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August 18, 2011 17:07 ET

Learning and Connecting Through Play

Educational Board Game Company Simply Fun Says, "Play a Game!" to Help Prepare Your Children for Back-to-School

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - Aug 18, 2011) - By the time that great summer feeling really begins to sink in, it seems that the new school year is just around the corner. Even though they go by quickly, those months of relaxed schedules and free time can leave children needing an adjustment period to get back into the school groove. The educational board game company SimplyFun® says that parents can ease the transition from the last day of summer vacation to the first day of school by taking 30 minutes a day to play a SimplyFun game with their children.

"Play helps children master life's most important academic, social and emotional skills," says SimplyFun President Patty Pearcy. "That's why SimplyFun games and other learning products combine 'playability' with sound educational principles to help children learn these critical skills and have fun at the same time."

Just in time for back-to-school preparation for children of all ages, the following new games from SimplyFun reflect the company's mission to build smarter kids and stronger families:

  • My Monster™ - This "hands on" game for children ages five and up challenges players to locate all the parts of their favorite monster by feel alone! As youngsters reach into the game bag to identify by touch the shapes they need to complete their chosen monster puzzle card, they develop tactile skills while they master shape recognition and learn about probability. Playing time: 15 minutes. Item#SF076, $23.00.

  • Math'd Potatoes™ - This math game is a great introduction to various math operations for children ages eight and up. Players draw a card with a math problem or statement that defines their next goal on the playing board. Players must then roll their dice and hope that the fall of the dice allows them to compute the required value to move ahead. It's not all about luck, though. When players "fall behind," there are several ways to "ketchup"! Playing time: 30 minutes. Item# SF073, $38.00.

  • Matter™ - Matter is a game of hierarchy that will challenge children ages 10 and up (and their parents). The game revolves around the four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, each of which has a counter-element that reduces its power. Players boost their elementals by connecting matching tiles and avoiding tiles that will weaken them. The winner is the player who masters the elements! Playing time: 40 minutes. Item# SF074, $36.00.

"Our games provide a way for families to connect and for parents to participate in their children's learning experience," said Pearcy. "When children can apply the skills and knowledge that they learn in their classroom to playing -- and even winning -- a game, it helps to build their self-confidence and reinforces their classroom learning."

All SimplyFun games and puzzles can be played and purchased through its nationwide sales force of independent consultants, at a SimplyFun home party or through a consultant's web site by calling 1-877-557-7767 or visiting

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My Monster™ - a "hands-on" game for children five and up.

Math'd Potatoes™ - a fun introduction to math for children 8 and up.

Matter™ - challenges children 10 and up to "master the elements."

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