you-buy, shareware, tiered service, trial -- to name a few. Basically, it means giving something of value away for free, supported by revenue earned from the sale of an upgrade or complimentary product. This is a very common business model in the software industry. Software marketers promote a free version of their software supported by the premium, paid version. The trick is to create the right mix of features, offering enough utility to the free user to create credibility, and promoting highly attractive features that will persuade the free user to become a paid subscriber.

To create profit, the financial model looks like this: the lifetime value of paying customers must be greater than the cost of acquiring and supporting both free and paying customers. Reported conversion rates to the premium version vary by product, but range from .05 and 5%; the average being 2%.

There are several reasons why you should consider a freemium business model. Here are some of them:

   1.  When done right, quality trials build loyalty and trust.
   2.  Reduces risk by giving the user a chance to experience the value of
       the software.
   3.  Expedites a large customer base, increasing network effects and
       efficiencies resulting in:
       a.  more brand awareness
       b.  collective intelligence
       c.  faster product adoption
       d.  a more defensible business model, and
       e.  more efficient marketing, as costs are spread out over a larger
   4.  The cost of distribution and the support of digital content was
       never lower, allowing this model to increase in popularity.

There are also several reasons why this model has its limitations:

   1.  People value what they pay for and will make more effort to discover
       how it will benefit them.
   2.  It is difficult to cover the acquisition and support costs if only
       2% of those installing your software are actually paying for the

There are other "free" models that you might consider:

   1.  Give a "desired" product away for free when a customer commits to a
       long-term subscription with you.  The mobile business uses this
       extensively when they give a cell phone away for free if a user
       signs up for a long-term contract.
   2.  Ad-supported free -- Many magazines are free or highly discounted
       because of the revenue-generated from their ads.
   3.  Giving a product away for free while charging for a complimentary,
       high-margin product.  King Gillette had this down to a science.
       Also consider that every time you go into a theater the cost of the
       ticket is subsidized by the profit the theater makes when you
       purchase popcorn and other high-margin snack items.

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Josh Fiedler is the Business Development Lead at W3i Holdings. As a leader in innovative ways to increase revenue and traffic for downloads, he focuses mainly on downloadable games and utility software.

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