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September 13, 2011 12:00 ET

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With Magoosh GRE Prep Students Get Tutor-Like Experience for the Price of a Few Books

BERKELEY, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) -

News Facts:

  • Magoosh (, the most convenient, effective, and affordable way to prepare for standardized tests, just launched the most comprehensive online prep program for the New GRE exam: Magoosh GRE Prep.
  • With the national unemployment rate at 9.1 percent and rising, more people are going back to graduate school as a safe haven and as a way to become more employable.
  • The GRE, the largest graduate school admissions exam, just underwent the most significant change any standardized exam has gone through in decades with the launch of the New GRE on August 1, 2011.
  • Magoosh has become the leading authority on the New GRE with the most widely read blog dedicated to the New GRE ( and a YouTube channel that has received over a quarter million views (
  • With Magoosh GRE Prep, students have access to over 900 unique videos -- over 35 hours of video in all -- and over 700 practice questions. The videos and practice questions cover every section, subject, and difficulty level found on the actual GRE.
  • Magoosh has built a "Tutor by Your Side" experience in which videos are not recordings of lectures; rather, they create an experience as if your favorite teacher were sitting next to you, walking you through the material. Magoosh GRE Prep also comes with 24x7 student support to reinforce the Tutor by Your Side experience.
  • Studies out of University of California, Santa Barbara, have shown that students who learn through Magoosh's content style (e.g. short videos with animation and narration) do 89 percent better than students who learn from text alone.
  • Magoosh GRE Prep also includes personalized benchmarking and statistics that leverage over one million answers compiled from Magoosh's popular GRE practice questions product. The data from these answers is applied using Item Response Theory principles to create accurate difficulty levels.
  • Since good pacing is critical for success on the GRE, Magoosh GRE Prep also uses its data to provide guidance for each student's average pace across all questions, sections, and difficulty levels.
  • At a fraction of the cost of a class or personal tutor, Magoosh GRE Prep is available for purchase at the following price points: Premium: $199; Math: $129; and Verbal: $129.
  • In celebration of launch, Magoosh GRE Prep will be available for a discount for a limited time only. For more details, visit:

Magoosh GRE Prep Features:

  • More than 900 unique videos (35 hours of video in all) and 700 practice questions
  • Custom practice by section, subject, and difficulty level
  • Practice and quiz modes that let you prepare and experience a GRE-like test
  • An on-screen calculator that mimics the functionality of the actual GRE on-screen calculator
  • Question flagging for later review and custom practice testing
  • Personal note taking to aid in remembering key concepts
  • Unlimited access and 24x7 support
  • Access via the web from any internet-enabled device (laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android); no download needed

Study Stats from Magoosh:

  • Students from over 150 countries
  • Over 1,000,000 practice questions completed
  • Over 10,000 hours of video watched
  • Magoosh students have a customer satisfaction rating that is three times higher than that of traditional test prep companies


Attributable to Hansoo Lee, co-founder & CEO of Magoosh:
"I know how hard it is to get into graduate school -- I went through it. Studying for the GRE requires more flexibility for busy post-graduate lifestyles. And with no end in sight to the tough economic times, Magoosh is committed to providing a world class test prep experience for the cost of a few books."

Attributable to Dave G., Magoosh User from Storrs, CT
"What first attracted me to Magoosh is the user experience; having worked for one of the large test prep companies, I know how important it is to make content easily digestible for students. As I get ready for my Masters in Psychology, I'm gearing up for the GRE and using Magoosh has been a big help in studying; the breadth and depth of the practice test questions and explanations are really impressive. Not only does Magoosh have a dynamic set of questions that are constantly being reviewed, supplemented and critiqued but the explanations are excellent, both on the verbal and the quantitative sides."

About Magoosh:
Founded in 2009 by a group of UC Berkeley graduate students, Magoosh is the most convenient, effective, and affordable way to prepare for standardized tests online. Magoosh uses short-form videos and practice questions to deliver tailored learning experiences. Perfect for aspiring students and anyone looking to explore new career opportunities, Magoosh brings you helpful educational material and experienced tutors so you can learn anywhere, anytime and on any device. For more information on how to prepare for GMAT, GRE, SAT and TOEFL, please visit: You can also follow us on Facebook (!/Magoosh) and Twitter (!/magooshgre).

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